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The Nearer Suburbs - When we said, "Urban islets", we really meant it.

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    The District of Inishmore is a group of two islands, and two peninsulas. Ever since they were created, they served as sleeper towns for the greater Sedona – and at such, their infrastructure is well developed. It is made of four localities : Eden Bay, Crescent Island, Cronstadt (Venloa Isle), and the peninsula of Cropsford.

    Low crime and a higher-than-average education and literacy rate are what characterizes, nowadays, the district – it has the lowest number of petty crimes (with a mere 740 crimes), the second-lowest number of grave offends (an average of 40 homicides a year). It is seldom in the spotlights, though its reputation as a safe haven has been somewhat soiled by the 2007 Garringer stalkings, which led to sixteen women being abused, and a police agent – as well as Garringer himself – were killed during his arrest.

    Being so close to the city of Sedona, this district is very much urbanized. Asphalt abounds, and all four islands face a growing lack of free space, while at the same time own few funds to grow further higher. Cropsford and Crescent Island are middle-rise buildings, while Eden Bay and Venloa Island have low-density housing.


The northern city of Cropsford, clearly transitioning from low-rise housing to high-peak skyscrapers.

    The suburbs that sprawled around Sedona have many interesting sides and points of interest. The first township is Eden Bay, built in 1901 and named after the Church of New Eden, a short-lived Order of Knights that attempted a return to medieval life in an ever industrializing world. Their parish soon died down, but the village remained. It grew rather remotely, until in 1975, a ferry service connected Bloodmoon Harbor to the island. Since then, it has grown into a middle-class and quaint community. In 2009, extension of the SRT Elbe Airport line brought the village at fifteen minutes of Sedona. Eden Bay is since 2004 home to the Military Garden, which supposedly trains elite soldiers for the Land Army of Inishmore. It is populated by 5000 people, twice more than in 1975.


Welcome to Eden Bay! (Just so you know, the subway is up, for just $5 more a ride!)


The military facilities overlook most of the island.


Downtown Eden Bay, with its Major's Hall, its power plant, its fire casern, and Hotel Delta (in the center), that saw many high-profile rulers in its rich, luxurious rooms.

    The closest isle is Crescent Island, dubbed so because of a French baker who set his shop there. It is linked by a bridge to the mainland. It is a low-rise, low-density town based around Rudolfstraße. The northern island was a rural farmland, until 1945, when it was integrated in the City of Sedona proper, and remade into the Airport. The SRT Elbe Airport connected both islands in 1960.

    On the other side, we can see the township of Cronstadt. Located on Venloa Island, it is another low-density village. Built around an Irish fort as Venloa Priory in 1740, the town remained stagnant for a long while, though it developed a healthy fishing community. In 1987, a road bridge was built, and since then it became a nest for upper-class people. It was finally linked in 2009 by suburban transit, as the IBL Bocklemünd was built, along with two stations on each side of the isle.


Lower Venloa (along with Venloa Hbf station), off the coast of Sedona.


A closer view of the train station. S-Bahn trains now bring the villagers 30 minutes away from Rathlin, and 35 from Hajira.


Upper Venloa (township of Cronstadt). The General Breslauer Hospital pioneers since its opening in 2001 in curing cancer, though its main speciality is cardiology.


A train leaves the island through the new Arezzo Rail Transit Bridge. Aside is the older East Side Bridge.

    Finally, the district seat of Cropsford lies north of Sedona. It is MUCH bigger, though until 1980 it remained a small cozy town, established in 1685 by the initial Irish settlers around Crossford Priory.  Under the lead of an ambitious rail baron, Lady Winsfeld, large fields were torn up and new housing was built, as both the IBL Sedona and SRT Altstadt & Venloerstr were expended, bringing both cities much closer. In 1995, the population was 54'000; in 1997 it was made District Seat at the expanse of Crescent Island. In 2008, it surpassed the much bigger town of Wutai and now stands 7th biggest town in the whole island with 115'000 inhabitants. It remains nonetheless a sleepy suburban city, with low, medium and a few high-rise density.


Southern Cropsford, off Grüne Weide. The place is home to many gaming industries. An asylum was destroyed and replaced with Tenpenny Park in the late 2000s, though vegetation has yet to grow and no embellishment facilities were built.


Western Downtown. Cropsford Central Park lays uncleaned due to lack of funds. The former National Transgenderism Institute, closed in 2007, is slowly crumbling left of the main station.


Cropsford peaked in the 1960s, with a brand new downtown area being built. Nowadays, it has lost much of its glory.


A blurry close-up on the District Seat.


Aside from Chiuu Avenue, the SRT Venloerstraße (Line U3) has brought a sudden boom of prosperity to many classy, high-rise homes. The Nord Lindenthal area has already resplenished...


...while the area north of Venloerstraße, at the heart of Lindenthal proper, is being invaded with new businesses fleeing clogged Sedona or Hajira cityscapes.


Elevated U-Bahn tracks passing across Galway Isle through a brillant piece of architecture and engineering - the water there is 40 meters deep and constant dredging is needed across the small channel leading in the bay.


Two trains crossing themselves on the land part of the bridge.

©Amy H.M. 2010-2011

All Rights Reserved

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nice city....curious what the purple sphere looking building on the 1x1 tile in the 4th picture is.....ive never seen that before.

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Blueeyesman It's a subway station! They built such an entry to "bring Eden Bay in modernity", though it totally clashes with the style there. It should be orange, but at the time the subway was built, the line had a purple colour.

avrelivs For this region, which I want to put up for download, I tried to slow down with the mods. In my next region there'll be a whole 50 MB worth of decorative mods. :]

logonow Thanks! Sedona is based off Vancouver with a bit of petrodollar alchemy, though Germany also has a strong influence (if only by the street names)

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