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Yes! I have been far too busy with other matters to care about the city journal. Anyways! Let's get this rolling!

I am speaking in LORE terms. I will obviously include in-game comments, but I decided to present my city as an actual one. It's fancier, isn't it? At least I think so. I am not too fond of people only bothering about the population count, to be honest.


Basic Generalities

So let's start with the basics! The realm of Inishmore is a democratic republic, in which about 3'900'000 people live. Built around the city of Hajira, its capital and (by far) largest city is Sedona. (Though to some point, the whole conurbation has no defined rural/urban boundaries in its center arms, save maybe Dollet.)

People in the realm are known as Sedoners, no matter their actual city. The official language is English, though a sizable population is German-speaking, and German heritage is found in every level of the people's lives. Traditionally, both languages are taught and are in adulthood, commonly spoken.

The Government is democratically, universally elected - though the people in each County vote for their deputies, which number is fixed each election, and for their local dirigents - Majors and County Sheriffs. In the three main cities, the function is cumulated. The deputies and Sheriffs vote for the president. There are several parties in Inishmore, though two are prevalent : the right-wing Party for Democratisation and Order (PDO) and the left-wing Worker's Party (WP).

As of 2011, the Government is led by President Linoa Lacombe (WP), with the Parliament (Assembly of Deputies) led by the left-wing, independant Rydia Bradford. James Krieger (PDO) is the Prime Minister since the 2008 Deputy Election, which saw a resurgence in right-winged votes. It is divided in 3 Urban Districts (Sedona, Hajira, and Rathlin); 9 Suburban Districts, and 5 Outer Districts (which remain the only rural areas). There is actually no difference, besides nomination, between a suburban and outer district; outers are simply more rural. (One is actually 'represented' as nameless districts, the four others are not actually built in game, but are very small and would not take more than three M-sized squares.)

The realm was founded in the 16th century by Irish and German settlers - and despite the introduction, broke free about 40 years later, forming the then-rural Realm of Inishmore that subsists today.

Population nowadays is of 3.900.814 (54% female, 46% male), with an average age range of 35. Male life expectancy at birth is of 78 years, while female expectancy towers at 89 years, likely the world's highest, thanks to an effective health insurance program and pionnier hospitals.

As of 2009, the nominal GDP is of $3.241 trillions. Inishmore was not so affected by the crisis, thanks to an aggressive isolationnist general policy, both followed by the PDO and the WP; though worklessness has risen to 4%,. Its HDI is of 0.884, which ranks it eleventh worldwide.

It is marked by a cold oceanic climate (longer winters, cooler summers, though temperatures do not rise or lower to extremes), and remains mostly humid (with 30% rainy days in average).

Inishmore is known for its medicine excellence, its extensive and capital railroad network (twice as dense as Germany's), and its efforts in protecting the environment. It is widely known for its bretzels (the country's national food), its oysters, and its Elonan beer. Culturally, Inishmore has not provided much, instead taking and improving on European concepts through its universities.

Half the adult population of Inishmore (about 1'480'000 people) is interested in sports. A small-scale football league plays, though the national sport is Simball, a ground-based version of Quiddich (and which existed long before Harry Potter).

Its national anthem is Seamless Oceans by Turas Lurilli, and its flag is a blueish, white and reddish tricolore, known as the Wutaian after it was proposed in 1978 by then-president, Wutai-born Amy Lindman. Its meaning was kept secret, though many speculations have been made - from the Irish/German feud (white symbolizing peace between both nations) to an equilibrium between blood-driven Earth and water-driven Sea, passing by a subliminal support to gender-deviant people (Mrs. Lindman was often thought to be born a male, according to the well-known tabloid The Bun). Prior to 1978, Inishmore had no flag, but an official coat of arms.



Coat of Arms (nowadays the City Coat of Sedona)


Quick Overview

The following entries will all be dedicated to one district in particular. Later on, or based on feedback, I will develop on paraprojects - the railroads, bretzels, or famous people and what they've done in the SimWorld. Or anything.

Island of Inishmore

> City of Sedona

Densest, most populous district. Its economy drives the nation, though most producing is done elsewhere, and Hajira and Rathlin are direct competitors. Home to many landmarks, and capital of the islands.

>Suburbs of Sedona (District of Inishmore)

Includes all of the islands surrounding Sedona - Eden Bay, Crescent Island, and Galway Isle - as well as Lili Elbe Flughafen, and the Cropsford peninsula. Cropsford is the district seat.

>Southern Outskirts (District of Lauberg)

Mainly made of sleeper towns, Georgestown's CBD remains a local power. It is seated in Lauberg.

>Island of Eshtar (District of Eshtar)

Its southern end (Laguna, Caruvel) are sleeper towns, but Eshtar is the fourth largest city, and is as dense as Sedona itself. It is not producing, but many hidden champion companies are hosted in the district.

>Rural District of Elvania

The RDE is made of three sub-counties (Cornelia, Bastok, and Elfheim). It is mostly rural, as the name implies. It accounts for beer production - 85% of all breweries are located there. Not represented in-game, is south of Lauberg.

Island of Rathlin (Southern Island)

>City of Rathlin

The third-largest town, with 520'000 inhabitants. It is a bustling nest for finance, and is catching its delays in terms of infrastructure from the times it receded as a mere sleeper town.

>Wutai Peninsula (District of Midgar)

Midgar is the 5th largest town, and is easily as dense as Sedona. The peninsula is mostly urban, save for the rural Priory of Dollet, which produces agricultural goods. The southern terminal of the Hajiran Airport lies on the island, and is connected by a 2 km long underwater people mover.

>The National Harbor

The traditionnal industrial spot in Inishmore! Sarah and Tarnsburg are beehives for factories and smog, and few people actually live there. Sarah itself is a major harbor in North Europa, though it is not the main shipping port in the island (but imports much more). Crime rates are amazingly high, and many politicians dubbed it "Cyberpunk Town".

>The Three Moons (District of New Waren)

Though not part of the Island of Rathlin, they are traditionally rattached to said mainland, as they are part of a underwater range that almost surrounds the southern tip of Inception Island. They are home to sleeper towns, and are traditionnal middle-class suburban places based on US examples. Ramuh's population is sharply declining as most of the city is sinking into the ocean; in twenty years, it is expected to become unhabitable by current standards.

>Rural District of Quon

A rural district which spans the rises west of Rathlin. (Not in-game)

Island of Hajira (Inception Island)

>City of Hajira

The second-largest town, and longest continous settlement! Built on arable land, it is very sharp and there are many rises in the city. Hajira is considered the richest town in the island, with business premises florishing and its green feeling. It remains the most congestionned city, as it forms the central highway hub in the island, and its road infrastructure is very reminescent of European settings.

>Western Heights of Hajira (District of Longhorn)

The northern suburbs of the city are upper-class green neighboorhoods and until 1985, tax havens. They were gentificated in the 1950s, with most poorer households moving eastwards. Many film companies have taken residence there as well, along with many e-based businesses. Heights of Hajira is also a Stadtviertel in the City of Sedona.

>Eastern Heights (District of Elona)

Separated by the man-made Great Harbor Basin, the Eastern Heights are much more industrial and less desirable. Zanarkand Harbor is the greatest exporting port in the island, and without reaching the unacceptable levels of the National Harbor area, is a major industrial hub.

>The Outskirts (District of Koral)

The Outskirts are made of the cities of Koral and Dyuti. They are rural cores, and usually feeders for the Eastern Heights.

>Rural District of Sandoria

Spanning up to 20 km north of Longhorn, it is a hilly land made of vineyards and potato fields. Much cattle lives in this area. (Not in game)

>Rural District of Leyawiin

A 5540 km² huge group of fragmented isles east of Koral. Main agricultural zone in the realm. (Not in game)

>The Outlands

The fifth Rural District is actually not led by a sheriff, but by a common council : it spans over all the leftover small islands around the main zone. Waren, Providence, Anvil Bay, etc. are grouped in the county, but each has more autonomy over their own territory. Since 1985, the Island of Skingrad has unformally stepped down from council matters, claiming the Outlands to be underrepresented hives of poverty - in 1991, Georges Hulkinson unformally claimed its own independance. Though not formally agreed, it leaves the isle out of the realm's border, forcing higher tolls and custom taxes, and isolating it further. Plans are ungoing to bring the isle back into the Outlands.

(Parts are represented in game)

And to conclude the generalities, three birdviews of the area, along with their informal district names.

(I have not added rural districts nor city names)


This view is focused on Sedona and Hajira


View focused eastwards, on Rathlin.

sedona3.jpgA Northwards, focusing on Inception Island

©Amy H.M. (Balth3465), 2010-2011

All Rights Reserved.

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Will do later on today! And indeed I name my cities, stations, streets, hospitals, etc. according to stuff that draws interest. Why naming a town Highvale if Highvale doesn't mean anything to you? ^^

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Is Ishtar Island Nammed after Ishtar Gate in the city of Babylon which is in Babylonia which is in Mesopotamia which is in modern day Iraq? 

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Eshtar is named after Babylon's Ishtar Gate, and Final Fantasy 8's pionner nation [which is in turn based off Babylon].

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