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Outlining the Reconstruction (Teaser Pics!)

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Retep Molinari


Outlining the Reconstruction

With a new political entity--the Syldav Union-- the government set to work. The new Union faced, among other problems, long-broken economies. Getting people back to work and building a new national infrastructure would be a massive challenge.

The new government, based in Taraville, Balboa, developed four overall goals to guide the reconstruction and economic recovery.

Future updates will highlight the individual projects all over the Syldav Union. For now, here are some samples and the governing outline.

For full, super vivid resolution on all pics: Right click image + "View image." Very worth it!!

1. Energy Independence

And Bordav's demise showed, Syldav Islands reliance on oil was perilous at best. With limited domestic reserves, it was clear that more sustainable alternatives were necessary.

  • Investing in multiple sources of renewable energy
  • Replacing national vehicle fleets to electric powered models by 2015.
  • 30% renewable energy by 2015; 75% by 2010, 99% by 2020.
  • Align transportation and other investments to support energy management.
The building of a solar field in Morbtav, powering Peotav City and Peotav Bay.


2. Transportation Modernization

Two major transportation challenges faced the new Syldav Union. First, the transportation infrastructure on Syldav Island was that four separate nations rather than that of a single nation. Second, vast improvements to mass transportation for both efficiency and sustainability reasons were necessary.

  • Develop a national transportation network, including high speed rail and new highways.
  • Expand mass transportation in urban areas, keystoned by intra- and inter-urban light rail systems.
  • Seismically upgrade existing networks.
  • Incorporate fuel efficiency and beautifying streetscapes when possible.
The replacement of a highway bridge in Shozhod (left) and a renovated ferry & light rail terminal in Peotav Bay.


3. Health and Education

While Balboa and Syldav had long stressed education and universal health care, neither were core societal components in Peotav and Bordav. Under the Syldav Union, expanding educational and medical services was essential.

While the massive construction projects were the first step in national economic recovery, these were short-term jobs. Workers were strongly encouraged to attend school while working in construction. These workers would become the teachers, doctors, police officers, and the high skilled workers of the institutions they were building.

  • Provide universal healthcare and K-12 education by 2007.
  • Universal higher education opportunity by 2015.
  • Align public sector workforce to University outputs.
  • Sustain economic recovery by training construction workers in high-skill fields.
A brand new high school in Peotav City for 3,000 students, with athletic/recreational fields (left) as well as a new high-rise community college downtown (right)


4. Agricultural and Communal Sustainability

Like most industrialized countries, all of Syldav Island used petroleum-based fertilizers--fuel that was in dramatically short supply. Likewise, other industries greatly detracted from national health and well being. The Syldav Union adopted national standards for sustainable agriculture and other industrial activities. Industrial pollution controls were also dramatically increased.

Quality of life was to also improve in reconstruction. Through the expansion of parks and sustainable civic improvements (in waste treatment, storm water, etc.) communities were to be greener, healthier, and overall more enjoyable. Many public works projects, like park-lined bike paths, coincided with the transportation improvements described above.

  • End all use of petroleum-based fertilizers by 2010.
  • Develop nation-wide recycling + compost systems. reach 75% landfill diversion by 2007 and 100% by 2015.
  • Develop green space in urban areas; each house within walking distance from recreational facilities by 2015.
  • Support small, local businesses through zoning and streescaping.
New greenspace in Peotav City  (left) and a farmer's market in Sultav. (right)


More to come on all this work soon! Hope you enjoyed reading this updated as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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Recommended Comments

Perhaps you should run for President!

I enjoyed learning the foundation for the future of the Syldav Union. I imagine your future updates will show these plans being put in place.

You have a true ability to give your CJs a unique political spin to them which is something that makes me keep coming back.

Outstanding work!

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I very much like this entry. It has a clean and professional look and gives a good outlook of what is to come. I will be waching.

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