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history of nippon till now

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nippon's history starts long ago in the year 1123 in a small area by the sea calld p'yung named after the first asia.jpgemperor p'yung zai kiami where he and his people had lived for years before now he and his family live in the palace of p'yung he married a noble women named yuri in 1126 she beard a son the heir to the throne of nippon his name was mikura-kai now p'yung ruled nippon for 85 years till his death in 1208. in 1210 his son mikura-kai toke the thron at the age of 65 he rulld nippon for 4 years untill his early death in 1214 his niece princess zira took the throne as empress zurin in 1215 untill the year 1278 when she died her son took her place as emperor of nippon in 1280 he ruled nippon untill the year 1322 when he died there was no heir to the thron of nippon but the royale blood line had a single baby a girl named miunga-yoo at the age of 10 in the year 1332 untill her death after the longest rain in nippons histroy of 103 years she died in the year 1435 after her death nippon was invaded for 385 years by a forigen country the history has been baned from the knolegd of citezens for unknown resons and the last peoples who remebrd thos times died misteriosly in 1820 the country gave 100 square miles of its land to the english an area named kuoloon bay and today is a huge metropolis after 80 years of stress on the goverment in tension all over the nation in the year 1900 the nation in a way updated its self with the industriel and new technolgys the world had to offer befor this nippon was a mystrory to every one even the people who invaded it beacuse the nation is so shrouded in mystery but 110 years have passed sense the and now is the year 2010.................................so the history of this nation continues.


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I'm sorry, but there should be a general rule of  'No journal updates' that do not include at least an image of the city itself.  It corrupts the integrity of the process.  Besides, who even read what you wrote?

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CJ's without pictures have been really bothering me. So i'm just gonna go ahead and make a "how to post pictures on your CJ" for you, and a bunch of others.

Step 1: Find imageshack on google.

Step 2: Make an account for imageshack and register yourself. If you already have an account then simply log in. (other image hosting sites such as photobucket can also be used).

Step 3: After having made your account, upload your pictures onto imageshack.

Step 4: After uploading your pictures you will see all your pictures neatly uploaded onto imageshack. Each picture is assigned what is called a "direct link" this is vital for uploading your pictures.
Your direct link will look something like this http://a.imageshack.us/img888/8888/dadadadada.png

Step 5: Go ahead and open up your CJ on Simtropolis in a new window or tab.

Step 6: Find the "insert/edit image" button (its a yellowish button, with what looks like mountains on it).

Step 7: Copy the "direct link" from one of your pictures on imageshack, and paste it onto the space titled "URL"

Step 8: Click ok, and your picture should be on your CJ.

This is all very simple and easy, and I suggest that you start posting some pictures, because if I just wanted to read something I would grab a book written by a more established author. It's important to have pictures on your CJ, and you really shouldn't be making a CJ if you don't know how to post pictures; you should first try to figure it out yourself or ask someone.

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yall are so mean atleast this person was actualy attempting to make a history for there cj give him some slack

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