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Introduction and History

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Gotha began as a project on the Sims2. Originally a version of turn-of-the-century smalltown america, it grew into this.  Left abandonded for months, I began to work on it again, with renewed frenzy. What follows is pictureless, but will soon have photos of the city centre of Gotha, the Imperial palace complex, and the great city of Worcester.

 This is an early map of the explored lands of Europa (if it doesnt show, my appologies). Most early maps of the Gothan lands were lost in many of the great floods that have stricken the deep narrow valleys of the Empire

<a href="http://s26.photobucket.com/albums/c115/mark5643/?action=view&current=scan0024.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c115/mark5643/scan0024.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

Warning: Long read ahead.


Originally, a vast unknown wilderness exsisted. Scant memories of lost marbled and pillared cyclopean cities flitted in like forgotten whispers. Around the time of the fall of Troy, a great upheaval of earth happened. The mountains and valleys of central europe, faded into hills and gentle ravines and river valleys, while the plains and steppes of eastern europe become great jagged pennicles. All contact with the mediterrean was lost, as the mountains proved near impossible to cross. The great upheaval also proved so destructive, the people along the inner sea perished, leaving small enclaves scattered in the now near leveled hills.  Many gathered their few belongings and headed north into the plains of what is now Windsor. Some, consulted an oracle, her words bespoke an enormous bay with high mountains all around and those willing to make the journey would be rewarded with gifts from the Gods. And with those words, the journey began. Years of movement and struggles finally rewarded this group. The bay, the mountains, and an extra reward, a multitude of hot, cold, and warm springs hugged the shores and foothills. The pioneers began several villages, dispersing across the region. 

 Three small City-States grew from these. Cavispo, Goetiana, and Gadesia. Each city-state began developing a unique culture. For hundreds of years the only concern was the winter.

249 ce- cavispo is weakened following a plague. the city falls to the king vitruvio hanolia. king vitruvio hannolia renames the city 'collispa'

250 ce- crowns himself emperor of collispa and the surrounding bay area, names the empire 'gothania'.

251 ce- collispa enlarges its walls.

272 ce- the emperor dies. ultia, his daughter becomes empress

273 ce- ultia is assasinated by her brother fillipo the elder- fillipo assumes control

287 ce- fillipo dies, leaving the throne to his youngest son, alandresti.

289 ce- alandresti is murdered by fillipo the younger. the imperial family is killed off by fillipo, even his children and his wife.

290 ce- fillipo dies in excile after the murder of his family. a new

emperor is crowned- rennoi hireadeli.

327 ce- rennoi dies, and his daughter callisto becomes empress.

330 ce- callisto begins the lower city walls to protect the poorer people form attack. changes empire's name to 'gotha'

335 ce- walls are finished. construction of new citadel walls and temples begin. cult of ishatar becoms prominant.

336 ce- drought and famine begins, heavy winter snows destroy many houses.

340 ce- first contact with native peoples in what would becom windsor.

350 ce- callisto dies. ashafori becomes empress. begins planning new city of ashafortium (ashford). begins the foundations of a great bridge across the mouth of the inner bays at the silvergate.

353 ce- ashafortium floods.

354 ce- ashafortium is raised up to avoid floods.

360 ce- ashafori dies in childbirth. husband pranicus maronisum becomes emperor backed by the army.

376 ce- first major earthquake strikes collispa. city is rebuilt in grander fashion. a temple to ninurta is built to prevent future quakes.

377 ce- temple of ninurta is destroyed in earthquake. temple falls through a fissure in the hill.

380 ce- collispa rebuilds, and prospers. pranicus maronisum launches massive invasion of the northlands.

382 ce- the northlands fall under control with sacking of berris.

383 ce- berris rebuilt due to trade routes passing through it to the furs and gold of the northwest areas.

390 ce- pranicus maronisum dies of cancer,general hammeria valencia siezes power. exciles the young princess marina maronisum.

400 ce- hammeria valencia begins the conquest of the outer bays and sea-coast. construction begins on warrenstra (worcester)

420 ce- the outer bays and sea-coast fall, leaving a vast wilderness to the west of the inner bays. warrenstra builds harbour on the north beachhead (at foot of memorial hill)

422 ce- warrenstra's temple is started at top fo hill. dedicated to sin and shamash

423 ce- fire destroys old palace complex in collispa's citadel. new palace built outside city walls.

437 ce- hammeria dies in the battle of lithium (brompton)

438 ce- hammeria's will leaves all power to a council of 3 men, warrnio ulmter, cicero henshelio, and janus riberiea, council called the tribunate

444 ce- great plague hits the capital. warrnio ulmter dies of plague.

445 ce- fire destroys tribunate building. construction on new location in lower city begins

500 ce- council starts construction of gatheno(gotha)

503 ce- gatheno is finished, festivities are planned, btu never carried out, due to sighting of warships on the horizon. war of the flowers begins. collispa under seige for 4 months

504 ce- enemys die of plague, half of collispa dies of plague. janus riberiea takes control of nation. becomes emperor. new palace built in gatheno. begins cathedrals of ishtar and marduk.

525 ce- janus riberiea dies in collapse of main vaulting of ishtar cathedral. construction stops. daughters juno and hera jointly rule. begin construction of twin cities at goddess bay, on the outer bays.

530 ce- juno and hera divide empire. juno get the north, hera the south. still joint rule from collispa.

532 ce- juno poisens hera at a feast in honour of the bountiful harvest.

540 ce- juno resumes construction of ishtar cathedral.

557 ce- ishtar cathedral finished. elis yerman, granddaughter of marina maronisum stages a coup and siezes power. juno dies in prison.

560 ce- elis yerman begins vast new walls for collispa. new citadel is begun in winter.

561 ce- collispa suffers from fire. lower city destroyed.

567 ce- elise yerman tears down old citadel, replacing it with vast new palace and walls. renews work on foundation of the towers of the great bridge in silvergate.

570 ce- warrenstra suffer from plague. portico and steps of temple collapses, causes a landslide down into warrenstra proper. city rebuilds

575 ce- collispa is attacked by angola an island nation far in the west, in the ocean that lies beyond the havs sea.

578 ce- angola lays siege to warrnestra and ashafortium. great fire fo gatheno, city abandonded.

584 ce- angola gives up sieges.

585 ce- cult of thanatos gains prominence, under direction fo the empress elis yerman.

588 ce- elis yerman is drowned by servants. daughter marina ellasipium II becomes empress. has servants exciled to an island near warrenstra.

600 ce- marina ellasipium II tears down cathedrals of ishtar and marduk. builds great temple of thantos in on hill near collispa.

602 ce- gatheno is rebuilt, renamed gotha, in honour of the empire. warrenstra builds temple of thantos on site of ruined temple of shamash and sin.

609 ce- marina ellasipium II finances exploration of the far southlands.

612 ce- discovery of other kingdoms is reported. heros of the expedition are given estates in the northlands on the coast of the eastern sea.

620 ce- marina ellasipium II dies from breast cancer. son francois ellasipium becomes emperor.

621 ce- francois begins rebuilding fo collispa's city centre. grid plan introduced to city. builds great market square at citys heart. rebuilds the harbour. builds sewalls for warrenstra.

624 ce- francois continues the foundatiuons fo the bridge. brings back the idea of the tribunate. makes it the highest of law courts in the empire. appoints 12 women to serve as its judges. creates the senatus populares que gothan.

628 ce- francois builds a vast new city at lithium , calls it brompton.

630 ce- foundations of bridge finished. arches are started from either shore to the foundations. north arches are on a cliffside, so a tunnel is constructed leading to other side fo cliffs.

640 ce- francois assasinated by a fannatic of ishtar. assasin is tortured and dies. francois son francois II becomes emperor.

641 ce- francois II renovates palace. builds new gatehouse for citadel. walls up old gates, builds 3 new towers.

646 ce- first golden age begins. vast farms are started, great harvest

648 ce- construction begins on new temples of thantos in gotha and ashafortium.

655 ce- francois II dies, golden age ends. son francois III becomes emperor. continues the towers of the great bridge.

700 ce- francois marries the queen isolde of anglia. celebrations across empire.

705 ce- isolde dies in childbirth, child survives. named helia ellasipium.

713 ce- francois III dies, helia becomes empress at age of 8. senate becomes more powerful.

723 ce- helia gains more power. plans new street plan of warrenstra

730 warrenstra's rebuilding finishes, city is sparsely occupied, house-less streets run through forested south hills. new wharves constructed at foot of temple hill (memorial hill)

733 ce- palace of elis yerman burns in summer. helia begins the castello elisis in honour of the ruined palace. gives plots fo land to senators for residences on citadel, creating the upper town.

740 ce- cathedral of thanatos begun in warrenstra. helia dies of sweating fever. cousin marcus quintius becomes emperor. is murdered in a week of his coronation by group of senators. brother brutus quintius becomes emperor.

750 ce- brutus quintius begins development of gothan citadel.

755 ce- drought and famine depopilates the region around collispa. fires devastate the forests and farmlands.

756 ce- brutus quintius begins construction of irregation system and dams up the westenra river south of gotha.

760 ce- heavy snows in winter, rainy spring, floods and landslides occur. brutus quintius drowns while helping build levees to protect ashafortium. son mark quintius becomes emperor.

761 ce- mark quintius begins imediate re-fortification of the cities. founds several new cities and towns. expands the empire through treaties with local tribes.

772 ce- mark founds monasteries in gotha, brompton and juno.

777 ce- juno and hera begin to build different street patterns.

778 ce- juno builds monument to empress juno on the city gate. highest gatehouse structure in empire.

780 ce- hera starts construction on council hall.

784 ce- mark marries the high priestess of thantos. becomes saint mark.

790 ce- st mark founds a new town (saint mark's) on island near worcester's pennisula.

800 ce- war with angolan and angelan kingdoms is begun. invasion forces destroy the capitol of angola. st mark dies in battle, without naming an heir. senate gains control

810 ce- war ends. angela becomes colony of gotha. trade begins with nysa. nation of valleta signs oathe of allegence to gotha.

825 ce- valleta conquered by empire of wismar, to the east of gotha. dutchy of uri at the mouth of the havs sea is established.

850 ce- wismar and gotha go to war. gotha suffers heavy losses. great earthquake of wismar occures. army swallowed by fissures that opened on the road to gothan border

851-900 ce- era of peace amongst most nations. gothan senate rules well and just. senate creates the dual consul system fo government. builds new senate house in upper city of collispa.

901 ce- consul hermes honorum murders consul julian cesiterci. senate orders hermes honorum's execution.

902 ce- senate appoints new consuls and the first emperor in 102 years. counsuls michalo goteri and zeno quesolia finish building of senate house. emperor is named vallen vecchio I.

905 ce- vallen vecchio I begins construction fo a road system to each major city. work resumes of great bridge in silvergate. worcester begins building in new area planned by empress helia ellasipium

920 ce- vallen vecchio I dies in hunting accident. son vallen vecchio II becomes emperor. rennovates ancient cathedral of thanatos in collispa.

923 ce- collispa suffers plague. vellen vecchio II dies of plague. brother jupiter vecchio becomes vallen vecchio III, emperor.

924 ce- earthquake shakes collispa. vallen vecchio III dies when choir of cathedral fo thanatos collapses. daughter vallenia vecchio becomes empress.

930 ce- earthquake and fire in gotha and brompton. towns rebuild slowly.

935 ce- vallenia vecchio builds giant palace along goddess bay, near juno and hera. empire becomes bankrupt.

940 ce- senate orders vallenia's arrest and prosecution. vallenia commits suicide. dido leon of worcester bribes senate to become empress.

941 ce- dido leon finishes hera council hall, after centuries of its delayed completion. builds massive mercantile fleet to set sail on the waves. new port town of belle pointe begun near the north end fo the grat bridge.

943 ce- huge storm winter storm hits. icy seas flood the street of the low lying areas and fields. ice coats entire empire. roofs collapse. great cathedral of thanatos in worcester heavily damaged, rebuilding starts.

958 ce- construction and rebuilding ends. dido leon dies of old age.

960 ce- senator henri loussia takes posistion as emperor. begins a new section on thanatos cathedral in worcester. begins the great south facade of the imperial palace.

968 ce- henri loussia begins showing signs of madness. starts construction on 10 new eleborate palaces across imperial district.

971 ce- henri loussia locked in imperial palace outside worcester. henri's son wesley becomes steward of empire.

974 ce- wesley sells newly built palaces to finance the empire's growing workforce.

977 ce- ambitious senators plan coup. senate splits amongst themselves. begins civil war. emperor flees to safety of berris in the north. some senators follow him. others take power.

978 ce- rebeling senators have wesley arrested. henri loussia falls to death on palace's great tower.

980 ce- wesley imprisoned in the castello de sant markos in valencia, close to wismarian border.

983 ce- imperial forces free wesley. resumes emperorship.rebel senators executed without mercy.

999 ce- great dam of berris cracks and sends flood into city. half population drowns.

1000 ce- berris abandonded. new town built on hill above ruins. called berry.

1010 ce- plague strikes imperial region. emperor dies of plague. wesley's daughter mellina caprica becomes empress.

1012 ce- mellina caprica opens collispa citadel up to public. new fortifications built on outskirts fo collispa and worcester and gotha.

1013 ce- gothan army marches into nyssaian capitol, burns oil lamps in city square.

1023 ce- mellina caprica dies of old age, grandson eustice crowned.

1024 ce- silver age begins.

1031 ce- electricity is mastered. artificial lights glow across gothan capitol.

1035 ce- radio and telephone invented.

1036 ce- telelphone perfected.

1038 ce- emporer eustice electrocuted by faulty wiring.

1039 ce- senate elects morgan morgen as new emporer

1040-1599 ce- records lost during the Great Landslide.

1600 ce- first contact with flegling queendom of windsor made, exchange of knowledge happens. maps shared. marriage between emperor marcus ionia's son thanis and princess margerete of sousberg (province in windsor)

1601 ce- culpeppia founded as a retreat for the senatorial class.

1630 ce- expedition into western ocean begun. 5 months later, land is discovered, native peoples given gifts fo silver and technology.

1634 ce- first permanent settlement founded in new world. region called new anglia, for angola, angela and anglia in the northwest seas. town named nea culpeppia.

1679 ce- new anglia divided into 4 countys, no exploration past the western mountains is done, the forests said to be haunted.

1756 ce- thennant hall is bought for residence of lord-mayor fo worcester. first empire funded university is opened in gotha.

1757 ce- great bridge in the silvergate finished. festivals take place on bridge to celebrate the unification of worcester and the hill country cities of the northshore.

1803 ce- great landslide of oakport happens. sends earthquake across the inner bays. tsunami results from landslide. devastates entire inner bays and parts of outer bays, as well as the colispan sea. cities burn. many left in ruin.

1809 ce- collispa abandonded. worcester chosen as temporary capital. gotha chosen as permanent capital. construction begins on new gothan seante and tribunate.

1810 ce- worcester begins construction of temporary tribunate and senate buildings. new imperial palace is begun in brompton.

1819 ce- empress victoria is crowned, age 18. temple hill is renamed and a park is built upon it. now called memorial hill park. construction of a triumphal arch with lion statue atop it begins.

1832 ce- brompton palace finished. construction begins on the offical residence of the imperial line. begun on in the north foothills of gothan hellfire range.

1834 ce- empress victoria has complications during 5th pregnancy. baby is lost.

1856 ce- empress victoria incorpoates Thanatosia and Joppa into the Empire.

1866 ce-

1905 ce- empress victoria dies at age 104. gothan senate and tribunate is finished in gotha's city centre.

1907 ce- crown-prince louis comes of age. coronation is held in the old cathedral in old town gotha.

1949 ce- great earthquake of '49. much of worcester is destroyed by shaking. old city hall, on balmoral hill, slides down into the bay.

1950 ce- worcester recovers. construction on super-highway between windsor city and worcester begins.

1953 ce- gothan ambassedors sent to join the international league.

1954 ce- palace 'peace tower' gains new clock mechanisms.

1955 ce- new worcester city hall, built in windsorian style, finished in financial district. emporer louis developes pnuemonia, dies in hospital august 5th.

1956 ce- son maximillian crowned. new golden age begins.

1985 ce- maximillian is given a daughter by wife, erzebeta balognei. child named jane, born  25 march.

2009 ce- jane becomes empress.

for those who decided to read through my history, I thank you. Next update will be next week. and please feel free to give advice.

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