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Intro - History of San Pedro

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The Kingdom of San Pedro

El Reino de San Pedro

Capital:  Carife

Official Language:    Pedrian Spanish

Government:   Constitutional Monarchy

Reigning King: Jose Marcos III (1982 - Today)

Prime Minister:   Eduardo Mantilla Dorrego (2008 - Today)

Independence:    from Spain: 1353

Currency:    Corona (C$)

National Past-Times: Eating strange things, running from rabid bulls,

and complaining about the EU 3.gif


San Pedro is an island nation in the Mediterannean, located near the Balearic islands and Corsica. The country consists mostly of ethnic Pedrians and Spaniards, along with many immigrants from the former colonies of the vast empire that the country once controlled. Once a Roman colony named Pedrianus, it later became an independent Christian kingdom after the fall of the Roman Empire. It is currently run by King Jose Marcos III, who inherited the throne in 1982 when his father, King Hernando VI, died.

Make sure to check out the old thread where I have older updates.


The earliest known people of San Pedro were hunter-gatherer homo sapiens. Later on, the Romans colonized the island, naming it "Pedriona" and founding a small trading port named Pedrionus. The island was a trading center inbetween Taraconessis (Hispania) and the Italian Peninsula. After the Roman empire collapses, San Pedro became an independent kindgom, however it was then quickly invaded and conquered by North African Moors. They named the island "Al Pedir" and built  on what was once Pedrionus, but was renamed Al Carifah.


Then, the Spaniards sailed to the island and kicked out the Moors, claiming the island as part of the Kindgom of Aragon. Being the cantankerous bunch they are, the San Pedrians eventually kicked out the Spaniards and formed their own monarchy in 1353. A century and a few years later, the influence of Spain would encourage the start of what would be the San Pedro Inquisition. The Muslims and Jews of Carife were told to either convert or leave the island... or maybe just go a little farther south to the San Pedro-controlled enclave in North Africa because even if the Jewish merchants didn't follow the "one true religion", at least they brought in alot of revenue. Of course the real reason of the Inquisition wasn't actually to unify the country under one religion, as they told to the bishops and the Vatican, but because the monarchs wanted the piles of moolah which several wealthy Jewish merchants had amassed. The actual "jugdement" part of the inquisition, in which heretics were judged, lasted only a day when the main inquisitor, the monk Juan Mocopsicopático accidentally tripped and fell into a well, never to be seen again. After that, most people forgot about him and life went on.

Move forward several centuries later... after Spain's civil war in the 1930s, the nation suddenly was covered in a large shadow cast by neighboring fascist ruler, Francisco Franco. It has been recorded that Franco was considering invading the tiny little island of San Pedro in order to spread his influence over the population, but when WWII started, San Pedro was temprorarily overseen by the United Kingdom, as the nation was very weak and was unable to potentially defend itself if one of the Axis powers invaded. Fortunately, most of the large Fascist countries didn't really seem to care about San Pedro at the end of the day, because it was too small. Adolf Hitler also fortunately seemed to overlook the massive community of Hassidic Jews in San Pedro's North African enclave, who to this day have remained relatively intact.

Today, San Pedro is a traditional yet modern island that is a part of the European Union - reluctantly I suppose.

A Land Under Many Flags


Above is a table of different countries that have ruled this island. The Roman Empire came in and conquered the island around 97 BC, and placed it under the Tarraconensis region of Hispania. Once the Roman Empire collapsed, an independent but short-lived kingdom was formed, known by historians as the First Pedran Kingdom. About 200 years after the first kingdom was founded, the Moors from North Africa invaded and conquered the island along with nearby Al-Andalus, making the official religion Islam. Still, the Christians and Jews of "Pedrianus" were allowed to worship.

Then came the Reconquista, and the following Inquisition. And finally in 1353, the country was independent again, founding its current Monarchy. Only 200 years later the Kingdom would expand into the New World, becoming an Under-estimated Empire to be reckoned with.

This wasn't the case however once WWII arrived, and pretty much all of the previous "Empire" was independent. The country was hit very hard by the Great Depression, and the military was very weak as well. Since the UK was always an Ally to the island against the nearby Spaniards, they took temporary control of the island and spread some influence as well... (which many Pedrans saw as another sign of Britian's imperialistic streak) much of which can still be seen today with numerous British News and TV channels that are popular. Many British-Pedrans live in the southern area along the Riviera, many of which moved in the early 1980s.

After World War II ended, Britian pulled out of San Pedro and the country was on it's own again, along with a new flag with a  baby-blue and white color. The country's government is a Constitutional Monarchy, with a reigning king "Jose Marcos III" who was crowned in 1982, a year after the death of his father. Most of the politicians recently have been on the right-wing side, like the recently elected prime minister, Eduardo Mantilla Dorrego. Dorrego is part of the Central Party, which is a conservative party that is "focused on preserving family values, San Pedrian culture, and our politician's reputations despite what their ex-wives say." He's generally disliked by many people including: the Left-Wingers (because he's a Right Winger), the Catholic Church (because he doesn't actually support family values... he's had quite a few divorces), and everyone in general (He's a pompous idiot. Not that I have a problem with him... *cough* 3.gif

Anyways, that's pretty much it.

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