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Petrovar Ambassador


Petrova, Kingdom of

Bienvenidos, bonjour, shalom, greetings fellow Simtropolitans! I welcome you to the Simtropolis CJ of Petrova, a country in Eastern Europe. This is my second attempt at a CJ here at Simtropolis, my other at Simsports. Chihiro, the capital city of Petrova is undergoing a massive rebuilding at an expense of atleast 500 Billion Petrovars(Dollars). So I though why not make a new CJ to go along with the new city! Along with Chihiro, you will get to see the cities of San Prado, Avenida Vista, Predeccia, Azovo, Oradea, Grevershki and Bovino.



And here's a promotional video that I used for a recent bid:

Table of Contents

Page 1

  1. Introduction
  2. December Plans
  3. Chihiro International Village
  4. Simlmypic Torch Relay
  5. The Americas at the International Village

Page 2

  1. Asia at the International Village
  2. Mosaic
  3. Downtown Layout

Page 3

  1. December Petrolympics
  2. European Village at the International Village
  3. Grand Opening/Chihiro Int'l Airport

Page 4

  1. Royal Family
  2. Holiday Special

Page 5

  1. Chihiro Loop
  2. Downtown Developments

Page 6

  1. African Village at the International Village
  2. Spzorsova Teasers
  3. Nominations

Page 7

  1. Spzorsova Convention
  2. AIN Summit Bid

Page 8

  1. MSU: Preliminaries
  2. MSU: Swimsuits
  3. MSU: Evening Gowns
  4. MSU: Crowning

Page 9

  1. Ordona
  2. Gersbach District


Founded in the mid 1900's, the present day country of Petrova is situated in the center of the map, between Russia, Ukraine, and Georgia. Though small in size (half the size of France), Petrova has gained the cultural admiration of Eastern Europe as well as Western Asia. But everything began in the late 1800's. Petrova was founded by the future Petrovan Royal Family, Naridah and Sergei Petravo. They were a poor family who settled in present day Chihiro, the country's cultural and political center.

Soon after, the city of Chihiro was established, and prospered steadily until the world wars. The country became even more prosperous during the world wars after providing the vast Russian and allies armies with food and arms. When the technology revolution occured in the west, Petrova, like its neighbors were struggling with its economy. By the 80's, the country is home to over 40 million inhabitants. There were mass starvation, since the soil was barren and the southern half of Petrova is mountainous, until a genious farmer named Sim Bob Sim came up with the technique called "love thy soil". The idea was to water the soil with the special water found in the the Sea of Azov (now Sea of Petrova). The soil immediately became soft and allowed for farming. Around 1970, the people were fed up with the Russians not paying attention to them. The country of Petrova wasn't declared a country until the Petro-Russo Revolution in 1975.


Petrova is known for its lucious soil and therefore the ability to produce wines, wheat, rice, soy and is currently number 5 in the top exporters of lumber. Petrova has a growing middle class and is gaining wealth every year due to its exports around the world. Petrova is also known for its rare diamonds found in the Caucus Mountains.


Since the country is situated between Eastern Europe and Asia, Petrova truly is a melting pot of different cultures and people. They speak Petrovan and English and although there is 90% freedom, Roman Catholic is the prevailing religion. Although it is one of the youngest countries in the world, the Petrovan culture is very rich due to its Russian ancestry. There are numerous art, music, fashion and cultural institutions throughout the country.

Petrovar Royal Family

Petrova is a ruled by the Royal Family of Petrova and the Petrovar Prime Minister. The Petrovar Royal Family is of mixed ancestry, and the current head of the country, King Dmitry was born in Pristina, Kosovo. The Petrovar Royal Family also contributed to Petrova's diverse culture due to King Dmitry being Albanian-Kosovar, while his wife, Queen Vera is of Canadian-Filipino roots. They have two children, the Dauphin of Petrova, Prince Matthias was born in the Bovino Palace, while his younger brother, Prince Igor, was born in the Palace of Bausmik in Predeccia. Both have been sent to other countries to study, and as a result, they have brought with them, French, American, Indian, Chinese, Greek, Italian, Latin and other cultures. Prince Matthias, the dauphin of Petrova, is to be crowned king of the country.

However, there are rumors speculating about in the country as to whether there will be a rebellion for a republic. Many Petrovars have looked up to their sister, Kosovo and thought about a 'Petrovar Republic". The Royal Family has not spoken of the matter.


Petrova Today

Today, Petrova is a bustling and thriving country that stretches out to the Caspian to the Sea of Petrova (Sea of Azov), bordering Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan to the north and Georgia and Azerbaijan to the south. Petrova is among the fastest growing countries in the world, along with China and India, with a population of 30 million in just a century. Chihiro, the capital is the seat of the Royal Family who governs the country. Petrova is a constitutional monarchy. The largest cities in Petrova are Chihiro, Brytyavska, and Avenida Vista. Today, the city of Chihiro can be compared to Paris, and New York.




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