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About this City Journal

Located smack dab in the center of Eastern Europe, Petrova offers more than the usual norm. In this journal, you get to explore this land of mystery and see for yourself whether Petrova...

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Petrovar Ambassador

 Spzorsova Convention of Petrova

2010 :: Three Cities Make For A Stronger Petrova

The Spzorsova Convention is a yearly union update address by the King and Queen of Petrova, where they reveal plans for the year. This means you get to see the plans and what to expect in the upcoming weeks for Petrova. The theme of this year is three cities and the country will be working on Chihiro, Ordona, and San Prado to prepare the country for the 2010 August Simlympic Bid. An important announcement has also been revealed at the end of the convention. The convention happend on January 30, 2010 and here are the highlights! (Replies on the next update!)

















Petrovar Ambassador

Teaser: Petrova Simlympic Park, Ordona

Hey guys! I'm back working on Ordona and I will get a full update(hopefully a big one 1.gif) in the next couple of days. I have spring break this week, so I will be able to update between tomorrow and wednesday. I will reply to all the comments as well as comment on everyone's CJ's on my next full update. In the meantime, here is a teaser of the completed part of the Simlympic Park in Ordona.


-The King has ordered that the number of venues be reduced from 8 to no more than 5 venues.
-The Arevalo Mall across from the park will be extended and be in one of the oasis stations.
-There will be two food courts with international restaurants. There will also be "oasis" stations which are plazas with jumbotrons, restrooms, restaurants, booths and security kiosks.
-There will also be a medals square within the park.
-A water park and resort is to be built inside the Simlympic Park to increase tourism and to raise funds for the park's construction.
-The Petrova Simlympic Park will be modeled after the London Olympic Park.
-Some of the venues are expected to be built exclusively from the Ministry of Construction & City Planning.(about 2-3 venues will be made from BAT)

Statistic Updates:
-The Petrova Simlympic Park is in its 5th phase. There are 17 phases total when completed in early June 2009.
-The total budget alloted by the Petrova Simylmpic Committee and the Ministry of Athletics is 100 billion Petrovars. The total amount of money used already is 76 billion Petrovars.
-30 million gallons of sand has been successfully transferred to the Petrova Simlympic Park. The PSC has spent a total of 20 billion on the sand. Most of the sand came from Mexico, Madagascar and the Philippines.

And here's some breaking news in Petrova today:

Monday, April 6, 2009. Breaking News



Suggestions, questions, critiques are welcome!

Petrovar Ambassador

 Gersbach District, Ordona 

Hey guys, thanks for stopping by. Today we will return to Ordona to see the Gersbach(pronounced gyers-back) district. It also known as the Ambassador's Village. It used to be Grevershki, but was moved down to Ordona. Gersbach district is directly across from the Petrova Simlympic Park and just outside of the city(another update). So far, there's about 6 embassies in the city and growing. There is unlimited space, so don't forget to PM me your building of choice for the embassy(preferred landmark, mid-rise, no high rises please).







Gersbach Dist. has a couple of amenities for our international guests. There are numerous five star hotels along the coast, a resort, and a mall. These will be revealed at a later time, but here is a teaser of what to expect: 


Arevalo Mall, Gersbach District, Ordona 

Welcome back to Ordona and today, we will take a rest! Today we are going to visit the newly constructed Arevalo Mall!



Located in Gersbach District, the Arevalo Mall gives our guests and foreign leaders a chance to relax after a day's hard work. The modern and funky mall offers 20 restaurants, a huge food court with 50 mini-restaurants, 178+ stores, 3 spas, an arcade room, 3 movie theaters, 4 banks, an outdoor botanical garden, 5 department stores and more. The mall actually has 5 stories underground for a more vast shopping experience. The King also wants a roller coaster ride inside the mall, but will it be underground?


Being located in the ambassador's village means that Arevalo Mall caters to international tastes. Therefore, the King has sent volunteer Petrovar tourists all over the world to find the best restaurants in the world. The King chose half from that list and ordered them to be built in the food court. There are a couple of restaurants built outside the mall: McDonald's, Olive Garden, Jolibee, Burger King, KFC, Wendy's and Chili's.



Wow...I just realized that there were two CJ sections...ahhhh! It looks nice, so I think I'll try and start moving my updates over there. I will prolly do simultaneous updates so that y'all can go to either one to see my updates.

Sorry guys, today I don't have a cultural update for Petrova, but I do have something that I haven't posted in ages: the Chihiro Diplomat. I also changed the format so yea, enjoy!







Petrovar Ambassador

 Petrova Simlympic Park, Ordona 

I thought you guys are prolly tired of seeing Chihiro, so here is another city in Petrova: Ordona. Ordona is a suburb of the Petrovan capital, Chihiro. It is a new city, and there are no inhabitants as of February 2009. However, luxurious and spacious suburban houses are being built and will be ready by the end of March. Just outside of Ordona will be the new Petrova Simlympic Park. Ordona used to be a boring and endless forest, but thanks to Project Brytyavska, 15 million tons of sand will be transported from the beaches of Mexico, Madagascar, China and Spain to Ordona's shores. It will redefine the word "green" as the park will offer a beach paradise setting for the October 2009 Simlympics that will hopefully be in Petrova.


The new Petrova Simlympic Park is scheduled to be completed by August 2009. This is just one of the four total parking areas in the PSP. Each parking area will have a capacity 30,000 making a total capacity of 120,000. The palm trees seen here have been imported from Cancun, Mexico. Each palm tree has been decorated with white lights, with LCD screens in between the trees. Cameras have been hidden in every other two trees for security. 






Hopefully y'all like this update. I know its short, but I dunno about you, but I am tired from the Miss SimUniverse Competition lols. Anyways, I have been changing formats and looks of the updates frequently, but I think I will stick to this one. I like the widescreen look as well as the modern banners. As for the cultural insights of Petrova, I like them, so they will be back next update! The next update will probably be in the middle of this week or the weekend. And lastly, thanks for everyone's participation at the MSU and for keeping up with this CJ. I have a lot in store to show you guys, so stay tuned!

Petrovar Ambassador

 Miss SimUniverse: Swimsuit Competition 

This update will surely blow your head off... 

Host: Welcome to the second round of the competition: the swimsuits. We are live at the Qhexpo Convention Centre in Chihiro, Petrova. But before we watch these 15 gorgeous ladies in swimsuits, lets see the results from the yesterday's preliminaries. 


Host: Did you know that one of the unique features of the Qhexpo Center is that it can change environments in less that 10 seconds? Well we're about to find out. To the sounds of Swedish star September's hit, We Can Do It, here now is the Miss SimUniverse 2009 Swimsuit Competition. 


Host: All of the contestants are wearing Mika Eikriech shoes and swimsuits by Gucci. Wow...I am speechless. Let's now make the magic happen here in Petrova. Tomorrow, one of these beautiful ladies will be crowned Miss SimUniverse 2009. So, it is up to you, the viewer, to vote. Please PM me with your votes for the top 8, with 1 being your favorite and 8 being your least favorite. Only 8 will return for the evening gown competition tomorrow, so vote and maybe your delegate will be bring home the crown! Voting closes at Monday 3:00 PM Eastern US Time. 

Miss SimUniverse: Top 8 

Host: Welcome to back here in Chihiro where the top 8 will be revealed. I don't think the judges have fully recovered from yesterday's competition, but they somehow managed to pick out the top 8. This is the moment where there will be extreme joy and extreme disappointment. Here now are the top 8. 


Host: One of these beautiful ladies will be crowned Miss SimUnivers 2009, who? Join us back tomorrow for the final round of the competition: evening wear and to see who will bring home the crown and a special gift from Petrova.

Miss SimUniverse: Evening Gown Competition 


Host: Welcome to back here in Chihiro where the top 8 will be walking in their evening wear. But first, let's get to know our top 8 a little bit better. Starting with Rorysville. 

Rorysville: Hi! I am from the beautiful country of Rorysville and I love to play hockey, and help out others. Its been a passion of mine to be in the ISC one day. 

Vale Paulista: Hola! Mi nombre es Monica Lopes and I'm from Vale Paulista. My hometown is Galapagos and I love to watch movies and read. I always think positive and never let my fears get to me. 

Raffore Islands: I am Nerrisa Formedia Teo, and I'm from Raffore Islands. I would like to help and protect those innocent young children in poor countries especially in Africa, Asia and South America, and give financial aides and support to people with incurable diseases and illnesses. 

Petrova: Komosti! Welcome to my country, I am Elisa Fontana from Predeccia. I think that the greatest gift you can give someone is that special something from the bottom of your heart. I am currently a colloge student, but in my spare time, I like to tutor children. 

Aurora: Cheerio! I am miss Aurora and I love participating in the Simlympics. I have spent my time volunteering at the 2008 December Simlympics in Ylmeria and helped at the Raffore Islands floodings. I strive to make the world a better place with one person at a time. 

GMR: Hi, I am from the Greater Modernopolis Region and I love to go out and be active. I have climbed the highest mountain in my country and as my mom said, "A person can do anything once they believe in themself". 

Manhillton: Hiya! I am Vanessa Douglas, from Milfairs, Manhillton and I love to read. I have traveled all over the world and helped against hunger in the third world countries. 

Dimland: Hello, I am Maria Mounos and I am from Dimland Republic. I have been very active as I motivate myself to be a great and positive person in every way I can. I love learning new languages and cultures and its great meeting new people. I can definitely say that I'm a people person. 

Host: It's not easy walking in high heels along with the long dresses. But these ladies somehow managed to walk with poise. Let's see who will trip or who will succeed. This is the final round of the competition. Ladies and gentlemen, the Miss SimUniverse 2009 Evening Gown Parade. 


Host: Wow...thank god, nobody slipped this year. Anyways, dont forget to PM Petrova your TOP 4. 1 being your most favorite and 4 being your least favorite. Remember, your votes can ultimately decide who will win.  

Miss SimUniverse: Crowning 

For some reason, I can't seem to move the winners over, so here's the link for the winners! http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=36&threadid=103749&STARTPAGE=8&FTVAR_FORUMVIEWTMP=Linear


Petrovar Ambassador

 Special Update: Spzorsova Convention 2009


Ladies and Gentlemen, I present your royal highness, King Matthias fi Petrova and Queen Katarina! 


"Komosti, ahk si ya! Welcome to the 5th annual Spzorsova Convention here at the magnificent Qhexpo convention center! It is a lovely evening tonight and I am hoping everyone is doing well. Eikja! (Petrovan expression for hey) Let's now begin! 


I am proud to announce the Miss SimUniverse 2009 will be held on February 28 here at the Qhexpo Convention.! Let's now meet our beautiful delegates from around the world! 




I am proud to say that regardless the recession that's occuring worldwide, Petrova is one of the few countries that is still going strong. Thanks to our analysts, we were able to put forth stimulus packs before anything got worse in the country's economy. Also, Chihiro, Petrova has become one of the most wanted cities to live in. It currently ranks at 7th place in terms of developing cities. Of course there's Dubai, Jargeah and Hong Kong. Here's a look at the new Asla Vehram Residential District. 


Here is a sneak peak of the new Ladaysha District just west of the Cuidad fi Cisnik. Yes, we know there's repetition in this district, but as soon as the city gets settled, we will immediately work on a more realistic and unique city. 



With the completion of Minogue Park, I am proud to say that Chihiro offers a much more calming surrounding. Chihiro ranks at 11 in the world's greenest cities. 



Wondering what it stand for? I present to you the Intergalactical Spaceport of Petrova! 


Other Plans 







April Simlympic Bid 

I, as well as the Department of Athletics and the Petrovan Simlympic Committee are proud announce that the city of Chihiro will be bidding to host the ISC Session to decide the host for the April Simlympic Games. We thought that it would be in our country's best interest if we prepare for bidding by hosting the session in April. 

Simlympic Bid 

I am also proud to announce that the Petrovan Simlympic Committee has released a logo for our bid in the upcoming months: 


Don't worry, you're not imagining it, it says 10. That's right folks, I am proud to announce that this great city of Chihiro will be bidding for the October Simlympic Games!(Cheers and applaud) Petrova is back on the spot, bigger, stronger, smarter, and tougher. Grashliki(we are in it to win it)! This time, we will be using state of the art venues, and now I present the new location of the Petrova Simlympic Park! 











Well, I hope you all enjoyed this convention. I now announce the next convention be held in the city of Brytyavska on January 2010. Good night to you all! 

Petrovar Ambassador

 Destination: Gourmandy Market

The Gourmandy Market is back! The new Gourmandy will be a maketplace with over 160 booths. Open to the public, the Gourmandy is where you can find, fruits, vegetables, goods, jewelry, clothing, motion controlled tasers, pets, books, drinks, bombs, drugs, electronics and just about anything you can imagine from around the world. Of course, you must have a license to buy bombs, drugs, alcohols, guns and such. And bombs must be passed by the Petrovan Dept. of Safety and must only have a damage rating of no more than 2. 






Destination: Sports Village at CIV

There's only two venues at the Sports Village, but these two are one of the best venues Petrova has got to offer. 




Petrovar Ambassador

Update: Happy New Years Gift from Petrova!

Hey guys! Thanks for stopping by and I hope y'all have a great New Years Day! Only five more hours until New Years here in Chihiro! To welcome the new year, I will be saying good bye to the old Chihiro, and by that I mean deleting the old region...so it can finally rest in peace. I have a couple of things for you guys. First gift a mosaic of the Chihiro Loop. 


Here's something fresh and new: The Grapotsch Palace is a public plaza located in central Downtown Chihiro. (And yes, the groundbreaking for the downtown will begin in a couple of days, so expect an update with the sprawling downtown!) It was where King Matthias was officially crowned and this plaza will be used for numerous events. 



And finally, the 2009 Chihiro Simlympic Bid logo has been revealed. Now its up to you guys to choose which one will be used for the bid in 2009! 



Destination: Downtown Chihiro Developments

Thanks for coming back again, hope you like this next update. Well, I'm the type of guy that like change, so with the new year comes a new look to this CJ. So here is Destination: Petrova(again lol). Every update, I will take you to different places and cities, cuz I'm sure y'all are tired of Chihiro. I will also try to finish up showing the CIV by the end of January. There is also a new look to the pictures. Well, here's the first update of 2009! 

The Downtown will have a totally new layout from the old one as well as this will be more dense, less Maxis, more custom and it will be divided into districts. The Business District (south of the English Strait) will be full of foreign companies and domestic companies. It will be also home to many embassies. So please tell me if you would like an embassy and also please pick a building from the STEX. Thanks. 



Here is the first district in the downtown. 


Saris are boats that people use everyday to get around the city. 


Do y'all remember the RNC (Royal News Company)? Well ever wonder where its located, here it is: 


Let's now go south to the Business District and to the Sri Lanka Resort. It will give the people time to relax after a day's hard work in an office cubicle. 



Petrovar Ambassador

 Wow...thanks to all who commented on my CJ, I guess the Royal Palace is a success...hmm maybe I should post more of the Royal Family...

I just got back from Orlando yesterday so I wasnt able to do much, but I think I owe you guys a late Christmas gift. Some of you guys are wondering what's next after the opening, well it got pretty hectic. Some were still doing Christmas shopping and fortunately nobody was ran over, shot, hanged, kidnapped, and tortured regardless of the extra low prices. Its CHRISTMAS IN PETROVA! The day after the opening, the people gathered at the Grand Amphitheater to watch the lighting ceremony. 


Then a couple of days later, its Christmas! Thank God it snowed during Christmas Eve! The first mass was also held on the eve and over 8,000 attended the St. Mark's Catholic Cathedral in the Natoire District. 


Despite the snow, there was a fireworks show at the Royal Palace. 




Petrovar Ambassador

 Well, I think its time to show you guys where the Petrovar Royal Family resides. 





Now that we've seen where they live, let's know more about them. 


  • Name: HSM King Matthias Petravo
  • Age: 26
  • Ethnicity: Kosovar
  • Hobbies: Hunting, Horseback Riding, Having Fun
  • Wife: HSM Queen Katarina Petravo
  • Children: Secretly has a daughter with the Dutchess of Bovino, Petrova
  • Any other facts: Is having a secret affair with the Princess of SimRepublic of France

  • Name: HSM Queen Katarina Petravo
  • Age: 20
  • Ethnicity: British
  • Hobbies: Reading, Watching Plays, Texting, Traveling, Shopping
  • Husband: King Matthias Petravo
  • Children: Has one unborn son with the king
  • Any other facts: Loves to spend 5 million Petrovars a day by shopping. There are rumors of her sleeping with her male servants...
Petrovar Ambassador

 Today is the day when the capital of Petrova is re-opened and comes to life. Over 1 million people will literally move into Chihiro overnight. They have been living in temporary residential areas near Grevershki and will be compensated 50,000 Petrovars each person. The construction sites have been closed off pretty good even from the sky, so nobody could've possible seen the new city, except for you guys 

So without further ado let's begin! The people entered the new capital through the Chihiro International Airport. It will be the largest in Eastern Europe and will be home to over 200 airlines. The new airport will accomodate the traffic in the upcoming years when Chihiro will have a population of 30 million. The CIA has three main terminals, 40 Restrooms, 6 Theaters, 50 Restaurants, 1 Shopping Mall, 3 Police HQ and 5 Fire HQ. 




The airport has opened last night and over 600 planes have arrived at Chihiro. There has been an adequate amount of security to prevent any chaos. The highways have been widened so that there wasn't any major traffic. Once the citizens have settled into their new homes, they gathered at the Grande Amphitheater. Here's the welcome presentation that was shown to the citizens. 

When it was night time, the citizens were treated to a night of entertainment at the Chihiro International Village Lake. (Yes, I know it says Disney's Epcot, but this is what I was talking about when I said nighly entertainment at the CIV Lake. The night show in the CIV will be just like Epcot). Enjoy. 




Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this show as much as the Petrovars did. This event was a success and now we hope for a successful outlook of not only the city, but the country of Petrova! 

Petrovar Ambassador

 Update: The European Village at the CIV


I know, I know, I said the next update will be the Grand Opening, but its still on the 20th haha. But I was thinking, how can we have a grand opening if I haven't even finished showing you guys the rest of the CIV?? So I am going to show you guys the European Village. The rest shall come on Saturday. Enjoy! 


Here are some pics of the European Village. 



And when I'm bored this is what happens haha. 


Destination: African Village at CIV

Gracias, Merci, Salamat, Spasibo, Thank ye, Jag tackar, Yaqhanyelay, Thank you very much for stopping by. I apologize for not updating lately due to school. I was going to update Tuesday and Thursday, but i was busy with this project in French class lol. So here I present to y'all three updates! 

First, we will continue the tour of the International Village to Africa. The famous attraction of this village is the safari tours. There wasnt much I could dig up on African bats, so here is the best I could do. If you guys find any other African buildings, please let me know, thanks. 




Petrovar Ambassador


The Petrolympics is a national sporting event that occurs in Petrova prior to every Simlympics. The city of Grevershki hosted this year's Petrolympics. Here are the highlights of the games. The games began with the opening ceremony at the National Stadium. 



In the Petrolympics, cities choose a good amount of athletes to compete nation-wide. There are 600 athletes competing to be in the 150 athletes representing the country in Ylmeria. Here are some of the events: 




The Petrolympics was a huge success. All of the hotels outside of Chihiro were filled up, yet only seventy percent of the visitors and tourists attended the Petrolympics. This is probably because of the grande opening of capital city on the 20th. Even now, Petrovars have no clue what is hidden in the city. And the outside world has only seen only a small portion of the constructed city... 

Petrovar Ambassador

San Prado

 Let's take our eyes of off the capital and into its suburbs: San Prado. With a population of 5,200, San Prado is the wealthiest city in Petrova and second in Eastern Europe. The city is located south of the capital with its own state of the art athletics center. The city is heavily guarded and secured. Everyone who lives in SP earns more than 150,000 Petrovars/Dollars a year. 


Petrovar Ambassador


Milestone 1 of the asian village has been done. As of now, it is still not finished, but here is the progress: (And dont forget to suggest any buildings!) 


Here are some shots of the village: 




Update: The Mall of Petrova at the International Village


The Mall of Petrova will be the largest mall in Eastern Europe. Only the eastern part is done, and as you can see below, it is the canal plaza from pegasus(so thanks pegasus, just the right time!) When finished, this mall will be very much alike to the Dubai Mall. In fact, Project Brytyavska is often compared to whats going on in Dubai right now. The Mall of Petrova will have 1,000 shops, 70 restaurants, 7 cinemas, 10 plazas and more! 


Here is a small list of some of the stores in the mall. This is only about 1/5 of the total stores. 


Petrovar Ambassador



Milestone 2 of the americas has been done. This means that you guys get to see the americas. As you can see below, there's not that much in the americas. So if you have any suggestions to more landmarks I can put, please reply below! 


Here is the North American part of the americas. Suggestions for anymore landmarks that you think will be great in this area are welcomed! 


This is the ancient city of Tenochtitlan, which is now present day Mexico City. I have tried to recreate the "floating gardens", but keep in mind that this is still milestone 2, so more things will be added and changed as time progresses. I am still searching for more stuff on the STEX, so please stay tuned. 


Here are some nightshots of the americas. 


When the CIV has been completed, every night, there will be a huge fireworks show at the lake, just like in Disney's Epcot. So here's a leaked picture of a test rehearsal: 


Suggestions, questions, critiques are welcome!!

Petrovar Ambassador

 I know, I know, I said that my next update will be the International Village. Since it was Thanksgiving, I was really trying to fit in the Americas. Although its mostly finished, I still am trying to experiment with the North American part. So I apologize for making you guys wait a tad longer. I'll try to post it by the end of this week or early next week. But in replacement to this, I am going to show you the Simlympic Torch Relay in Petrova which occured on the 17th. 




Welcome to the second day of the torch relay! We are now in Eastern Europe to watch the action in Petrova. 


Good morning, I am Vanessa Uronski, and I will be your comentator for today as we watch the torch relay. The torch still hasn't arrived in Petrova. A little reminder that this event will take place in the old city, not the new rebuilt city. The torch is still in the Mediterranean Sea from Dimland. It should arrive any second now... 

Anyways, let's check out the route the torch will take: 


The torch will arrive in southern Petrova in Azovo, then make its way to the capital via train. 


The torch will arrive in Chihiro at the Garos fi San Prado (San Prado Train Hub). Then head north towards the Downtown and Business Centre. From there, the torch will go to Grevershki to the Petrova Simylmpic Park. Then south to the Grapotsch Palace, Royal Palace. It will then go to the Grande Amphitheater then pass through the Olympic Complex then through the Civic Centre and then end at the Athletistadium. 

Let's now watch the action in Azovo. 








At the Athletistadium, the thousands of tourists and citizens were treated to a concert from all the famous stars in the world. This is to last until midnight, however, the torch is to leave at eight to go to the Chihiro International Airport to go to Port Matthew. Here are some highlights of the concert: 

Rascal Flatts & Kelly Clarkson from the US. 


And the torch relay concluded with Josh Groban & Celine Dion singing "The Prayer" to wish the competitors good luck. 



From the heart of Chihiro, this is Vanessa Uronski saying good night and see you in Ylmeria! 

Suggestions, questions, critiques are welcome!!! And don't forget to sign up for the december simlympics here!
Petrovar Ambassador

Today, King Dmitry released an Ad Poster showing what will happen by January. As well as the newly approved plan to the Olympic Complex. 




Update: International Village



Here in Chihiro, we are way ahead of the schedule. It was originally planned that we should be in phase 4 by now, but we are now at phase 8. So we decided to continue on with the project. I present to you the new Chihiro International Village. It will be expanded. I have downloaded over 30 unique temples, buildings, pagodas, landmarks, and flora from the STEX to give the village a more authentic feel. SO here is a brief description of the villages: 

1. Grande Amphitheater: The famous Petrovan icon will be calling the C.I.V its new home once its finished in December 2008. 

2. Africa: Will contain mosques, a safari wilderness for tourists to see exotic animals from Africa. 

3. Asia: Will contain buildings imported directly from Tokyo and Beijing as well as pagodas and temples. 

4. Mall of Petrova: Will be the largest mall in Eastern Europe once completed with over 3,000 shops, 70 restaurants, 7 cinemas and more. 

5. Chihiro Sports Village: Will be home to the Petrova National Sports Arena as well as soccer, tennis, basketball, archery and baseball fields. 

6. The Americas: Will have a more authentic Latin American feel. Famous North American Landmarks will also be built in this park. 

7. Acid Oaisis: A research park for tourists to see what our scientists are up to. 

8. Chihiro Internet City: Will be home to headquarters of Microsoft, Apple, HP, Gateway, Youtube, Myspace and Facebook. 

9. Europe: Will have a more Western European feel(Chihiro itself already will have Eastern European buildings throughout the city) with replicas of ancient temples and famous landmarks. 

10. Chihiro Healthcare City: This will be home to the top surgeons in the world as well as the leading medical experts in the world. 

Cost of C.I.V: $10 Billion

To be finished by: Spring 2009

Please comment on what you think of the C.I.V before we start groundbreaking! Suggestions, questions, critiques are welcome!!!

Petrovar Ambassador


Petrova, Kingdom of

Bienvenidos, bonjour, shalom, greetings fellow Simtropolitans! I welcome you to the Simtropolis CJ of Petrova, a country in Eastern Europe. This is my second attempt at a CJ here at Simtropolis, my other at Simsports. Chihiro, the capital city of Petrova is undergoing a massive rebuilding at an expense of atleast 500 Billion Petrovars(Dollars). So I though why not make a new CJ to go along with the new city! Along with Chihiro, you will get to see the cities of San Prado, Avenida Vista, Predeccia, Azovo, Oradea, Grevershki and Bovino.



And here's a promotional video that I used for a recent bid:

Table of Contents

Page 1

  1. Introduction
  2. December Plans
  3. Chihiro International Village
  4. Simlmypic Torch Relay
  5. The Americas at the International Village

Page 2

  1. Asia at the International Village
  2. Mosaic
  3. Downtown Layout

Page 3

  1. December Petrolympics
  2. European Village at the International Village
  3. Grand Opening/Chihiro Int'l Airport

Page 4

  1. Royal Family
  2. Holiday Special

Page 5

  1. Chihiro Loop
  2. Downtown Developments

Page 6

  1. African Village at the International Village
  2. Spzorsova Teasers
  3. Nominations

Page 7

  1. Spzorsova Convention
  2. AIN Summit Bid

Page 8

  1. MSU: Preliminaries
  2. MSU: Swimsuits
  3. MSU: Evening Gowns
  4. MSU: Crowning

Page 9

  1. Ordona
  2. Gersbach District


Founded in the mid 1900's, the present day country of Petrova is situated in the center of the map, between Russia, Ukraine, and Georgia. Though small in size (half the size of France), Petrova has gained the cultural admiration of Eastern Europe as well as Western Asia. But everything began in the late 1800's. Petrova was founded by the future Petrovan Royal Family, Naridah and Sergei Petravo. They were a poor family who settled in present day Chihiro, the country's cultural and political center.

Soon after, the city of Chihiro was established, and prospered steadily until the world wars. The country became even more prosperous during the world wars after providing the vast Russian and allies armies with food and arms. When the technology revolution occured in the west, Petrova, like its neighbors were struggling with its economy. By the 80's, the country is home to over 40 million inhabitants. There were mass starvation, since the soil was barren and the southern half of Petrova is mountainous, until a genious farmer named Sim Bob Sim came up with the technique called "love thy soil". The idea was to water the soil with the special water found in the the Sea of Azov (now Sea of Petrova). The soil immediately became soft and allowed for farming. Around 1970, the people were fed up with the Russians not paying attention to them. The country of Petrova wasn't declared a country until the Petro-Russo Revolution in 1975.


Petrova is known for its lucious soil and therefore the ability to produce wines, wheat, rice, soy and is currently number 5 in the top exporters of lumber. Petrova has a growing middle class and is gaining wealth every year due to its exports around the world. Petrova is also known for its rare diamonds found in the Caucus Mountains.


Since the country is situated between Eastern Europe and Asia, Petrova truly is a melting pot of different cultures and people. They speak Petrovan and English and although there is 90% freedom, Roman Catholic is the prevailing religion. Although it is one of the youngest countries in the world, the Petrovan culture is very rich due to its Russian ancestry. There are numerous art, music, fashion and cultural institutions throughout the country.

Petrovar Royal Family

Petrova is a ruled by the Royal Family of Petrova and the Petrovar Prime Minister. The Petrovar Royal Family is of mixed ancestry, and the current head of the country, King Dmitry was born in Pristina, Kosovo. The Petrovar Royal Family also contributed to Petrova's diverse culture due to King Dmitry being Albanian-Kosovar, while his wife, Queen Vera is of Canadian-Filipino roots. They have two children, the Dauphin of Petrova, Prince Matthias was born in the Bovino Palace, while his younger brother, Prince Igor, was born in the Palace of Bausmik in Predeccia. Both have been sent to other countries to study, and as a result, they have brought with them, French, American, Indian, Chinese, Greek, Italian, Latin and other cultures. Prince Matthias, the dauphin of Petrova, is to be crowned king of the country.

However, there are rumors speculating about in the country as to whether there will be a rebellion for a republic. Many Petrovars have looked up to their sister, Kosovo and thought about a 'Petrovar Republic". The Royal Family has not spoken of the matter.


Petrova Today

Today, Petrova is a bustling and thriving country that stretches out to the Caspian to the Sea of Petrova (Sea of Azov), bordering Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan to the north and Georgia and Azerbaijan to the south. Petrova is among the fastest growing countries in the world, along with China and India, with a population of 30 million in just a century. Chihiro, the capital is the seat of the Royal Family who governs the country. Petrova is a constitutional monarchy. The largest cities in Petrova are Chihiro, Brytyavska, and Avenida Vista. Today, the city of Chihiro can be compared to Paris, and New York.




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