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Chapter 1: The Man in the Overalls

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Schulmanator:  Thanks for following!  I really appreciate it!  Hope you enjoy today's update.


This update takes place at the Burton Homestead, and It's been a long time since The Burton Homestead has been mentioned. For the background information on the Burton Homestead, please see Entry 9: Homesteading Heroes http://www.csgdesign.com.au/CSGf/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=227#p2161. The Burton Homestead is the last homestead mentioned in that entry.


To set the scene, Old Jeremiah Burton, who had been the head of the Burton homestead for the past thirty years passed away last fall leaving his son and daughter-in-law, Elijah and Coraline Burton, in Charge of the homestead. Elijah's wife is from the Matthews family, a well known family from Cape Winston to the south of the Burton Homestead. The last Spring, Coraline's Brother, Herald Matthews, Brought his family out to the homestead and Began clearing land for a field next to the Burton Farm. This greatly upset Old Man Jeremiah who had always been very protective of his land.


Above is the current Burton/Matthews Homestead. You can see how there are now many buildings and fields that make up this large homestead.

Recently, a strange and miraculous thing happened on the Burton homestead. Today, Herald Matthews is in Cape Winston relating this story to his parents and extended family over a dinner in his Parents' house.


Cape Winston is a small village that began as a fishing village even before Solace Bay was founded. It has grown slowly over the years though steadily. It now has a couple thousand residents and they are discussing chartering as a town.


The Matthews family own a Farming supply store that sells all sorts of grain and machinery to the farmers of the area. They are considered one of the most respected families in town and own one of the tallest buildings on main street.

Now we continue and listen in on Herald's story . . .

"Well, what happened is this. I was chopping firewood out back and this man comes out of the woods. He was dressed in faded overalls. his hair and beard were long and wild. He was carrying nothing but llama-skin sack with a bow and arrow sticking out of it. When he saw me he raised his hand in greeting. He asks me if I was Jeremiah's son. And I told him Who I was, and he asked to speak with the Old Man. I told him how he was late a couple months and that Old Jeremiah passed away. He looked visibly upset. I asked I fhe had known Jeremiah well, but he said he had only spoken to him once long ago. He then asked to see Jeremiah's Son, so I took him over to Eli's (Elijah Burton) place but it turns out that Eli's little boy, Aaron, had woken up deathly ill and everyone was gathered around his bed. Eli didn't really want to talk to the stranger, but wouldn you believe it? This man went up to Aaron's bed and felt his forehead, looked in his mouth and felt his stomach. He said something about thrashfly poisoning, and pulled out some herbs from his bag. He had Cora boil up some whisper-root tea and added a few strange plants to it. He had Aaron drink it down and by evening his fever had passed. I never saw a kid recover from a sick that bad. He should have died, but thanks to this strange man's medicine he was cured. He won't say where he came from, and he doesn't have a name, but he saved that boy's life. He has been staying at the burton farm for the past week and says he wants to hear as many stories as he can about Jeremiah and the other deceased Burtons before he moves on. All he says about himself is that he spent most of his life around people, but made alot of mistakes. says he spent some time alone and decided to spend the rest of his life learning from others and passing on what he has learned. He certainly has taught the Burtons alot about medicine. Still, it doesn't make much sense does it? some guy who won't talk about his past, wandering around, helping people out . . . Says he made mistakes in his past, I wonder what he did? Was he a crook? Maybe he murdered someone? but then why would he save that boy? it is a strange but miraculous mystery . . ."

The Matthews family could not ask enough questions about this strange "man in the overalls" and this tale quickly spread about the town of this strange man who healed a sick boy.

Almost everyone in Cape Winston was intrigued and wondered, "who is this Man? Where does He come from?"

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