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The 'First Flood of the Aristocrats' - Imperial Fort City

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Mayor Browne


Imperial Fort City from above:



The event known as the ‘First Flood of the Aristocrats’ took place in the Imperial Fort City. The city had functioned for some time as a quiet place of trade, wealth and a retreat city for many of the Imperial City’s wealthy traders, aristocrats and nobleman. The city managed to remain relatively low density, clean and quiet for many years, despite its immediate proximity to the Western Central Business District of Imperial City which had caused similarly placed areas and cities to become rapidly urbanised. However events across the country would cause the areas image and character to change drastically.
During the middle of the 19th century (period within the industrial revolution) many nobles across the country were losing land and assets at an alarming rate due to localised citizen uprisings and changes to governance across the country. Parishes in surrounding counties were experiencing a kind of unionisation as industrialisation swept across the country. Previous land owners, Lords, Barons and other aristocrats were rapidly losing power and influence due to the emergence of the new entrepreneurial classes forming under the industrial revolution. Unions were taking power and demanding more rights and care for workers, which took away the iron-hand control many nobles had previously afforded and maintained.
This caused many aristocrats to flee their lands which were becoming very difficult to manage and control. Many flocked in search of refuge to the Imperial Fort City, where the Emperor King George the Great ‘s land was seen as a safe haven for aristocrats. At the same time as this, aristocrats already residing in the city realised that significant moneys could be made by accommodating the migrating upper classes, as these citizens would appear to make better tenants than the poor migrants coming to the King’s Valley to work on the docks, the factories and in other heavy industries.



Previously noble families with lost fortunes combined with other factors of the time meant that the flood of aristocrats painted a completely new picture of the Imperial Fort City. The city that was once quiet and remote became a construction boom town as landlords raced to build luxury but profitably dense accommodations for the demand created by the flocking aristocrats. Not only did this mean that working class labourers were now spending time and money (on food and drinks amongst other things) in the city, it also saw a huge increase in the population and the inevitable increased strain on the existing amenities, infrastructure and services.
Violence became rife as herds of new residing aristocrats would swarm into the bars and public houses to drown their sorrows and attempt to rebuild their lives, whilst socialising profusely. Pubs, taverns, eateries and inns flourished during these times. Many men and women of the upper classes were out and about the town networking, attempting to form business partnerships, speculating for profit, real estate and all other forms of social existence were prolific. Dancehalls became popular dating, mating and seduction houses where drunkenness, drug use and all things vice became the norm.
The rapid population increase and urbanisation of the area by many of the elite, rich classes of previously rural settlements and counties inevitably attracted the attention of criminal classes from neighbouring districts. Large groups of criminals organised themselves into teams to penetrate the Imperial Fort City’s wealth. Gangs of burglars, pickpockets, snatch thieves, muggers, drug dealers and fraudsters were seen frequenting the city in masses.


At night many fights would breakout in and around the drinking and gaming establishments as tough aristocrats, many of whom descended from war victors and military excellence would stand for no violation from the riffraff of the under classes. Many spectacular brawls took place on a common basis with hardened villains in full-blown scuffles and fracas with the elite classes who were attempting to protect their assets and their pride from those they referred to as scum.



The Police force had a handful of cases and the officers operating in the Imperial Fort City became tough and vicious in order to cope with the daily agro occurring. Murder was not rare in Imperial Fort City, especially as many a burglar caught in the act would be killed on sight by those with a potent pride and, anger and arrogance enough to deliver the death they would justify as greatly deserved by sneak burglars or armed raid burglars alike.


Many of the previously military class aristocrats took weapons stashes with them to Imperial Fort City, which contributed to the rapid rise in violence and the ease of availability to weaponry across the Valley. Unscrupulous, previously military class aristocrats, were known to be flooding ghetto communities with firearms in later years.  

Various pictures of Imperial Fort City:



Imperial Manor School:



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Thanks. You can see a few bits in these but it is taking me a while to get the ones I really like in and mix them with whats already there.

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