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Farming Regions in brief

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City Planner


F A R M I N G  D I S T R I C T 2D


Thus far, Addison Mountains has 2 farming districts  This is Farming District 2D,

As you might have noticed when the Mayor approved this district he told his City Planner (me) to be as efficient as possible with the zones that we are allowing for farms and don't go squandering any land for flora or fauna.  I took the Mayors words to heart and placed the farms as close to each other as possible.

However, there was an outcry for more farming districts in our region and so the Mayor alloted Farming District (FD) 3A and in that FD, the people of Addison Mountains spoke up and said that they wanted a more natural aproach to leaving the landscape in it's more natural state while still filling up the FD with farms, so we switched plans there and here and started to plant more trees in any place that we could that had not yet been built on and resolved that we would from now forth, leave space between farms and not cut down, or if the area was barren, would plant trees between the farms to produce fresh oxygen for the inhabitants of our region.

F A R M I N G  D I S T R I C T  3A


And so in FD 3A you can see that we've been planting a lot of trees where there was nothing, or leaving the trees that were there between the farms.

I'm sure you've all heard of the bridge to nowhere right?  Well this bridge actually goes somewhere.  If it hadn't been for the city council dolling out millions and millions of dollars to have this bridge built, the farm transports would have had to take suburban streets all the way around the region to get to the harbor to ship out their produce.  That was extremely inefficient and since the Mayor had already crumbled to the people and lost some efficiency in the planning of the Farming Districts, he kept pushing until he got close to 83% of the funding for this bridge paid for by the National governement.  This meant that Addison Mountains only had to come up with a measly 3,000,000 itself towards building the bridge and the rest was paid for by the National Governement.

After the bridge was completed the transportation of produce from 3A to the Harbor cut nearly 3 days off the trip for the truck drivers, and thus it boosted the Mayors ratings by at least 20%, not to mention, good old City Planner here got a raise and was able to move into one of the new skyrise condominiums in West Addison.

Teaser of what's to come:


East Addison gets a new casino, and the Rupert Cerdock Hotel moves into the resort areas high above the city of East Addison.  The costs to build the road up the mountain in switchback style cost tens of millions of simoleans however the Casino and Hotel had struck a deal with East Addison to pay for the road with extra taxes.

Mr Cerdock himself moved into one of the Hotels pentouse suites and can often be seen driving around town in his plush motorcar.  I think, yes, yes, you can see him here in this photo driving around the resort area.  You can usually spot Mr Cerdock by the big flashy zot that he flys on the roof of his car to let everybody know that he's coming.

West Addison was so jealous when the deal was struck as they were looking to make the same deal themselves however their tax rate offered to Mr Cerdock and the Casion board couldn't match that of East Addison.  However, East Addison did accept the plan from W. Addison to extend a road from W. Addison over the mountain ranges to hook up with the casino, hotel and the new ski resort that is in the building stages right now.

We'll also have an introduction into Addison Harbor soon.

See ya next time,

City Planner

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