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Masura, part 2 + Teaser

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Lyhoko Leaci


Masura, part 2

July 25th, 0165AL (2021)



They were easily able to leave the Amanzan ships, as everyone else was headed out to the front of the parked ships, while the hangar was located behind the ships. The door opened as they approached, and they ran inside. Finding the way to the Masura was somewhat more difficult however, as everything was written in Hasiq.

michaelucgs0.jpgMichael: This way.

valatv3.jpg Vala: Are you sure?

michaelucgs0.jpgMichael: It says hangar.

danieluczy8.jpgDaniel: And I can't see anything more than a blur.

Okay, maybe not that much more difficult.

They soon made their way to the inside and into the Masura's bridge. Vala immediately sat down in the control chair, and nothing happened. Daniel simply stood next to Vala while Michael activated various systems of the ship.

michaelucgs0.jpgMichael: Everything looks good so far, we should have no problem taking off.

valatv3.jpg Vala: So why aren't we taking off?

michaelucgs0.jpgMichael: I need that chair.

valatv3.jpg Vala: Why do you get it?

michaelucgs0.jpgMichael: Because that is the chair that you control the ship from.

valatv3.jpg Vala: Oh. Also, why is it designed like that?

michaelucgs0.jpgMichael: Might have something to do with the al'Hasiq having 4 legs.

valatv3.jpg Vala: Oh.

Vala got up and drug Daniel over to some other chairs, while Michael sat down in the control chair, which lit up.

danieluczy8.jpgDaniel: Can I have my glasses back?

valatv3.jpg Vala: What? Oh, yes.

The forcefield over the hangar deactivated, and the Masura slowly rose up into the air.

michaelucgs0.jpgMichael: Shields and main weapons are now active.

danielucgrz9.jpgDaniel: Weapons?


Several blasts fired from the Masura's main guns, leveling the hangar they had just left, just as the Amanzan ships took off.

valatv3.jpg Vala: I think you got their attention.


The Amanzan ships opened fire, but since all they had were railguns, they didn't do any real damage to the shields.

Vala pointed at one of the screens, which showed a dot rapidly moving toward another dot in the center.

valatv3.jpg Vala: What's this?

michaelucgs0.jpgMichael: Brace for impact!


The entire ship shook as one of the Amanzan ships plowed into them at hypersonic speed, resulting in the Amanzan ship being totally destroyed, while the Masura's shields remained up.

michaelucgs0.jpgMichael: It's time to go. Oh, and that screen is the short range sensors.

valatv3.jpg Vala: Well, then there's another ship coming straight at us.

michaelucgs0.jpgMichael: Firing drones.

valatv3.jpg Vala: Drones?


Several drones shot out from a port on the bottom of the Masura, which ripped though the approaching Amanzan ship, taking one of the wings off. The surviving drones then circled back and detonated on what was left of the ship.


valatv3.jpg Vala: You said something about time to go?

Michael didn't respond, but the Masura did turn and began to fly straight up, and soon left the atmosphere, and then jumped to hyperspace.


Michael looked at the long range sensors, which showed a large number of Dlorwani ships heading toward Narya, but they were still about and hour out.

michaelucgs0.jpgMichael: Okay, it's time for a crash course in al'Hasiq weapon systems, we're going to need everything this ship has once we drop out of hyperspace.

valatv3.jpg Vala: What?

michaelucgs0.jpgMichael: Mloret's coming.

valatv3.jpg Vala: You didn't say anything about a battle!

michaelucgs0.jpgMichael: That's because I didn't know that Mloret was coming earlier.

danielucgrz9.jpgDaniel: I'm ready.

It didn't take too long for Daniel and Vala to learn how to fire the weapons from the control consoles, even if they were in a different language. As soon at they were ready, Michael increased the speed to the maximum, and they soon arrived at Narya.


The dropped out of hyperspace in the middle of a fleet, which included a mix of Myonian and Blitkarni vessels, as well as a large, organic-looking ship that was bigger than any other ship in the fleet.

valatv3.jpg Vala: That's one that I haven't seen before.

danielucgrz9.jpgDaniel: I think it's the Ancaron ship that was found on Parel... they apparently got it to work.


It didn't take long for Mloret's fleet to arrive.. All 64 Blikorani, 73 Dlaryani, and 1 truly enormous ship that dwarfed just about every other ship on either side.

To be continued...




nikkitr8.jpgNikki: This is Retmir, located just to the west of the Vartak Naval Base.

nickay1.jpgNick: And of course it has a waterfront area.


nikkitr8.jpgNikki: Part of the docks and the buildings built on them.

nickay1.jpgNick: Looks like a good place to fish, too.

nikkitr8.jpgNikki: Just be careful that you don't get your line tangled with someone else's.


nickay1.jpgNick: More waterfront.


nikkitr8.jpgNikki: And the beach. Looks like the orange towels are winning here.


nickay1.jpgNick: And you can't forget the entrance to the Vartak Naval Base.


Okay, so maybe Masura (part 1) was a little long.

Schulmanator: Are you sure they will even fit in the lake?

zelgadis: I've never seen that.

Leech10: Looks like one of the articles is a little out of date now.



nickay1.jpgNick: What could these people be excited about? Check back in on the 5th to find out!

nikkitr8.jpgNikki: I'll give you a hint. It doesn't have anything to do with Mloret.

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