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Lyhoko Leaci



July 24th, 0165AL (2021)


Vala pushed the transport though the forest, then picked up the life signs detector. She walked over to Daniel, and held it in front of his face.

valatv3.jpg Vala: What is this?

danieltapetr7.jpgDaniel: Mmphh.

valatv3.jpg Vala: What?

danieltapetr7.jpgDaniel: Mmrmph?

valatv3.jpg Vala: Oops.

She grabbed the tape on his mouth and ripped it off.

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: Ow!

valatv3.jpg Vala: What is this?

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: It's a lifesigns detector.

Vala looked at it closer, and saw three dots on it, all near the center.

valatv3.jpg Vala: There's only three dots.

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: Didn't someone just say that?

valatv3.jpg Vala: What?

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: It's probably just us. And why are you doing this?

valatv3.jpg Vala: We can't have anyone discovering what we are doing here.

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: So what will you do with us?

valatv3.jpg Vala: Put you in stasis until we figure out something to do with you.

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: What, kill us?

valatv3.jpg Vala: No, you're too cute to kill.

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: That's good... I think.

valatv3.jpg Vala: Why were you here?

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: We search planets.

valatv3.jpg Vala: Search for what?

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: Whatever we find.

valatv3.jpg Vala: Wait, you're from Myon.

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: And I would like to go back there.

valatv3.jpg Vala: That isn't possible.

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: Why not?

valatv3.jpg Vala: We can't let them know about this.

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: It's too late for that.

valatv3.jpg Vala: Even if that is true, once we get the Masura, there will be nothing they can do to stop us.

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: Masuras aren't invincible, you know.

valatv3.jpg Vala: We can always run from you ships.

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: But you won't be able to run forever, especially if Myon contacts the al'Hasiq, or the Muphridians and tells them about your little ship.

valatv3.jpg Vala: We could always go to another galaxy.

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: And there you risk running into someone even more dangerous than anyone here. If you don't let the other have the Masura, you could stop a lot of trouble before it even starts.

valatv3.jpg Vala: I can't do that.

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: Why not?

valatv3.jpg Vala: They will kill me if I turn against them.

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: Come back to Myon and we can protect you.

valatv3.jpg Vala: But there's a problem with that, too. The Masura's on another planet, one without a stargate.

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: Take a ship?

valatv3.jpg Vala: The other ships would take us out before we got away from the planet.

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: Wait. Couldn't we just take the Masura?

valatv3.jpg Vala: I can't fly it, I don't have the gene.

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: Michael does.

valatv3.jpg Vala: Who?

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: The person you have tied up behind me.

valatv3.jpg Vala: What's you name?

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: Jackson. Daniel Jackson.

Vala looked at the lifesigns detector, which still showed only three dots.

valatv3.jpg Vala: Vala Mal Doran. Are you sure that he can fly the Masura, and that Myon can protect me?

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: Yes.

Vala took the tape off of Michael's mouth, then began untying Daniel. Once Daniel was free, both began untying Michael.

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: How are we going to get to the Masura?

valatv3.jpg Vala: Don't worry, I have a plan. First, you two need to be disguised as member s of the crew.

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: Are you sure that will work?

valatv3.jpg Vala: Don't worry about that, each person know only a few others, that way if one gets caught, they won't be able to give away that many people. No one will care that you don't look familiar to them, as long as you look like member of the crew.

michaeltv9.jpgMichael: Uhgh... What happened?

valatv3.jpg Vala: Long story short, you were captured and then released. Also, I'm Vala Mal Doran.

michaeltv9.jpgMichael: Michael Meiring, and aren't you the person who stunned me?

valatv3.jpg Vala: Don't worry about that now. We need to get both of you disguised for the plan to work.

michaeltv9.jpgMichael: What plan?

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: To fly back home in a Masura. Also, just how are we going to get disguised.

valatv3.jpg Vala: We will meet two other members of the crew, stun them, then put them in the stasis pods and say that they are the two prisoners that were captured. They can't tell who it is without opening the stasis pods, but they won't do that until after they get back to a safehouse.

Vala looked at the lifesigns detector again, which now showed two dots at the bottom of the screen.

valatv3.jpg Vala: if I'm reading this right, does it mean that there's two people coming up from behind us?

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: It's upside down.

valatv3.jpg Vala: Oh. So there's two people ahead of us.

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: Yes.

valatv3.jpg Vala: Good. They should be the people with the stasis pods.

They got closer, and from the lifesigns detector showed that the other two were alone.

valatv3.jpg Vala: Ho do you work this?

She held up one of the guns that she had taken from them earlier.

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: Same as any other gun, I think, this is the stun setting, the other side is kill.

valatv3.jpg Vala: Okay, wait here for a little bit.


She set the gun to stun, and pulled out her own stunner, then crept off toward the other two. before they knew she was there, they both were hit with stun blasts, and collapsed to the ground. Vala took most of their clothes, then placed them into the stasis pods that were with them. Vala returned with the clothes, which she handed to Daniel and Michael.

valatv3.jpg Vala: There's a couple of clearings near where they were where you can change.

They walked over to where the two other were, now properly stuffed in the opaque stasis pods. Michael walked into the clearing, made sure that Vala wasn't looking then. unfoled the clothes she had brought her, which included several parts made out of rubber. Later, when he had finally managed to get everything on, he walked out somewhat unsteadily due to the high heels and the bumpy ground to find Vala shaving the legs of an unfamiliar person. Well, unfamiliar at first, until he realized it was Daniel.

michaeltv9.jpgMichael: How come you got the simple clothes?

danielmk1.jpgDaniel: Probably because you the other clothes would only fit you.

Vala began fixing Daniel's hair when she had finished shaving his legs, and then removed his glasses.

danieluczy8.jpgDaniel: How am I supposed to see?

valatv3.jpg Vala: Just stay close to me. No one else wears glasses, so it would be a bit of a giveaway if you wore them. Now, I don't have to shave anything on you, but you do need a wig.

She pulled a black wig out of a bag, and placed it on Michael's head, making sure that none of his hair showed though, and then used some makeup so his eyebrows would match the color of the wig.

valatv3.jpg Vala: That should do it.

michaelucgs0.jpgMichael: Where did you get... wait, I don't think I want to know.

valatv3.jpg Vala: Now one more thing. Help me get these stasis pods onto the transporter.


They walked for what seemed like half an hour before they came to a large clearing, where 5 ships were parked, and a woman was waiting for them.

amanzpirate2se0.jpg???: Good, you got the prisoners.

She took the transport with the stasis pods on it, checked that they were occupied (by looked at a light on the side) and pushed them down to a ship in the middle of the formation. 

Once she had gone, Vala, Daniel, and Michael got on the ship in back, then walked over to an empty room and went in.

michaelucgs0.jpgMichael: Now what?

valatv3.jpg Vala: Now we wait until we get to the Masura planet.

danieluczy8.jpgDaniel: How long will that take?

valatv3.jpg Vala: About 15 hours.

danieluczy8.jpgDaniel: What?

valatv3.jpg Vala: Don't worry, there are beds and food. Well, no food in here, but I can get you what you want.


There was a jolt as the ship took off, and several minutes later, the whole ship shook.

michaelucgs0.jpgMichael: What was that?

valatv3.jpg Vala: I think we just jumped to hyperspace.

She walked over to the window and opened the shade to see blue swirls fly by.

valatv3.jpg Vala: Yep, we're in hyperspace.

Several hours later

The final after effects of the stunner (dizziness and some numbness in the hands) had finally wore off, and Michael began thinking about all that had happened during the day. The Amanzan food had been interesting, but Michael preferred the MREs, which was saying something because the MREs were barely better than the ones from Earth, despite Myon's advanced technology. Getting captured was one one thing, but he never expected waking up to expect to be in a jail cell or something, only to find that that the person who had captured them had decided to help them was somewhat unnerving. He wondered what Daniel had said to convince her to let them go, but didn't have much of a chance to think about this, as he fell asleep as soon as he got in the bed, without taking anything off.

danieluczy8.jpgDaniel: There's only two beds?

valatv3.jpg Vala: You could sleep with me.

danieluczy8.jpgDaniel: Uh, no.

valatv3.jpg Vala: Well, then you could either share Michael's bed, sleep on the floor, or try to find another room and risk getting captured.

He gently pushed Michael to the side of the bed so there was room, then climbed in himself, and also immediately fell asleep.

Next morning

Michael yawned, then rolled onto the floor.

michaelucgs0.jpgMichael: Hey!

He got up and looked around to see that Vala was nowhere to be seen, and Daniel was still asleep, taking up most of the bed. Michael looked around, then smiled.

About half an hour later

valatv3.jpg Vala: I got food!

danieluczy8.jpgDaniel: What?

She seemed to be in a different room, as she was somewhat hard to hear.

valatv3.jpg Vala: Food.

Daniel tried to get up, but discovered he couldn't, as several ropes now were wrapped around both him, and the bed.

danieluczy8.jpgDaniel: Vala!

valatv3.jpg Vala: What? Hurry up before the food gets cold.

danieluczy8.jpgDaniel: I'm finding that a little difficult.

Vala walked into the room, and saw that Daniel was tied onto the bed.

valatv3.jpg Vala: Must have been a wild night.

danieluczy8.jpgDaniel: I know you did this.

valatv3.jpg Vala: No I didn't!

danieluczy8.jpgDaniel: Are you sure?

michaelucgs0.jpgMichael: Yes.

danieluczy8.jpgDaniel: How do you know?

michaelucgs0.jpgMichael: I just do.

danieluczy8.jpgDaniel: Wait. You did this?

michaelucgs0.jpgMichael: Well, yes. But only because you pushed me out of the bed.

danieluczy8.jpgDaniel: You do know I'm going to have to get you back once we get back to base. Where's Vala?

michaelucgs0.jpgMichael: Probably eating all the food.

He turned to leave, but was interrupted by Daniel before he got to the door.

danieluczy8.jpgDaniel: What about me?

michaelucgs0.jpgMichael: Sorry.

He untied Daniel, and before Daniel could grab him, Michael had went out to the main room.


Later that day

valatv3.jpg Vala: it's time.

danieluczy8.jpgDaniel: What?

valatv3.jpg Vala: The Masura.

To be continued...



nickay1.jpgNick: This is the Vartak Naval Base, located to the southwest of downtown.

nikkitr8.jpgNikki: On the right is the Atlantic Ocean, and in the upper left is Vartak Bay.


nikkitr8.jpgNikki: 3 Karon Class destroyers. Why they're all in drydock I don't know.

nickay1.jpgNick: The reason is probably classified.


nickay1.jpgNick: Of course you need aircraft carriers as well.

nikkitr8.jpgNikki: Garen Ferar Class, two at this base.

nickay1.jpgNick: AF-12s don't need a lot of room to take off or land, even the Earth versions.


nickay1.jpgNick: And two Amiton Class cruisers are also here.

nikkitr8.jpgNikki: They look like battleships.

nickay1.jpgNick: Well, maybe battlecruiser would be a better name.


nikkitr8.jpgNikki: There are also 16 Doaun class frigates here as well.

nickay1.jpgNick: And 6 Pomel class attack submarines.


nickay1.jpgNick: The power and water systems fro the base.

nikkitr8.jpgNikki: Well, the main ones anyway.

nickay1.jpgNick: There's also a tunnel connecting this Island to the mainland.

nikkitr8.jpgNikki: There's also a raised bridge on the other side of the island.


nikkitr8.jpgNikki: Fuel depot. Be very careful.


nickay1.jpgNick: There is also a large wall surrounding the base, at least the areas that are on land.

nikkitr8.jpgNikki: It is complete with anti ship cannons and missiles, and also SAM launchers. Good luck trying to get by it.

nickay1.jpgNick: Oh, and there may be more ships there than we mentioned. Those we mentioned were just the ones we could see.


Schulmanator: Thanks for the comment!

Shingure: Well, more like a TV sieres.

zelgadis: It's either surrender or get stunned...

Garant: Here's the links for the Coraphal stuff.

http://www.yuhisa.com/cgi/c-board/file/ModCoruscant4Models.zip (lotting required)



These, and other BATs, are avaliable at 2ch's site. (well, most of the stuff there is 2ch's, and the site is mostly in Japanese)

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