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Update 13: Hainingen: Farms, some Industry and railways ...

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Hello To All!

Sorry that I couldn't do my update before Christmas but my short one just didn't let me do anything in Sc4 ...   and in the little remaining time my wife wanted to have something from her husband so ... 

Anyway here I am - not with another teaser but with a full blown updates which is only part 1 of 2.

BTW - in case you don't know, the Trixies are out. And well, I am a little bit proud for winning the "Best Rural CJ" - Trixie for the second time  ... 43.gif

Pic 13.0: Overview

Overview and surrounding of Hainingen. Haining is a part of the map / community of Petershain.

As you can see there's quite something left to do on the right and lower edge  of the map ...24.gif

Pic 13.1: Overview over the village

The village itself is dominated by the Scharff & Rizz Papiermanufaktur, a evry old and traditional paper manufacturer. The company was one of the reasons the railway line was built as the transport with horse cars to the nearby river harbours became too expensive and slow in the second half of the 19th century.

Pic 13.2 Hainingen

Next to the paper factory you can see the Jakob Daniel Eiswarengesellschaft, famous not only for their Bourban Vanilla icecream but also for their Bourban flavour icecream ...

Pic 13.3: Industrial District

The industry never expanded across the little street. In the early days it was the necessary railway connections in ladder days the birds that raise their children in the small wood across the street.

Pic 13.4 Industry and Farming

Even today agriculture is very important to Hainingen as seen here.

Pic 13.5 Industry and Farming II

Rather symbolical: the main road of Hainingen ends up in a dirt road for the farms and a small street for the factories ... and behind the forrest is literally nothing!

Pic 13.6 Industry and Farming III

Pic 13.4 Industry and Farming III

I like these irregular shaped areas as they do make nice little woods that are home and hideout for birds and insects that don't find a place in today's "clean" agriculture.

Pic 13.8: Railway And Farming II

Nice difference: The dirt tracks before I painted them with the RRP flora ...

Yes I know, some texture work is necessary at the Maxis field. The entry pre signal leads us directly to the ...

Pic 13.9 Industry and Farming IV

... entry signal of Hainingen with some suicide cows.

It has a pre signal that shows if a train has to stop or may run through. Especiall yon secondary railway lines it isn't always necessary.

Pic 13.9a Industry and Farming V

The same area like 13.8 but from another angle and with the RRP textures. I just like the shades of green here! 1.gif

Pic 13.10: Road and Farming I

Pic 13.11: Road and Farming II

The side strip of that road was one of my first tries to use the RRP. Even though I prefer the Green Rye Grass by now I still do like the layout!

Pic 13.12: The Village and the Road

The main road of Hainingen connects the village to the main road that runs next to the village.

Pic 13.13: Leaving Hainingen?

The railway leaves to Grafenauberg and the Hydro Power Plant (you haven't forgotten, have you 2.gif )

Next time I'll show you some tips and tricks.

Untill then:

Have fun!

And of Course: 

A Big Thank You Very Much to all those who nominated me! 35.gif35.gif35.gif35.gif35.gif

And another Big Thank You Very Much for my second "Best Rural CJ" - Trixie! 39.gif39.gif39.gif39.gif39.gif

Bernhard 44.gif

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Recommended Comments

Now that's quite a nice suprice: Good old friends showing up again in the new decade!
Thanks for the congrats and hey, sure we did blaze new ground. We may not be the first who focussed on rural but we were the poioneers  of the rural aspect in CJing! 
Boy, do I miss these days - is it really that long ago?

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LaPlaisance County lost? Well, that's really a bad loss! 
Well, about Phat, you know, I am not the fastest of all builders - never have been and these "new things" like RRP and Ploppable Water and Mayor Mode trees made all worse ...

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Yes, unfortunately lost and I no longer have the files on my computer.  We've done several upgrades since then.

The important thing is that Phat's list is finally showing you the love you deserve!

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