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Jadzia Meiring

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Lyhoko Leaci


Jadzia Meiring

April 20th, 0165AL (2021)


The village of Treevard

When the flash subsided, a group of Blitkarni were standing where Brad was. Not finding any sign of resistance, they just stood there, looking around at the forest, and Karun's house.

Meanwhile, Karun walked into his house, and Major Zargolf pulled out his life signs detector.

majzargolfne1.jpgMajor Zargolf: Brad's not anywhere near here...

Karun suddenly came back out of his house, carrying a shotgun-like weapon, which he pointed at the Blitkarni which had just appeared. The lead Blitkar held up his staff, but did not point it at anything in particular.

blitkarguardqk9.jpg Blitkar: Surrender now, and we will let you survive.

brian2gk4.jpgBrian: How about this?

He spun around, and the group of Blitkarni was flung into the air, and the lead Blitkar dropped his staff on the ground, while everything else flew several hundred feet before the sounds of them smashing into the trees were heard.

majzargolfne1.jpgMajor Zargolf: That worked... I'm not picking up any more Blitkarni in the area.

Laur walked over, picked up the fallen staff, and carried it back with him.

thuggq6.jpgKarun: Come inside. And what is that?

laurbl7.jpg Laur: It is one of their weapons.

They all walked into Karun's house, and after Karun propped his gun up in a nearby corner, he walked over to what appeared to be a box sitting on a table.


An orbiting Blikora

Brad looked around the room he was in, which looked like a storage area. He then looked at the life signs detector he was holding, which showed two people were coming down the hall to where he was. He quickly put the life signs detector in his pocket, then just stood there. His hair began to lengthen and turn brown, and spots appeared on his face and neck. Several seconds later, two guards came into view at the doorway, and a forcefield dropped in the doorway, and they walked in.

blitkarguard2iq1.jpgGuard: First question. Who are you?

bradjadziamg4.jpgBrad: I am Jadzia Dax.

blitkarguard2iq1.jpgGuard: And where are you from?

bradjadziamg4.jpgBrad: The planet Trill.

blitkarguard2iq1.jpgGuard: So why are you wearing a Myonian military uniform?

bradjadziamg4.jpgBrad: I can wear whatever I want to.

blitkarguard2iq1.jpgGuard: Tell me the truth!

bradjadziamg4.jpgBrad: How do you know that that isn't the truth?

blitkarguard2iq1.jpgGuard: Wise girl here...

The guard then swung his staff around, and Brad ducked to avoid it.

blitkarguard2iq1.jpgGuard: With good reflexes... You are to stay here, while we bring someone who we know can get the truth.

The guards left the room, and the forcefield reactivated after they left.

The Blikora's bridge

blitkarguard2iq1.jpgGuard: We got a uncooperative prisoner.

blurarey9.jpgBlurar: I'll send down the muphridian.

blurarey9.jpgBlurar: (on com) Nloran, you presence is needed in Sector 6, Deck 4. Prisoner's name is Jadzia.

The storage room

Several minutes after the guards left, the forcefield dropped again and a muphridian wearing a black uniform with red stripes on the shoulders entered.

creatureys5.jpgNloran: Jadzia will learn to cooperate.

Nloran stared at Brad with a look of concentration on his face, then for both Brad and the muphridian, the view of the storage room disappeared, to be replaced with blackness. Both continued to stare at each other, taking no notice to the change in scenery.

bradjadziamg4.jpgBrad: You attempts to read my mind will not succeed. As I have already told the others, I am Jadzia Dax, from the planet Trill. That is all you need to know.

The storage room suddenly reappeared, and Nloran took a step backward. He growled at Brad, then walked out of the room again. After Nloran left, Brad walked over an poked the forcefield with one of his fingers on his left hand, then stared at a control box on the wall, and began to smile mischievously.

The Blikora's bridge

creatureys5.jpgNloran: The prisoner is tougher than she looks.

blurarey9.jpgBlurar: What did you learn?

creatureys5.jpgNloran: She is Jadzia Dax from the planet Trill.

Just then there was a beep from on of the control consoles.

blurarey9.jpgBlurar: It seems she has accessed the circuitry in that room... Like it will do any good, as that room has been disconnected from the rest of the ship, other then the lighting.

blitkarguard2iq1.jpgGuard: But how are we going to get any information out of her?

blurarey9.jpgBlurar: I don't know. Take her to Mloret, I guess.

Suddenly, an alarm activated.

blankqw1.jpg Computer: Warning, unauthorized computer access detected in Sector 7 of Deck 8.

blurarey9.jpgBlurar: What? There's no one on that deck!

blankqw1.jpg Computer: Warning, unauthorized computer access--never mind.

blurarey9.jpgBlurar: What!?

blitkarguard2iq1.jpgGuard: All forcefields have been deactivated!

blurarey9.jpgBlurar: WHAT!?!? How!? All guards, we have an escaped prisoner!


Karun's house

A black and white of a Blikora appeared on the front of the box after Karun pressed a button on it, and the others realized that it was a TV.

blankqw1.jpg TV: The ship was first detected several minutes ago, as were 20 smaller ships, believed to be fighters. Scattered reports have indicated bipedal cats appearing near where the smaller ships have appeared. So far, the large ship in orbit has done nothing, and the fighters have done minimal damage. Hold on,we have just received news that a second ship has just been detected.

The screen changed from an image of the Blikora, to an image of a CS-2.

majzargolfne1.jpgMajor Zargolf: The Valmal!

thuggq6.jpgKarun: What?

ltblacktb7.jpgLt. Black: Its one of our ships.

thuggq6.jpgKarun: And how do you know it's the Valmal?

laurbl7.jpg Laur: Just a guess, but it appears to be slightly damaged, which the Valmal currently is.

blankqw1.jpg TV: The fighters have changed course, and are now heading up, presumably toward the new ship that has just arrived.

Major Zargolf pulled out his communicator and contacted the Valmal.

blankqw1.jpg Captain Vashuri: We were just about to contact you, how did you know we were here?

majzargolfne1.jpgMajor Zargolf: You're on TV. Also, Brad is missing, we believe he was beamed onto the Blikora.


The Valmal's bridge

ltbarieljf6.jpgLt. Bariel: We have 19 Khloratni incoming, currently they are just within railgun range, and we are well outside of their weapon range.

vashurika7.jpgCaptain Vashuri: Fire.


The 2 operating railguns on the bow of the Valmal opened fire, and they quickly began to cut though the approaching Khloratni. Those that weren't destroyed in the first volley swerved out of the way and opened fire, but due to being out of range, only one shot harmlessly hit the Valmal's shield before all the Khloratni were taken out.


The Blikora's bridge

blitkarguard2iq1.jpgGuard: All patrols are currently searching for the prisoner.

blurarey9.jpgBlurar: Good. Now you do the same.

blitkarguard2iq1.jpgGuard: Yes, sir.

Just after he left the bridge, the weapons, shields, internal and external sensors, and engine systems shut down.

blurarey9.jpgBlurar: What is going on in here?

A hologram then appeared in front of him, which took the form of Brad/Jadzia.

bradjadziamg4.jpgHologram: As you may already know, I am Jadzia. This ship is now completely within my control, and good luck trying to find me.


The Valmal's bridge

vashurika7.jpgCaptain Vashuri: Scan the Blikora.

ltbarieljf6.jpgLt. Bariel: That's odd.. It seems they are dead in the water.

ltkalmulsc1.jpgLt. Kalmul: I've locked onto Brad's transmitter signal.

vashurika7.jpgCaptain Vashuri: Begin transport.

The transporter room began to glow with a white light, then everyone stared as Jadzia materialized inside.

bradjadziamg4.jpgBrad: What? Oh.

His hair and face quickly returned to normal, but they continue to stare at him.

brad2ye7.jpgBrad:  It's just a way to confuse the crap out of the enemy.

chatakrarl1.jpg1st Officer Chatakra: Oh. Who was that supposed to be?

brad2ye7.jpgBrad:  Jadzia Dax. Do you want the Blikora destroyed?

vashurika7.jpgCaptain Vashuri: What happened to it?

brad2ye7.jpgBrad: I planted a virus.

vashurika7.jpgCaptain Vashuri: You might as well destroy it, so they won't be able to get any information from this.

The Blikora's bridge

bradjadziamg4.jpgJadzia hologram: I hope you like the sun.

blurarey9.jpgBlurar: Why?

bradjadziamg4.jpgJadzia hologram: Because it is going to get hot in here.

The hologram disappeared, but then an alarm went off.

blankqw1.jpg Computer: Warning, superweapon overload in 10 seconds. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1...

blurarey9.jpgBlurar: Well, this was a crazy day...



Karun's house

blankqw1.jpg TV: The first ship has just exploded! With 19 of the fighters destroyed by the second ship, and the 20th having already been shot down by Arohsian forces, it looks like we are in the clear, also long as the 2nd ship is truly on our side.

thuggq6.jpgKarun: Is it?

majzargolfne1.jpgMajor Zargolf: Yes, Myon has no reason to attack you. The Valmal will also stay here for awhile to establish communications with you government.

thuggq6.jpgKarun: Does that mean you will be leaving?

majzargolfne1.jpgMajor Zargolf: For now, yes. But we most likely will be back again sometime, with the muphridians.

thuggq6.jpgKarun: It would mean so much for our people to meet the muphridians, thank you.

Laur walked over to pick up the Blitkar staff that was propped up next to Karun's shotgun, then joined the others.

majzargolfne1.jpgMajor Zargolf: 4 to beam up.

They faded away into a white light, and then Karun was left staring at where they disappeared with wonder.



The village of Leechville. Leechville is located to the east of Rothern, near the Seldonian border.


Leechville from a different angle, where the hills are more easily visible.


Just to the southeast of town there are several large waterfalls, which tend to cause traffic jams when people stop on the bridges to take pictures.


The lower section of the falls, with bridges.


After going down the falls, the water ends up coming into the lake that surrounds Leechville. There are also a lot of odd rock formations along the waterside cliffs, which are also attractions for pictures in the area.

There is much more to see here, and since I am now done with track, I now have the time to show these other areas.


Simfan34: Glad you found it helpful!

Smarty218: Glad you like it, and it was a good trip... and I didn't get sunburnt!

palin1388: Aside from the Khloratni flying around, yes it is.

Schulmanator: Just make sure they don't attack. 3.gif

zelgadis: They are advanced even if it doesn't appear that way... just not as advanced as we are.

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