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Santa is visiting

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Widening has reached 2,191 inhabitants. The unqualified workers area has greatly expanded, although now only 64% of the inhabitants are unqualified, compared to the 70% in the last update. The first picture shows a part of this neighborhood. In the bottom left corner some of the six new factories can be seen. The old ones can be seen in the distance to the left. Placing heavy industry in the middle of housing estates seems to work, as long as you spread it around. This way you won’t have areas where there is so much pollution that nobody wants to live there.


Santa has come to Widening, as you can see in the next picture of a marketplace and some homes in the unqualified workers area. If you look closely you can even see two Santa’s. Despite the air pollution the unqualified workers are still for 90% satisfied, which is 3% lower than in the last update. Besides the pollution the time it takes them to get to work is a bit of a nuisance, and they would like their environment to become prettier, since their satisfaction with nature is at 85%.


The next picture shows a prestigious plaza on the edge of the business district, which is to the left. On the other side of the plaza the qualified workers area is to be found. Here to you can see Santa strolling along. Still all homes are completely occupied, there’s no one unemployed and all jobs are taken.


The next picture shows a little plaza with a fountain in the qualified workers area, and some homes and villagers of course. With a satisfaction of 88% the qualified workers are a bit more discontent than the unqualified workers, and they have the same grievances: the quality of the environment and the density of the traffic flow. This seems a bit strange, since the air in the better parts of Widening is also better.


New in Widening are twelve low budget hotels. Some of them can be seen in the next picture. These are built in one big complex, and probably Santa is staying there. What else would he do in this neighborhood? The hotels are now the best tax payers in the city, pushing the offices to the second place. Widening’s treasury has almost doubled since the last update and is now at 690,848. For a long time the income was at almost 7,000, but recently it has dropped to 940.


The main reason for this drop in income is the establishment of a small health center, to be seen in the next picture. This one costs the city 5,000 in maintenance. Gosh, I’m getting a bit confused with this many Santa’s around. Which one is the real one? Apparently one of them has been ill. I hope it’s one of the fakes. Who else is going to bring me my presents?


With its 1,000 maintenance costs the new basketball court, to be seen in the next picture, is also a big drain on the city’s budget. I hope it is working well. All 2,191 inhabitants of Widening depend on this facility for their leisure. The basketball court has been laid down in one of the two shopping areas, which is a place anyone can easily get to.


Talking of expensive facilities, we still haven’t seen city hall. So here’s a picture of it. It is placed on the edge of the city, which is actually on the edge of the map, so it is hard to get a good picture of it. I started the city on the edge of the map, so my initial costs would be as low as possible, and also to make it easy for businesses to get their supplies. If the tutorial can be trusted there’s going to be a more prestigious city hall available when the city gets bigger, so by then I will give it a more central location.

To the right in the picture you can see the first shopping area of Widening. Beyond that to the right is the first business district. To the left the qualified workers area can be seen.


The business district has been expanded with six more offices, of which one of the nicest can be seen by night in the next picture. All businesses in Widening are still completely satisfied with the city.


We close today with a night view of the largest shopping area of the city. Eleven more shops have been established since the previous update, and, according to market research, that is actually a little bit too much.


At the moment Widening still runs with a shortage of one token of water. That will probably still be the case with the next update, which will be when the city reaches 5,000 inhabitants.

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You've got a very well organized town growing here.. gotta say, I like!  And those Christmas decorations look fantastic as well!

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Thanks, beebs. I guess I keep things well organized because I'm still learning how to play. I only bought the game a couple of days ago. And the Christmas decorations is what made me decide to do another journal. I was very much in doubt about doing that, but someone had to show you guys these decorations.

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