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It gets creepy

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It all starts with some crazy guy building a brewery in the middle of nowhere. Like that’s gonna work, Well, a bit. Some people park their trailers near by and apply for a job. And they get it. A butcher who went bankrupt in the big city and couldn’t sink deeper then decides to give it a try and starts a new business here. It can’t get any worse, he must have thought. That’s how Simtopia starts.


This new city must be doomed. It rains a lot in this area. Good thing they decided to turn the wind that is blowing hard all the time into electricity.


A midwife who had to flee her former village for accusations of malpractice happens to pass through the area. After a night of lavish partying with lots of beer and fraternizing with the locals she decides to stay a bit longer, providing the most basic healthcare to the area.


Next thing a realtor, fleeing justice for selling mortgages to people without money, sets up a business, buying trailers and selling them to people with little money. He hires two really big guys to collect it when payday comes. There’s no law enforcement in a place as remote as this.


Some day people will say that this is where things actually started to go wrong. An entrepreneur from across the ocean crash landed his private jet in the backyard of the home of the midwife. While waiting to be rescued by one of his personal servants he got this crazy idea that this desolate place would be ideal for an amusement park for creepy entertainment. He shipped an old castle ruin stone by stone over the seas, reconstructed it here, added a maze and the park was good to go. It turned out to be a big success, the locals loved it to be scared by the ghost stories that accompanied the tours the guide gave through the dark hallways and chambers of the ruin.


Stories of moaning and howling ghosts soon spread, and lots of people were claiming to actually have seen a ghost. This made Simtopia attractive to adventurous tourists willing to travel to a place far from the comforts of civilization. The revenues from this new business allowed the locals to construct and man a fire brigade. That’s always good to have around.


The amusement park was so successful that the entrepreneur from overseas on one of his occasional visits decided to expand it with a creepy barn and a shack.


It became a daily sight in the streets of Simtopia, people running and screaming from sheer terror. Most of them loved it. Little they knew of the future that lay ahead.


New revenues meant new opportunities. The people living in the trailers liked to play some soccer in the fields around their homes after work, so it was decided to lay out a real soccer field. Also, growth of the village led to increasing problems in the societal structure of Simtopia, so from now on a sheriff’s office will provide some basic law enforcement.


Finally the amusement park was completed with the construction of three haunted houses. If you love a good scare you should visit them. The chances are good of seeing a ghost or a zombie.


Some people from a neighboring village who walked the path of the righteous were growing increasingly worried about what they called the satanic presence in Simtopia. They founded a mission here to try to lead the village back from its dark ways to the path of the true light. They also laid down a graveyard and blessed it, so that the locals would observe the proper burial rites and the non-material remains of the deceased would stop haunting the area.


Little they knew about the works of darkness. The sun had been setting on the settlement of Simtopia since it was founded and no force, human or divine, could make it rise again.


Because once you start on the path of terror it’s hard to retrace your steps. Some people couldn’t get enough of visiting the creepy amusement park and wanted to be scared all day long, so they moved a real haunted house from a land far away, where ghosts are said to have roamed already for many centuries, and rebuilt it outside the amusement park, to actually live in it. Since then they rarely get a good nights sleep, and their complexion gets paler by the day, but scary is addictive, so they won’t move out again.


Meanwhile, some sort of normal every day live still takes place in this new city. People got injured at the soccer field, at work, or while running and screaming, so a clinic was constructed to heal them. The strain on the municipal budget this caused was alleviated by allowing an observatory to make use of the clear skies in these parts.


The many tourists visiting what now was called ‘scary town’ often wanted a decent bed to sleep in. The new bed & breakfast will from now on provide that. The more adventurous ones can immerse themselves completely in the atmosphere of the place by spending the night in one of the many shacks that now pop up all over town, a good scare is guaranteed.


Nevertheless, Simtopia’s economy is not doing as well as it could. Many locals get so involved in the creepy subculture that adores ghosts, zombies, vampires and everything else that is dark, that they almost never show up at work.


Yet, they prefer to live in a haunted house. But that is expensive. Luckily, they think, a syndicate has found this new market and opened up a pawn shop. So now, Simtopians can not go to work, yet live in a big house, and added to all the joy they get beaten up when they can’t pay the bills.


And it continues to rain. Are the gods trying to tell us something?


It seems they were, since it has happened, Simtopia has completed its journey into hell, it now is officially a haunted town.


There’s a ghost on every corner, zombies roam the streets and poisonous, obnoxious smelling, and light emitting gasses emerge from the ground. Hell has been lifted up from the depths of the earth and found a place in this newly established settlement.


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Recommended Comments

Thanks CTMandR. I think the story was very good, too. I was quite proud of it. Unfortunately this will remain a one entry journal. I intended to continue with it, but I found a bug in the latest update of the game, making buildings eventually float in the air. At some point the casle ruin was like ten meters above ground. I didn't want to have to replace existing buildings all the time, that gets very annoying, and costly, so I decided to re-install the game without the latest update, and then rebuild Simtopia exactly as it was. That was a bit silly of me, since I found out that I also had to delete my profile to get the game running again, so I lost all my achievements and revealed buildings, making it impossible to recreate the city. So this is it for Simtopia. I'm thinking about doing a SimTopia II journal. I already have some great pictures, but I really have no idea what comments should go with them.

Thanks Benedict. I always enjoy your comments.

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Is this SimCity Societies? It appears to me that this journal is classified as a SimCity 4 City Journal...

But anyways, very nice CJ, nice graphics, and best of all, a nice story! 

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It is Cities XL and by new rules they can have a CJ posted, just like they can upload to the STEX

Nice Story! 

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I'm sorry about that, regionlong, it is SimCity Societies ofcourse. I had it originally classified as such, but apparently when I changed the text that shows up on the page where all journals are listed it has automatically reset itself to SimCity 4. Now that I know of this bug it won't happen again. Thanks for your positive feedback.

It is SimCity Societies, bigthing. Its nice that you like the story.

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