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Sorry I havent updated recently, but I have been addictit to Modern Warfare 2 (so much fun!) Anyway.... when I open cities in my region, after playing for a bit, the whole game will crash back to the desktop. And the bigger that the city open is, the faster the game will crash.
For ex... a new city I just started in rual contryside, will take about 5 min. before it will crash. However Central Baltimore will take about 5 sec. after I open the city. Any Ideas???

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Well, I'm not sure that my idea could help you. I experimented something similar. After a concrete time (i've not count it yet) the game crash. But i see that when i change of city the game have more posibilities to crash, overall if the city is a big city. My computer is a f*****g airport, and i know that is not problem of my machine. i think that when you have a big number of downloads, or you change too times of zoom, the simcity 4 can not support it.
What to do? ... No idea. I can play for a few time and the game crash again. But do you changes the high custom game for the not-crashing without downloads game?

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Thats why i'm confused. When I made Tropicana, I had 10x as much costom content as I do now and it never crashed once, and i'm using the same computer. Also I've always kept my plugins folder orginized.
BTW, I only have about 50 plugins....at most....what the fuck?

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Custom content isn't dependant on how many.  The more you have, the highest the RISK of some of those mods conflicting with each other, but it's still possible they wont.
The problem is that one or more of your mods conflict with one or more of your other mods for one reason or another.  My understanding is that they are trying to use the same hex value for something, for example two different textures on two different lots have the same identity hex value.  Something like that, except not textures, but other values such as a sound effect for a bell, or whatever.
One of many reasons why I'm so careful installing custom content - if I install one thing and then something goes wrong, uninstalling it is a simple process and I can continue without using it... something I've done for several mods now that I considered "faulty" or just not worth my time.
If you are keen to continue your city, and want to invest the time to solve it, then I suggest the following, but be warned its going to be time-consuming:
1) Backup your entire plugins folder.
2) Take half of your plugins and run the game... see if that solves it.  If it does, then you know the bug or conflict is in the other half.
3) Put the other half in and run the game... in theory it should now crash again.
4) Label the half that worked as "functional" and file them somewhere, ready to use safely once you've completed this "find the bad-apple" process.
5) Take half of the bunch that crashes, and install just them, then run the game... see if that solves it.  Like step 2, if it does then you know it's the other half.
6) Rinse and repeat, identifying which half of the installed plugins is safe and which is not, storing the safe ones in a folder to be used later, and then splitting the remaining "unsafe" ones in half and testing each half at a time until you've identified which plugin is your bad-guy.

Then just toss it away and your remainder should be safe.  If they continue to crash then there's more than one conflict and you'll have to go through the process again and weed them all out.  If you've installed a stack of random custom content then this could mean there are a great many conflicts (although unlikely as they'd have presented themselves before now most likely), in which case you're in for a big job.

Did I mention I'm really picky with custom content for this and many other reasons?

Good luck with it!

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"If you have a dual processor, this means your computer splits SC4 over the two, which the game wasn't designed for, so it crashes. If you have one processor, you're overloading it and it crashes."

So I guess that explains why my SC4 is constantly crashing?

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