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Neighbors on the Bay

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The last area is the four settlements on or near Whalers Bay itself.  Largest among these would be Leeside Harbor, the second longest established settlements in the region.  Bruin Beach and Aedans Landing are the other two directly on the bay, while Twin River City is on the spur of land between two of the rivers that empty into the bay.

There are grid lines in several of these, I did figure out how to remove them, but not until after this set of photos! (sorry, will be fixed in the next update)

<u><strong><span style="font-size: x-large; ">Leeside Harbor</span></strong></u>

Leeside Harbor at Dusk!

<img width="750" height="600" alt="" src="http://i839.photobucket.com/albums/zz319/Ragnoff/SimCity%20Greater%20Bay/Roads%20and%20Ferries/LeesideHarborFerry.jpg" /><br type="_moz" />

Leeside Harbor is the second oldest settlement behind the Finger Bay Area, but has the oldest pier. The Finger Bay residents were primarily settlers that were seeking shelter from some of the fierce storms of the area and decided that Finger Bay was a safe and pleasant place to stay. However, Finger Bay is still close enough to the bay entrance to be subject to rougher weather.  When whalers started to use this area is a good place to stop, offload and process their catch, they needed a place to hole up.  The whalers wanted a place safer from storms, and thus looked for a location to the lee side of the bay interior, and Leeside Harbor was founded. The path connecting the Williamsville and Glenwood Village areas and Leeside is the oldest path that was traveled often enough to start to appear as a road instead of just a known track through the woods.

<img width="625" height="500" alt="" src="http://i839.photobucket.com/albums/zz319/Ragnoff/SimCity%20Greater%20Bay/Roads%20and%20Ferries/LeesideHarborFerryClose.jpg" />

The pontoon pier was added later, mostly because there were times where the initial pier had a whale boat sitting at it for over a month at a time!  The big controversy back at the time was what to do with the lot in the village center. The whalers that still use the place wanted a processing facility built there, the villagers who now live there year round were aghast at the idea!  At that moment in time, that controversy is unresolved...

<u><strong><span style="font-size: x-large; ">Aedans Landing</span></strong></u>

Aedans Landing, founded by, you guessed it, Aedan, is on the west bank of a stream feed inlet to the bay.

<img width="750" height="600" alt="" src="http://i839.photobucket.com/albums/zz319/Ragnoff/SimCity%20Greater%20Bay/Roads%20and%20Ferries/AedansLandingFerryOverhead.jpg" />

The entire settlement is on the West Bank, the inlet being just wide enough to make easy travel between the two banks difficult, and there not being enough population to justify the other bank. This bank was easier to settle, had more clearings for farms, and had weaker currents coming out of the inlet. The soil along here makes excellent farming, although the limited space on the inlet means that this great farmland would eventually be all converted to cityscape should the village grow enough.

<img width="600" height="480" alt="" src="http://i839.photobucket.com/albums/zz319/Ragnoff/SimCity%20Greater%20Bay/Roads%20and%20Ferries/AedansLanding-ferry.jpg" />

You can already see the concentrated cabins and houses along the beach road.this is one of the few developments where a dozen of the people live here and take the ferry somewhere else for work. Except of course, Bobby Samson, the only person in Aedans Landing that has managed to not hold a job!  He claims that he's not suitable for farm work, and afraid of boat travel, so it's not his fault there's nowhere else to work in town! Truth to be told, he would be a professional bum and panhandler if the population was large enough to support such, as it is he lives primarily off the charity of Stephen, his brother, who lives next door.

<u><strong><span style="font-size: x-large; ">Bruin Beach</span></strong></u>

Bruin Beach is the smallest settlement currently being followed along Whalers Bay.

<img width="800" height="640" alt="" src="http://i839.photobucket.com/albums/zz319/Ragnoff/SimCity%20Greater%20Bay/Roads%20and%20Ferries/BruinBeachFerry.jpg" />

The name comes from the large bear that was said to walk along the coast prior to the settlement being located there. The complete lack of bear tracks, bear den, or bear sightings since the residents set up shop does nothing to deter their pride in having the place where the bears used to come down to watch the waves.

Interestingly enough, old trapper Ben, known for his huge physical size and tendency to wear fur coats year-round, is one of the few residents who maintains that even in the early days when he was one of the only people who used to hunt and trap in this area, he never saw saw a bear. The village residents say this is easily explained because people who tend to keep off by themselves like trappers are always a bit strange and contrary.

<span class="Apple-style-span" style="font-size: x-large; text-decoration: underline;"><b>Twin River City


Twin River city is was one of the few places in Whalers Bay specifically planned after several other settlements have been established.

<img width="800" height="640" alt="" src="http://i839.photobucket.com/albums/zz319/Ragnoff/SimCity%20Greater%20Bay/Roads%20and%20Ferries/TwinRiversCityFerry.jpg" />

Although not the largest of the cities, Twin River City, is the fastest-growing settlement.  While every other location has one dock dedicated to small passenger travel (pontoon dock), Twin River City has four.  They have a dedicated skiff set up to take people across either river.

<img width="600" height="480" alt="" src="http://i839.photobucket.com/albums/zz319/Ragnoff/SimCity%20Greater%20Bay/Roads%20and%20Ferries/TwinRiversCityFerryClose.jpg" />

With an overland connection to Finger Bay and center on some relatively good land between two rivers, Twin Rivers City was founded by an Irishman named O'Daniel. He set up a tannery (seen here in the center just north of the pier), which was one of the first industries, and invited some others to set up farms in the small settlement. Many of the first for trappers in this area used his tannery, and then the overland or boat got the furs out to the old country.  O'Daniel correctly guessed that the this location could be an excellent location to set up a trading post. The fact that he named his small outpost Twin River City caused quite a lot of laughter in some quarters, but the recent growth suggests that the joke may not be on O'Daniel.

Ok, there is our tour of the starting cities. A number of other small settlements would soon be found in the region, but these nine are the ones that we will primarily follow. This is still during the part of the simulation were I'm trying to set up the region for what would be the "start point" for the Journal based on the fact that there are cars and and some of the housing styles. The time period that the developments were about the size would have been sometime in the 1700s, so clearly there would not be motor vehicles. I am going to continue to trace forward how the region developed, and I will let you know when we've caught up to the normal SimCity start time of about 1900.

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