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1956-1962 Rise of Suburbia

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  Welcome back. In the last entry, the economic boom following the Great War started, but that little segment was only the tip of the iceberg. The next pictures were taken between 1959 and 1962, when blossoming corporations built their headquarters in the lowest tax bracket in the country, PineaeaProvince. This brought an unexpected amount of people, industry, and commerce to the area, including a new international airport.

Forestville At Night

This picture is a good way to explain how massive the tiny foresting town exploded, and turned into something amazing. A stock exchange was built for the companies in the area, and a new capitol building was built between 1956-1959. Snow falls early in Forestville, and by the time the Forestville Pine Choppers made it to the world series (stadium built 1957-1961), it was two weeks straight of snow on the ground. Banks, Investment firms, Oil companies, and Manufacturers all built their massive monuments of steel and concrete in the downtown district. A note- Penguennian architects were famous for their ultra modern skyscrapers, and were more advanced than us at the time.

 Eclipse Tower

Taken in January 1959, The Eclipse Insurance Company built their headquarters in Forestville, following Aegean Insurance Group’s construction of their massive new headquarters.

Two Skyscrapers under Construction

As companies fled their previous headquarters to avoid the crushing taxes brought on by the War deficit, companies fought at land auctions in Forestville. Waco Bank and Gibson Gas are building their headquarters here.

Baseball At Night

An aerial shot of the final game of the World Series, where the Pine Choppers would win the game and the series, by scoring two runs more than the Skokie City Tunafish.

Forestville Downtown Mosaic Image

Here is a short mosaic taken in November 1962.

WallaceMobil Petroleum Plant

Wallace Petroleum and Mobil Petroleum joined in 1960, and Mobil built a massive new plant, new pipes, and a new pier that loaded oil into massive tankers.


The reason this entry was named what it is now, six new towns started hooking on to Forestville’s growth, and in 1960 suburbs accounted for 65% of the metropolitan population. This is what most suburbs looked like.

Forestville Psychiatric Hospital

The Pineaea Provincial Facility for Mentally and Criminally Insane Persons, or Forestville Psychiatric Hospital, or “the nuthouse”, was actually built and finished in 1944, and started accepting patients in February 1945. It followed the Kirkbide plan, and was made to handle 525 patients, but following the war, it’s population swelled to 5,000, and in 1959 the population reached an incredible 12,505, with seclusion cells housing up to 15 patients. They were often chained to the wall, and sometimes did not receive care for three weeks. In 1959 the hospital also performed 10,103 lobotomies. In 1961 the hospital was investigated by the Penguennia Institute of Mental Health Treatment, and called for huge funding increases, and 500 patients were moved to the ForestvilleTuberculosisHospital.

Bridge Near Mt. Phoenix

Mt.Phoenix was a small peak just south of Mt, Charleston, the massive peak that dominates the view when you approach Forestville by train. An avenue went through Mt.Phoenix by tunnel, and went over a small gorge. Mt.Phoenix and Mt.Charleston was, and still is, environmentally protected by Twin PeaksState Park. 

Busy Loggers battling the Snow

Pineforest Logging Company was still chopping along, and the Logging Spur One, a short rail spur, was being built to the northwest of Forestville, and they expanded into selling wood to international markets, leading it to commercial dominance in many timber markets, and they were now logging other kinds of trees now.

Artist Sketch of PanPacific Building

Penguennia Insurance Corporation was the largest insurance firm in the world, generating almost a billion dollars of revenue a day, and they were looking for a place to build their new massive headquarters. This is a sketch of the building made by Architect Frank Sim Wright. Forestville was definitely a top contender.

Next Entry: 1963-1969: The Green Movement Strikes

Please Comment!!!!!!!!!!!

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 Thanks everybody! I tried to get as much custom content as possible, so my skyline can look modern, not all generic, filled with "Yates Real Estate" and that other Houston Mid-rise, the one with the tan walls; Brinks Real Estate? Whatever.

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i like the entry but it seems a little unrealistic that within 6 years enourmous  sky scrapers appear,


I still really like this cj and would like to see an overview of the city

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 YES! Constructive Criticism! Thanks! This is my first CJ, so I am still improving. Yes, now that I think about it, it does seem very improbable. But the Forestville economy is exploding, and is attracting large businesses. Oh well.

The next entry the economy starts to stagnate, and the Free Market finishes it's cycle.

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Really like the first picture. The city in generall is just fantastic. A little bit of criticism though is that for the oil factory you seem to miss out a bit of variety. Keep the good work up!

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iGod- Thanks! And yes, I know! I need some more custom content for oil refineries. If anyone has a good refinery pack with little dependencies, I would greatly appreciate it!


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