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Update 12: Leonhardt

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Some time ago I initiated and moderated the 2nd Thematic Competition over at the German Simforum. With 16 stunning villages in the preliminary round it was more that successful.

Now for the third anniversary of Sc4Devotion a very similar competiton has started there, too: The First Sc4Devotion Thematic Competition. This time I'm organising the competition with some other good fans and well known Sc4 players. To give you an impression what might be possible I'll present you my Simforum competition entrant translated into English: 

Update Nr. 12: Leonhardt:

DW1: Overview

The overview with the required building and places. Note that a shopping center wasn't required in the Simforum competition!

DW2: Budget

The budget. The village does make some money ...

DW3: Overview 2

Again the overview, this time a tad closer at the village

DW4: Vilage Plaza and Church

The church with the cemetary and the village plaza.

The church had been erected upon the basement of the Thermae of a roman castellum. The walls can partially be seen upon 80 cm above ground!

On the plaza you'll see one of the most important places to be in Leonhardt: Thorsten's Trinkhalle (a kind of refreshment stand that sells beer, beverages, fast food etc.). It's the best place to discuss the latest loss of the local sport club at a beer and a Currywurst ...

In addition to this the local pub "Wilder Mann" opens at 8.00pm and where else could you stay until you get your first beer in the pub?

DW5: The Sportsfield

The sportfield of the TuS 04 Leonhardt. Some say they are the worst team in their league and the only reason they weren't relegated is that they are already loosing playing in the lowest league ...

DW6: Rathaus

The townhall, built in not-so-good time. The grey street was the main road until a new road around the old center was built in the fifties.

DW7: Village Center

The new village center. Around the new road a new "CBD" and some villa were built after the war.

DW8: Supermarkt

In the eighties a supermarket was erected, well, not on the green field but in the middle of the forest - almost ...

DW9: Villas

Behind the new main road you can find the houses of the "High Society" of Leonhardt

DW10: Seddlement 1

The first seddlement after war had been erected for Sudetendeutsche, Germans, that were forced to leave their homes in today's Czech Republic after WWII. Most moved on to villas or other places but the houses stayed ...

DW11: Stairs

This stair was necessary to guide the workers to the farms and the industry at the RR station. Today it is hardly used at all ...

DW12: At The Railway Station

The local railway line was electrified in the sixties for freight trains. The local freight terminal has been closed and removed years ago, today only commuter trains are stopping once an hour and direction at the flag stop that had been a RR station ...

DW13: At The Railway Station II

Most people of Leonhardt were always working at  small industrial area at the railway station. It was the main reason why there had been bombing raids in WWII, too.

DW14. The Old Road

The old main road went down through this serpentine to the railway station and the factories. Today it "only" connects the old part of the village to the factories and the railway station.

DW15: The Old Bridge

The old bridge of the river Qualch had been erected in the 17th century. It survived some bombing raids without any remarkable damage but was eventually blasted by SS troups on their retreat on April 19th 1945 ...

After the War it was rebuilt to keep the typical view of the landscape.

DW16: Sittersbach and Qualch

The creek Sittersbach (from the left side) flows in the river Qualch.

DW17: Closeup

And that closeup closed my entrant and this update.

Hope you liked. Maybe it encourages and/ or inspires you to take part in the Thematic Competition ... 2.gif

Have fun!

Bernhard 44.gif

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I love your rural style really impressive!
But those Power dirty Plant are not in their place!

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You mean those smoke stacks in the industrial area? Well, initially there had been othr I-S / I-M but I forgot to mark them historic when I planted the trees so they turned into unwanted I-HT. I didn't get anything more suitable growing so they stayed ...

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