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The Cloned Region



Entry 6: The Cloned Region

by john316316

April 27, 2015


Clone Shores (blue filter on Photos app)

So I thought, "Why waste my time writing this big huge article for Fi when I could write an awesome article about the entire region! So this is my "bulk" entry. I'll do each city with as many pictures I can possibly add within an hour.

City 1: Clone Point


Population: 54,093

Trading per capita: §±0

Treasury: §33,045,829

Clone Point is the tip tourism city. Over 20,000 tourists travel here per month, because this is the best place to watch the space center. It has a "mini-central-park", where the tourists hang out most of the time. Of course, there seems to be some "phantom hotel" in the park, because when I ask some of the tourists, they say "had a good day, going to hotel" but keep on going round the park loop.

Miscellaneous Photos:

I just did a post on this! You can look there. Here's a sample photo:


City 2: Fi


Population: 159,244

Trading per capita: §-159,000 (Ω-co's fault)

In the region, Fi is the "big" city. At 159,000, it is the largest of the cities... and the richest. It has over §600,000,000 in cash and umpteen simoleons per hour. It has a "central park", where the elite dormitories are located. The park also houses 20 mini-parks, ranging from city parks to hopscotch corners.

Fi also has the most expensive condominiums. The condominiums in The Beacon can sell from §10,000,000 on the first floor to §50,000,000 in the penthouse suite.

It also has extreme businesses. Electronic Farts sells its merchandise to all the cities in the region except Fixer, where Farts' merchandise is strictly forbidden under penalty of law.

Miscellaneous Photos:





City 3: Clone Shores


Population: 5,190

Trading per capita: §±0 (no trading)

Treasury: §125,644,203

Originally an estate town, Clone Shores is now an expensive resort town. The hotels here are the most expensive, ranging from §1000/night to §1200/night in the most expensive, Posh Suites. Its maglev system is the only "light rail" public transport system in the region. However, there is a "phantom maglev system" near the space station, but this is disputed. Its Main Street is on the SimCitial Register of Historic Places because of its luxurious theaters.

Miscellaneous Photos:















City 4: Fixer

Population: 59,062

Treasury: §21,431,886

Trading per capita: §1,544,643

Named after the famed Delta Squad member, Fixer is a city with tons of potential. It is mostly medium-density residential, but it also has a trade port and a consumer electronics factory. The computers are shipped to the nearby Fixer-Gregor Space Station whenever the computers frequently break down or are infected with viruses from criminals from Fi.

When you travel to this city, you are sure to pass the MaxisMan Statue. This statue was supposed to be a statue of Fixer himself, but the man who created the plans for the statue worked undercover for the MaxisMan, and decided to play a trick on the foolish statue council.

Fixer is famous for its many policies, the most famous being the Fi ban. No cargo or freight from Fi is allowed in the city and must be shipped by boat across the bay to the other cities. The only company that has disobeyed this policy is Electronic Farts. They were fined §1,500,000 by the city council and one of their franchises was put out of business.

Sample Ridiculous Policies:

  • No Electronic Farts Merchandise.
  • No one-way roads.
  • No buildings shorter than 10 feet.
  • No photography near churches.
  • No flash photography.
  • No non-Fixer-based cable services.
  • No Fi merchandise.
  • There can be no mascots excepting local schools.
  • The mascots can not be larger than 10 feet, because they might be mistaken for a building.
  • No left on yellow.
  • No moving on red (I suppose this isn't ridiculous)
  • No yield signs.
  • No roundabouts/rotaries.
  • Mountain climbers must wear approved mountain-climbing uniforms.

Miscellaneous Photos:


Fixer himself, the template for the MaxisMan Statue









City 5: Port Gregor


Population: 10,322

Trading per capita: §2,244,445 (one year prior to CJ release )

Treasury: §204,005,239

Port Gregor was the city that made the space station. Its resources finished the enormous complex and its workers are the main commuters. Port Gregor is on the edge of disaster— it is too close to the newly-made space station. It is said by many of the prior residents that "eventully one of dose durned spacey tings is goina blast our towrn..." This resident was reportedly from the deep mountains and had never seen electricity before moving to Port Gregor, but we are unsure of that source.

Miscellaneous Photos:






City 6: Fort Trooper


Population: 19,441

Trading per capita: §±0

Fort Trooper is the most technologically advanced city in the region. It is on the coast, but does not utilize the coastline; instead, it has many high-end businesses that flank its shores. The beaches are reportedly "the best thing since hot dogs". We believe that this is the same resident from earlier, but we are not sure.

The sickeningly large police station is so large that it serves the entire region. The fire station is so small that when a meteor struck a year prior to this post, the entire city but one building burned to ashes. The meteor happened to hit a large oil tank, exploding and lighting the countryside. The explosion could be seen from Fixer, almost 10 miles away. The residents of aforesaid city say that "we could see it and we were afraid. We ran to the nearest Red Cross and hid. We think that a large lizard was in our city at the time as well and reduced our houses to rubble. There was a print on Mulberry Road that was quite descriptive." We asked the woman interviewed to talk about Fort Trooper, not disasters, because that will be covered in a later post.

Miscellaneous Photos:




U5MZNa4.jpgNext Time...

The Long-Awaited Post

The Time After That...



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