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History of Saturnia (Part 3)

Mr Saturn64


With the birth of the skyscraper, it was seen by many as a new opportunity and a step for the future, and others saw it as a threat. Many people thought the new building would fall, leading to the area being avoided by many. But the most important aspect of life in Saturnia came in the hard working North Saturnia. A worker by the name of Clark Walker had noticed working in a Saturnian factory for 4 years that people had gotten sick and his garden did not grow as much as it did when he lived out in a rural area. He eventually went to college and, with the right knowledge, publicized his work. It was seen by many as a logical conclusion, while industrial landlords tried as much to get Walker to back down. This had an effect, as new ways of manufacturing were being thought, but not with success for years to come.

With the growing popularity of Baseball in the early 1900's, a group of players wished to establish a team in Saturnia. In 1907, the Saturnia Stars joined an independent league. In 1910, the team joined the NBL, (National Baseball League) in Sim Nation alongside the Aura Giants, the Ocean City Cardinals, and the Lobera Rebels in a small division. They built lowly Appletree Park, which now sits in the massive park of the same name as a small optional park. The team moved into Madson Stadium in 1915, which was then known as Stars Stadium.


In 1913 work was rumored on a building in Saturnia that would become 400 feet tall. The current tallest structure was City Hall, at 324 feet, with Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception at 298 in second. It was built after controversy of potentially overshadowing City Hall or the Cathedral. The concern of falling was not taken lightly, as it was inspected at highest points daily until in 1915 when the Urbanite's Trust Building was completed, making it the tallest in the nation.


That same year, the country of Villerino declared war on Simeri over trade disputes and alleged threats at Villerinan government. In late May, off the Coast of Ocean City in the east, the Villerinan navy arrived. Simeri hadn't thought much of the threat, and did not take them seriously. Ocean City was conquered easily, and the Villerinans moved on next for Saturnia. While Simeri was attempting to mobilize, Saturnia easily fell the next victim. Simeri was at advantage with two coastal cities taken, as the navy and army could both intervene. However, Saturnia was seized. Within the city, a group of young men led by Edgar Winstead met in the bell tower of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, until the bell tower was used by Villerino. They had spent long amounts of time planning revolution, but the plan could not be discovered outside Saturnia, as the siege was still on. At Midnight in summer 1916, Winstead and 5 others secretly took a small row boat past the Naval ships docked there. They arrived at the developing suburb of Avalon, which was where the farthest Villerinan advance was. There, they met General Gordon Hutchinson. They conversed about a mass invasion of Saturnia by sea, by the army on land from the North and West, and a rebel attack from within. On the eve of Founders Day in 1916, Winstead, at midnight, went to where it all started to give the signal - the bell tower.


Once the deep bells rang once, the Battle of Saturnia had begun. Winstead walked out the bell tower to the north to see the Simerian army coming in large squadrons toward the city. The Navy joined in for a combined effort of thousands of troops. After a long night of fighting, the rise of the sun that day rose alongside the victory that Saturnia had won. With Saturnia no longer captive, Simeri was close enough to winning the war.

Once the war had been won, many people returned to the City, while others stayed in the Suburbs. Suburban towns of Avalon, Hillside, and Richmond thrived after that. And with more people in the suburbs, more cars. This meant great things for the city that 5 years ago was on the brink of its own demise. A long highway, Route 64, was planned to go through Saturnia. In 1924, the James Colman Memorial Bridge was completed. This massive bridge became the largest and longest in Saturnia, completely spanning the Concord from one side to the other.


In 1915 the Majesty Theater was complted. It held 4,000 people in its largest theater. Sadly, the theater burned down in 2003.


In downtown, construction began on 200 17th street, which would be 549 feet, and the Owens Electric Company Tower, which came in at 609 feet.


Those were completed in 1928 and 1929, each claiming the title of tallest in the city until in 1931 when the 698 foot Central Tower was completed. For the next 40 years, it dominated the skyline.


But trouble came in the 30's when with the amount of people leaving the city, more criminals found their way into the city. Many neighborhoods of Saturnia have struggled with crime and poverty since. Hardest hit were Kerrytown and the Northern Saturnia neighborhoods. Sadly, this urban blight still lasts to the present day.

In the 1950's, the introduction of modernism to the worlds of art and architecture led to some significant change. First off, in 1958, the Phillips Building was completed. Ranking in at 549 feet, this building was nothing more than a box. It was criticized as being ugly and unfitting near Art Deco Masterpieces.


Some rich traditionalist aristocrats established a new area, Little Paris, based on French cities. The highlights are the theaters, which are some of Simeri's finest. This is still a highlight to any Saturnian visitor.


In 1965 the 704 foot Metlife Building was finished, making it Saturnia's tallest. It met a better reception than other modern buildings, but was still reviled by some. Modern hell broke loose when the 1251 18th Street was finished, making a 750 foot box. The plazas around it still gain the likings of many, though the building remained the tallest until 1992. 21 years with that as tallest was not an architectural feat for the city's rep at all.


In 1986 the city attempted a revitilzation of the Kerrytown Neighborhood. Built were Kerrytown College, High School, and Hospital. Funding was given to the Kerrytown Museum of Art, the police and fire forces in the area, and historic buildings were restored. However, the crime and poverty have not been affected...


In 1991 the Prominence Bank Tower was completed at 1,078 feet, making it Saturnia's tallest building to date.


On December 31, 1999, thousands of Saturnians filled the streets from Old City to Downtown, from the University to Kerrytown, from Little Paris to City Hall, and when the bells of the State House rang, Saturnia moved on into the 2000's.



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In reality, it is directly North of the Grand Central Ststion on Park Avenue in New York City. In the wonderful world of Saturnia, it is located across the street from the Prominence Bank Tower. As far as floor count goes... Reality: hell if I know. Fiction: umm..... 53?

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