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Update 4- City of Gullimans Creek, Metro reaches 600k




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  1. 1. Which do you think is better for the cities economy?

    • Apartment Boom
    • Condo Boom
    • Suburban Housing Boom
    • All of the above


Aaron Graham-Thanks!

Velocity264C- Thanks! The I use Gimp which is free but Photoshop will do the same.

powergirlie15- Thanks

City of Gulliman's Creek


This is Downtown Gulliman's Creek, the city center of a rapidly growing city home to over 35,000 people, and also a average household income of over $62,000 USD. Gulliman's Creek has a 12% annual budget surplus and a unemployment rate of 2.8%. Many tourist and new residents of the metro. area confuse one of these avenue-looking highways and usually avoid it. The mayor of Pepper proposed that the avenue will be converted into a 5-lane highway since the highway passes through Pepper. The idea was rejected since it will lead to the demolition of sidewalks and interference of over 39,000 jobs. Gulliman's Creek is now the richest city in the metro due to large income shifts across the metro from a surprise apartment boom.


Believe it or not, this is one of poorest zip code of Gulliman's Creek, this zip code has an average income of $57,290 USD. Gulliman's Creek also has the best education in the nation. Almost 60% of residents have at least a Bachelors Degree, and 71% of residents below 18 have a GPA of 3.0 or higher. How would you like to live here?


This is a Phase I of a master planned community named Tahoe Vista. It is planned to house over 12,000 people and when finished have a average income of at least $65,000 USD. The community is also going to be divided into 5 smaller communities, this one is named Miami. The others are Fiona, Sister, Patrick, an Balloon.


This is Gulliman's prime industry area, which provides 18,921 jobs. With it's size and job supply that makes it the 3rd largest industrial zip code in the metro, considering there are only 5 currently existing.


This is Perry Avenue crossing Gulliman's Creek, a river that used to be an actual creek 65 years ago. After the biggest city in the nation, Cambridge, built a levee system on Gulliman's Lake, sediment build up, causing the lake to back up, and then it got started getting smaller. The creek then turned into a river as flowing towards Portland was and is it's only outlet. Gulliman's Creek continues to fill up since Gulliman's Lake is located in a climate that receives 53 inches of rain from March to August. The city of Gulliman's Lake is proposing to build a levee around the lake and the "river". If not, it is estimated Gulliman's Creek could spill it's riverbanks by December 2013, if precipitation stays around average.....


This is a group of condos that "spawned" during the surprise apartment boom. People call it that because suddenly, in the same 3 day period, over 2,765 construction-related vehicles arrived and started constructing nearly 642 apartments and condos. They all are housing an estimated 7,293. This also encouraged the suburban housing boom to go lower class. This added nearly 67,921 people to the metropolitan population. And finally, this caused huge income shifts in a lot of the cities known for having upper-middle class people.


This is the Mirage neighborhood located on Interstate 30. This is also the area that is in danger of the "Gulliman is a Fulliman" event (the Gulliman's Creek flood). This area also boasts a thriving industrial community and agricultural community.


This is the only ramp of Interstate 30 outside of Eaton and Gilbert, and commuter-wise it is only used by 218 cars daily, most are tourists. Now when it comes to freight-wise it is used over 2,563 daily.

Metro. Population passes 600k, highways call for improvement




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wow, amazing pics, but what is the Condo boom? if that is an industrial or a commercial boom, then i think that one, but from the ones i know what it is, i think the appartement boom will be good, especcially for the economics

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may i ask a question! why can u build a city with so much of trees inside the city? is there any mods...can u teach me!

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