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Manzava: The Northern Resort




SimCoug: Thanks for the comment. I already have those, I seem to have an aversion to use them. I may try for the next time, okay? ;)

Schulmanator: Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate all the comments.

ggamgus: Thank you for stopping by too! As I said in my last entry, I rushed it, so I didn't quick notice the presence of the grid until I took all the pictures.

james2016: Thanks for your comment. I had to work out my way with those rocks to get the ones I wanted. I appreaciate you like it.

MamaLuigi945: Thank you very much. I always try to get the Maxis buildings to shine, as they have potential if handled adequately.

We leave Palmé Island in the morning. And now we are in our way the northern resort town of Manzava.

Manzava is a relatively small town, with a barely over 11,000 inhabitants. But it has a very high importance in the Triantian Islands as a resort town, and is located in the second biggest of them.

Much like Palmé Sur, the city boasts a beautiful beach, and because of it's size, it also has a higher amount of public services, allowing for better quality with regards to tourism.

We arrive with another ferry behind us, that one came all the way from the mainland, that is, an incredible 10 hour journey, while ours took just three. I tell you in advance we are behind schedule, so we may have to cut some part of the tour around the town.


The charm in Manzava relies on its pristine waters, the main beaches locate around the northern part of a bay, which means that the sea is calm and perfect to dive into the blue water of the Triantian Sea.

This kind of waters led the local government to open a yatch club, the only one in the province.


As with many of the cities in Triantia, Manzava has a very old downtown. Some buildings dating back a few centuries old.


Manzava is proud of having it's very own church, it's of the about the same epoch as the Catalia Cathedral, and its smaller size doesn't bother the locals, as the temple is home of it's own diocese. Some even think it's more beautiful than Catalia's.


Even though the downtown is old and the city gets a lot of money from the tourism, this doesn't mean that everything in Manzava looks pretty, proof of this is the dirt alley you can see in the next picture, it was supposed to be paved and be a pedestrian street, but the mayor scrapped the project due to financial troubles.


Everyone in this neighborhood suspect that it wasn't that but political corruption, because it seems that a recent investigation turned out result indicating that the money of the project vanished just after the mayor canceled it, but no one has declared anything on the matter.

Well, our schedule is getting very tight, I fear we will have to cancel the visit to the beach. I feel sorry for that, but don't worry there are still some things to see.

We stop to eat a Japanese food restaurant, it's a recent building, as it was opened just last year.


Real Estate sales in Manzava led the town to double it's area in just the last 20 years, as investors from Catalia and the mainland increase. The empty piece of land by in the picture above was bought by a Real Estate company, and soon the construction of it's new office will start.

We now move through the outside of Manzava, where the crop fields that supply fresh produce to the city are located. Below you can see a wheat field. Wheat is grown in the traditional way over most of the Manzava Island, but the recent increase in demand led some farmers to change from local varieties, to the new GM commercial types, that have a higher yield.


The wheat in the above field is of the commercial types. Enviromentalists protest about this. They say that this is just the start of the eradication in the crop varieties that are endemic of this island, and oppose the mayor's iniciative of replacing traditional wheat in the fields around Manzava for GM species. There are even rumors of arson in some of the wheat farms that already changed it's product, but nothing is confirmed up to now.

We arrive now to the Manzava Airport. Construction finished 2 years ago, and ever since Manzava boasts a bigger investment from the Mainland, as well as the ferries over-crowding has decreased, there are already plans of expanding by building another hangar, too.

Oh look, our plane is there, we are just in time.


We will leave Manzava soon, if you wish, you can buy something in the stalls outside the Airport to eat before the trip, we leave in about an hour, and remember that you cannot bring food or water inside the plane.

And with this entry we close the Triantian islands visit. Maybe we will return sometime soon, but I certainly don't know.

See you until next time!


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The church and downtown area are very well done - I like the addition of the dirt alleyway - nice detail.

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