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Palmé Island: Meet the Twin Towns




westy177: Thank you, I appreciate your comment. That's the style I want to get for my cities.

MamaLuigi945: I know that it may not look good compared to the rest of the city, but I really need to use Maxis housing to provide with som income for my cities. Someone has to do it if those lots don't want to pay their taxes accordingly. :P Plus, I don't find Maxis building, you must be smart to make the lots look realistic, that's all.

SimCoug: After looking at so many downtowns in Mexico's colonial cities, like Zacatecas and Guanajuato, I think someone learns a bit of how to make nice cities with that style.

ImmaRafidin: Thank you very much for that, I am still working my way in the difficult world of working with MMPs, that you like how it looks is a good sign to me. :)

NOTE: Sorry if you see some bad detailing or images with grid, I had to rush the entry and did not tweak some areas, as I had a very busy week.

Today we are going to Palmé Island, located to the east of Catalia, Palmé Island is just a about an hour by ferry.

The island has two settlements, Palmé, and Palmé Sur, both towns share the territory of this small piece of land, though Palmé has the ferry station and also is the main town of the two.

We arrive by noon to Palmé Ferry Station. The station is the only way to reach the island, as there are no private docks, or landing strips, so it's common to see while in the passenger zone all kinds of people, from beggars, to families on vacation, to businessmen.


Today the ferry is luckly not crowded, and it comes with about half capacity.

By the ferry station, lies a small beach, none of the locals visit it though, and the few tourists that visit this island are not recommended to, because that beach is a protected turtle nesting zone since 2 years ago. Unfortunately, the place is poorly placed, as there have been cases of sea turtles being killed by the ferries when they are near the station, something that has is used by enviromentalists as an excuse to protest the closing of that station and place it elsewhere.


Anyways, we go up the main road of Palmé. The town used to be bigger, and the only town in this island, unfortunately, a fire destroyed most of it's historic buildings 125 years ago, as it burned half of the city, before a storm formed and went into the island, extinguishing the devastating disaster and saving Palmé.


The Palmé Fire Station was built in the 100 years anniversary by the national government to conmemorate that fire.

Even though that fire destroyed many buildings, today, the ones that remain are all in a beautiful state, the ones that run through Avenida del Olmo, one of the main roads, are the best conservated.


Since Palmé is the bigger town of the the island, it also has the luck of having a clinic (top left corner) and a Primary School (Top Right corner).

Now, our visit on this town must be swift, so we must depart to reach the other town of the island, Palmé Sur. When going on the road, you can see one of the few farms here in Palmé, and a very special one, as it is a Agave plantation.


Afterwards, we travel through the crowded road into our next stop, Palmé Sur.


Palmé Sur was constructed by some of the people of Palmé after the big fire of 125 years ago, they traveled to the south of the island, and established by the seaside, ever since, it has been the actual resort of the island, as most of the tourists that visit the island go to it's natural beaches, there are even some estates on a hill overlooking the town, where the rich businessmen of Catalia go to spend there time in the summer, when they don't want to go far from their homes.


As the afternoon passes, the tour around the island is coming to an end, but not before we see the chapel in the center of the town. It was constructed when a priest from Palmé's destroyed church arrived to the settlement, not wishing to leave the island, and seeing the need to have a church here, he sent a petition to the Bishop of Catalia, proposing the construction of a chapel in Palmé Sur, he accepted and so it was built.


We end up the tour around the island of Palmé here, in the main beach of this town, enjoy the sunset, and return before the night to hotel.


Our next stop on the tour will be no more, no less than the town of Manzava, in the northeastern tip of the Triantia's islands.

See you until next time!


Recommended Comments

I really like your downtown area with the old W2W buildings and the crammed together look. The agave field is a great touch too - might I recommend a neat little [url="http://www.simpeg.com/forum/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=636"]diagonal fields[/url] addon that makes angled fields look much more realistic? All in all, another great update.

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