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Fit 1x02: Founded

Yuu Caa Sim


Fit 1x02: Founded


It has been a fortnight since I found myself in the city I had created. I guess now is as good a time as ever to start keeping a diary. I've never kept a diary before; am I even doing this right? I guess it doesn't matter since no one else will probably ever read this.

Life as the mayor of this village is very routine, almost mechanical in nature. Every day at noon the city council meets, and we plan out new development based on the demands of the citizens. In the afternoon, we go and observe the new developments coming up, or else we open them up for use. However, I've also found that I can build stuff whenever I want, not just at the council meetings. Nobody seems to realize anything is off or different when build on my own; they seem to believe that the new construction was there all along.


We've expanded the agriculture fields all the way to the ocean. It sort of reminds me of home, or rather, the places I'd go for day trips back home.


I had thought to build a road connection out to whatever is neighboring this town, to give industry a way to sell more goods (and perhaps to do some exploring), but for some reason it wouldn't take. No window pops up asking to build a neighbor connection.

The edge of the map is a bit strange; on this tile it's always sunny, but right at the edge is lots of mist and fog. Even standing right next to the edge I can't see anything beyond the haze. I tried walking past the end of the road, but it seems that the fog is a solid wall. I can't walk through.


So instead of roads, I built a seaport for the local industry, seeing as there was enough of a cash flow to support it. This seemed to greatly help in getting the new settlers moved in quicker, enough that we are in constant need of new homes. It also seemed to spawn some fishermen. I didn't know the seaport did that.


I went out with the fishermen, once. We sailed around the peninsula that the village was located on. It seemed that there was no other settlements nearby, but we didn't go very far. By my estimates, we never left the tile the city was in. I wonder what would happen if the ship had gone out of the tile.


The influx of settlers has really grown this village. After our population went over 1500, apartments have been popping up here and there. Just yesterday I opened up three new ones. They were rented out promptly.


Last week I decided it would be a good idea to give these villages names, seeing as how they were somewhat separated and distinct from each other. I decided called the new settlement to the south of the original village "Foradect". It had grown quite a bit in the last few weeks, and now had the beginnings of its own commercial strip.


I'd found some space in the woods to make a tiny settlement, to allow the farmers to live closer to work. I named it "Creeksford", after the creek that ran through it. Or rather, there should be a creek there, but it would be very difficult to terraform it in, and I don't have any ploppable water.

Now that I think about it, I might get bored after a while without any addons, but how am I supposed to get any in? All I have is this tablet which has no way of accessing the internet. Will new things just appear as I go on? Probably better not to think about it, I don't really want to deal with this at the moment.


The original settlement I named "White Tail", for its white beaches and the hill on the peninsula. It had also expanded out slightly, but mostly it had grown denser.


For now, things are quite simple, and I find my self able to spend time idling at this beach. However, this city will only grow in size and complexity. I can't imagine how I will deal with that. Sure, I could just build without input from the city council, but what if things don't work the same here as they did in the game? What if I screw up really badly? Knowing that many lives will be affected by the decisions I make makes me very uncertain of whether I can handle the pressure.


I suppose there's nothing to do about that for now though.

Time to try and get some sleep. Interestingly, I am able to sleep a little more than I used to, but it does not seem to be any more restful.

Next: Civic


Evillions: They do, don't they? I think Maxis made some really nice buildings for this game.

abracadabraz85: Thank you for your comment!


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Guest hahei


Another brilliant entry from a brilliant CJ! :)

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