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10. Expansion of the CBD & Cities for the future.

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@ Greekman - Thanks, I really enjoy building them as well :)

@ k50dude - Thank you, but honestly I don't think of this as realistic really, transport networks maybe in some cases, but compared to what some people come up with this isn't realistic.

@ terring - Cheers, since starting to use railways I've never looked back :)

@ MamaLuigi945 - Thanks, and maybe I'll add a bit of interactivity to my next project, such as members being able to live here and there, give them their own story ect ect.


As companies have continued to flood into The Spire space has become tight, to tight. This has driven up prices so much that the area has become less attractive for big buisiness, the rates in the spire are nearly comparable to the big cities now but the regional government has a plan, and that plan is expansion of the CBD. The authorities hope to increase the office space from the current 15.4 million sq feet to 21 million sq ft and this will be achieved in a number of ways.

The current state of the CBD


1. Currently the ringroad and the railway forms a collar on the constraints of the CBD, stopping expansion in all directions and forcing the offices to build up, height regulations are also imposed via the proximity of the city airport and the area surrounding the runway must remain undeveloped for safety.

2. The first phase of the project involves removing a section of the ring road, this will increase congestion in the surrounding streets and cause delays throughout a majority of the construction phase. This is required in order for the railway to be rerouted. This will also involve destruction of the Booths Factory and further demolition will be required when the railway is rerouted. This phase is scheduled to be completed in 2 years at a cost of £150 million.

3. The second phase involves modernising the station to increase it's capacity, it was built to handle 65,000 passengers a day, but during weekdays the figure passing through is closer to 90,000. Additionally the attached subway station below will be expanded and the services increased from 1 train every 15 minutes to one train every 10 minutes. This work is scheduled to take place over 5 years and will have minimal impact on passengers, the cost of this phase is estimated to be £450 million. Phase 2 will begin at the same time as Phase 1.

4. Phase three involves rerouting the railway and alterations to the junction, a good deal of the railway will also be elevated for ease in passing over roads, three new railway overpasses must be built. The present railway configuration will be kept, with the new one built alongside it, this should entail minimum disruption for rail passengers, once the new configuration is complete the old one will be sealed off and the new one integrated into the system, once this has been completed the old railway line will be dismantled. Timescale for this phase is 3 years, with construction and demolition costs estimated at £250-300 million.

5. Phase four deals with the ground preparation of the new sites, along with infrastructure for the new building plots, water, gas, electricity & internet cables, the subway network will also be extended and a new station built in the area. Estimated time for phase four is 2 years, at a cost of £150 million.

6. To encourage development the plots will then be subject to a decreased amount of corporation tax, the sites will also be sold at rates lower than market average.

7. Once the sites have been sold and planning consent applied for the planning process will be relaxed, local groups will not be able to veto developments. Additionally the planning process will be sped up by removing middle men and un-needed bureacracy.

This is the same area - 20 years later, looks like the governments plan worked.


And this is an overview of the entire CBD district as it stands today, once again it is being forced to build upwards, but there are already plans for a long term solution.


The reworked rail junction.


Some of the new buildings in greater detail.




And now a few other pictures from around the city.




Next Time..

Ambitious City Building Plan Revealed

The regional government today approved the construction of 3 new towns across the area, as part of its "Cities for the Future" policy. Over the next 20 years the government will pour £49 billion into the creation of three new cities. The names of the towns have not yet been revealed but is understood that they are to have populations of 30,000 ; 90,000 and 350,000 respectively. The government hopes this will relieve the overcrowding in the cities of Eaton, Washington, Old Oak and Harrington. It is expected that the cities will be served by extensions to current transport lines and a new high speed line will be developed from Eaton to the largest new town. The government intends the cities to be a vision for the future with ample green spaces, good access to key state of the art facilities and a comprehensive and efficient transport network, there is also a big push for ecologically and environmentally sustainable municipalities.

Interactivity: The new cities currently have no names and this is where you come in, I will be naming a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3 after your suggestions :)

I hope you have enjoyed this update, comments, crticisms ect are appreciated.

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Wow! This is a fantstic update! I love how everything in the city blends in so well together and great use of the overhead rail pieces. By the way, great CBD, that was a very good use for that space.

Oh and for city names: How about elementown? :rofl:

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I'd love to take a drive around your cities. Your transportation networks are so complex and integrated. I love the mix of buildings you use, too. :yes:

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Thanks for all your comments :)

@100000000 - Those are by ksjpn, and are part of the same building, you can get it here - http://27.pro.tok2.com/~chilitomato2/

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