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The Royal Kingdom of Great Missanda and Her Colonies



The Royal Kingdom of Great Missanda and Her Colonies

Good mornin-no afternoon now people of Simtroplis. Thank you for looking at my CJ, here I'll be explaining to you the fictional country of Great Missanda.

blogentry-277934-0-63786100-1308907104_tThe view of the reigon, as you see it is shaped like a tank!


Great Missanda is a island nation situated in north-western Europe. Great Missanda is situated approximatley 70 miles south west of England and 90 miles north west of Brest, France. The country is the twelth largest isalnd in the world, and the third largest in Europe. Great Missanda is also made up of around eleven outlying islands, and its colonies which is still has a large control over. The country's capital is Habrance, one of Europe and the world's most important economic centres.


blogentry-277934-0-32204400-1308836024_t-The Fortineau, where the Goverment of Great Missanda sits.

Great Missanda in the past has been the foucus of attention of both the European Union and the American goverments, most notably for the fact that Great Missanda is a "friendly" dictatorship. Unlike America where the leader is elected, Great Missanda's leader is automaticaly the first born of the Royal Family. With no Prime Minister or Presidentcy, Great Missanda is governed totally from Queen Nailia. The next in line being Princess Giana, thought to be one of the most beautiful women in the world.

blogentry-277934-0-17431200-1308912470_t - Princess Giana, doing something..somewhere....

The presence of a dictatorship meant that Great Missanda is on "very" unfriendly terms with the US. Which stretches from Ronald Raegan's "Evil Empire" speech towards the Soviet Union in the early 1980s. Stating that "Although we have our close friends in Europe, some of them follow the ways of the enemy. And they [Great Missanda] cannot be trusted." Since then, Great Missanda and the US have been on un-friendly terms. Although in June 2010, Obama payed a visit to the country and speant a week touring it. After returning from Great Missanda Obama appeared on American state television stating, "I do love their country [Great Missanda] and what a charming lady in waiting they have!" Referencing to Princess Giana.

However, the country has had numerous dissagreements with the Europpean Union, despite joining in 1978, the country has repatedly failed to obide my many EU regulations.


The country is inhabited by 8 million people. With Habrance holding around 3 million.

Habrance-3 million

Honesmouth- 1.5 million

Herwinch- 900,000

Lottingham- 750,000

Newmarket- 740,000

Swanbourne- 600,000


Edingstow- 90,000

Great Missandan people are often caucasian north-western European ethnicity, however, thanks to the large migration of Blacks from the Missandan colonies in Africa, there are a large proportion of mixed race white and black people.

blogentry-277934-0-51913700-1308908500_t-Honesmouth-Missanda's second city. Its great!


blogentry-277934-0-95755200-1308836130_t-A typical medium distance train approaching Sonesdown station having originated from Habrance Waterloo. These trains are built by Bombardier in Derby, UK.


Great Missanda has two main airports- Habrance Klerkenwell Heath and the newly opened North Missanda Reigonal Airport. Which serves the populus areas such as Herwinch, Newmarket, Benningtree and Manfield.

Great Missanda's national airline-Missandan, flys from all airports.


Road trainsport in Great Missnada is not as big as in other countries, mainly due to Missanda's built up rail network. The main motorways are the M1 from Habrance to Herwinch and the M2 from Habrance to the North West.


blogentry-277934-0-50530200-1308908320_t- A newly built class 222 DEMU standing at Habrance Warren station prior to departure to Edingstow Central, 110 miles away.

Great Missanda's rail network is the backbone to the country, with railways covering all parts of the counrtry. The railways are operated by the Goverment owned company Missandan Rail, which trades on the Habrance stock exchange. Priviisation of Missanda's Railways began to occur in the early 90s when a lack of goverment investment meant the nation's railway system was falling apart. The move was took to privitise the entire Missanda Rail consortium, as the belief were that if the company had to fight for money the system will be better cared for. Privitisation, unlike on Britain's rails has been proved a success, and now many new High Speed Lines are being planned for the country.


The offical language of Great Missanda is actually Mirrian; a mix between latin and french. Although english is now widley spoken. The wide proportion of the country are Christian Protestant, although in recent time a large number of muslim migrants from the Middle East have flocked to the country,

A popular pastime of the cities of Lottingham, Habrance and Herwinch is the Salstice Day Carnivals. The carnival normally takes place on the summer salstice and commerorates the many Afro-Carribean migrants from the days of slavery to present.

blogentry-277934-0-10875600-1308911435_t- Here we see an image from the Herwinch carnival only a few days ago on the summer salstice. The carnival is a major attraction bringing in thousands of tourists evrey year!

Thanks for reading my journal, don't forget to comment and leave feedback on the next page!


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