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Help Wanted in Posting Pictures

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  • Ever since the new Simtropolis.com has come up, I can't seem to post pictures any more. The Help Button in the 'Message Posting' tool-bar says to click the 'Insert Image' button to post pictures. However, the tool-bar doesn't have any such button. 46.gif

    Is this a temporary problem? Or is there a new way to post pictures now. If the latter is true, could someone give me step-to-step directions on posting pictures. 4.gif


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    There sure is an insert image button on the tool-bar (see pic). Click on it and you'll be asked for the URL of the image and, hey presto, it's posted.


    The alternate way to post is to use the Attachments system at the bottom of the reply/post window. This gives you a further pop-up that you use to upload your files. From there you double-click the files you want attached to the post you are making. If you want to attach more than one file simply click the Attach File(s) button again to make thepop-up reappear and then double click the next file, etc., etc. The advantage of attachments is that they are thumbnailed, the disadvantage is you have a limited amount of storage space on SimTrop, and they are thumbnailed at the bottom of your post, and not in line like the image above.

    I hope that helps. If in doubt, shout, I'll be happy to help 9.gif

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    Hi! Well, now I did some research, and it depends on what Internet Browser you're using. There is an easy way for firefox users and a different was for Internet Explorer users.

    For Firefox, follow these pictures:


    When the reply screen is open click on that small icon, which brings up this screen:


    In which you type the URL of the image you want to upload, then it inserts the code which will display the image (BB form, not html unfortunately, thats gone)

    If you're using Internet explorer then there is not button unfortunately. But you can still insert images by putting the tag [img*] url of the image [/img*] into your post. You must remove the * from that code though.

    You cannot upload images to simtropolis like you used to on 4.0, so you'll have to use an off-site image server to do it. I use Image City but many people use Imageshack to host their images. You take the url of the image you loaded to their servers and put it in between the %7Boption%7D signs.

    I hope this has helped you, Good luck! 9.gif

    EDIT: onlyplace4, You beat me too it! 18.gif

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    Originally posted by: chocolatemax285

    EDIT: onlyplace4, You beat me too it! quote>

    They don't call me quick-draw OP4 for nuffin pardner 3.gif

    (Hmmmmm ... that kinda rhymes 2.gif )

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  • Well! I guess I'll have to use Firefox for posting images, as it is much easier than the IE method. 4.gif Hopefully, this is a temporary problem and will be fixed soon. Thanks everyone!! 44.gif

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