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Lot-builders needed for various projects!

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  • I have searched pretty much all of every archive, and found many utilities, but they almost all have a problem.
    Either they're just the standard ones made to look different, their stats are too high and unrealistic (99% suffer from this), or they're hideous.

    I have done a lot of research in expo's of alternative power sources, but I have no idea how to do SC4 mods.  =D  So, I am looking for skilled individuals who can help me make these balanced, realistic lots I have in mind.
    I am also offering rewards to jobs well done (especially if you play Second Life.. I have a good amount of dough there.  =) though can't promise everyone will receive a gift.  So accept the job assuming you won't, so you don't get dissapointed!

    Also, contact me before accepting a project.  I have specific requirements for each (hence why the list below has some frequently done ideas.)
    Email:  Janglur gmail.com
    AIM:  SilverBlueGoth
    ICQ:  78070817

    Power Plants:
    Small/Old Wind Generator  (A 1x1 tile older-looking wind plant that produces 60 MWh, costs $150 and $25 a month. Produces 1 low job.)
    Small Coal Plant (A 2x2 tile coal plant that produces 2000 MWh costing $3,000 and $90 a month.  Produces 40% as much pollution as a normal coal, and uses half the water.  Produces 25 low jobs, 5 medium jobs, and 2 high jobs.)
    Solar Cell (A 1x1 tile solar cell that produces 125 MWh, costs $7,500, and $20 a month.  Produces 1 low job.)
    Small Nuclear Power Plant (A 3x3 nuclear plant that produces 8,000 MWh, costs $27,500, and $2,250 per month.  Had 70% the normal pollution and water consumption.  Produces 60 low jobs, 35 medium jobs, 5 high jobs.)
    Geothermal Power Plant  (A 6x6 power plant that produces 1,400 MWh, costs $30,000, and $300 per month.  Produces 15 water polution, and 5 air polution.  Provides 20 low jobs, 5 medium jobd, 3 high jobs.)
    Tidal Power Plant (A 4x5 power plant that must be placed on water and land, that produces 300 MWh, costs $3,000, and $75 a month.  Provides 4 low jobs, 1 medium job.)
    Biomass Power Plant  (A 3x3 plant that produces 400 MWh, costs $2,500, and $200 a month.  Removes 40 tons of garbage, produces 10 water polution, 25 air polution.)
    Kinetic Power Plant (A 2x2 plant that is trans-enabled for highways and Avenues.  [2 types]  The Avenue costs $4,000, $25 a month, and produces 15 MWh, the Highway costs $5,000, $25 a month, and produces 30 MWh.)

    All of these plants exist in real life, though some are not yet very cost effective.  And though not cost effective, I desire them greatly in my city, which is to be a technological bastion.  (It has a story.  All these plants are the result of a multi-billion dollar contest for the most efficient alternative fuel methods.)

    Anyone interested, feel free to contact me!

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  • Either or.

    Just a simple LOT, aesthetically placed to fit into a normal SC4 town, would be fine.
    Though many of them would require entirely new sprites, namely the tidal generators, solar cell, and the like.

    If you mean, 'Do I want just a normal X resized to be smaller', then no.  I do want them to look natural, not just smaller.

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    Wow DT I'm surprised you didn't jump on this...oh well, I need the practice anyway. 3.gif  *backs up, runs, and pounces*  "Please place ALL building requests in the building request thread"  http://simtropolis.com/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=42&threadid=60406 Or, in this situation, lots, lol.  You'll find most members here don't like you to come and ask people to custom make stuff for you.  And actualy, if all you want are lots, it is quite easy to do, though very timeconsuming.  I'd say, wait for the Omnibus to get back online, and then go look at some of the tuturials in there, you can learn basicly everything you need to know about lotting and modding for SC4 in there, (at least for the basic stuff) if you have the patience that is.

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