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texturing a flag model help

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  • Hey everybody,

    I need help texturing a flag model that was posted here on the STEX. The original model has a United Nations texture on it. My first question is do I need to delete the original texture. If so how do I do that? Second, it seems when I texture the model it only textures one side of the flag and not both. Third how do I rotate the model in the BAT so I can see whats going on after I drag the texture to the model. Right now Im using the hammer button and checking the view from the NSEW directions from the preview. Finally when I export the model and use it as a prop its too big. How do I scale it down and what would be a good refrence to use on the size. Oh also in the LE when I select the prop it doesnt have any textures on it. Is that normal. Im really new at all this BAT, LE etc. I figured that doing a simple flag would be pretty easy I guess I figured wrong47.gif If anybody could help me out Id really appreciate it.

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    Ok, lets take things one step at a time.

    1. 1. You do not need to delete a texture in order to replace it in a model.
    1. 2. If the texture is being applied to one side of the model only this would suggest that the model has two planes, one for each side of the model. This would be done to ensure that the texture appears correctly when the model is rendered. The solution: make sure the texture is applied to both planes.
    1. 3. To rotate a model in any viewport in gmax (though I would suggest only ever rotating in the perspective viewport), select the Arc Rotate tool at the bottom right of the screen (see pic below). This will bring up a yellow circle with four points on it's circumference in your current viewport. To rotate around the x, y and z axes simply click and hold your left mouse button inside the circle and drag your mouse in the relevant direction. To rotate around a single axis use the four axis markers on the circumference of the circle, or click and drag outside the yellow cirlcle.gmax_rotate.jpg
    1. 4. To scale your model you need to select the uniform scale tool in gmax - pic below - (make sure you select the uniform scale tool - the one with a square rather than a rectangle). Now select ALL your model and, for safety, group it. Now apply the scale tool, and then ungroup your model. As a reference you need to make sure your model is being built using the generic units of gmax (don't be tempted to model in meters or any other unit). If you are unsure of your units setup you can find that under Customize -> Units Setup. A 'sim' can be represented by a box that is 4 units high, by 1 unit square ... that's what I use to scale my models.gmax_scale.jpg
    1. 5. Not sure what's happening within the LE, but if you export the model via the BAT then the textures CANNOT go missing as the export does not build a model, but simply a series of images taken from the render output.
    Hope that helps. If you are still stuck drop me a PM and I'll see if I can help.

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