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Multi region/specialized cities

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I'm enjoying SimCity despite it's small city size, but I'd like bigger cities.  Is it possible to use each region as a "zone" of a larger city?  Or will that not be sustainable?  For example: I'd like to use one region for farming/agriculture.  Then create another region mostly for residential and small business.  Then maybe a separate industrial zone.  Etc.  If I can do that, it'll at least feel like I'm making big ol' cities.

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I am unlocking the Technophile archievment with multicities. to build in the middle sector a lot of industry and university . And 2 sector for the middle income and high come, they wil go tho the industry sector.  this a hard archievement.  the city of tommorrow dlc will help a lot with traffic. 

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    • By VitroOliveira
      Hello all SC4 friends... becouse I have not put my game working correctly I decide to remove all folders and plugins and try to start a new installation, becouse in the last very big city I try to build are impossible to play, really slow... I remove all about the SC4 files in my hard drives and use Regedit to remove all entries and make a fresh new installation and now I go try to utilize only CAM... I lost everything of my spetacular plugins of NAM, I have a copy of my old cityes, but not work in this new installation, so I think I have to lose a several times to install all again...
      Any ideas to download only CAM files and who, or is a bad idea, please... thanks, saluts
    • By jeffryfisher
      I've requested that region-view ferry route color be customizable in the NAM. I think it would be cool for the TSCT to display and offer customization of the RGB and pattern for each transit network. However, while I am waiting, I am wondering what I can do to mod my own plugins to help my problem:
      I installed a water mod. I like it except... The new darker color in the region view renders NAM's purple ferry routes virtually invisible. I wish I could flip the ferry-route color to white (or some other bright, high-contrast RGB). Does anyone here know how to find and mod the colors and patterns of region-view network displays?
    • By SecretMbr_735754
      This file includes a collection of novelty region maps for SC4.
      There are 4 regions in this package, each one is an 8-bit grayscale indexed bitmap, the 'Donut Mesa' and 'River Valley Delta' also include SC4M files which may be opened and installed using SC4 Mapper or Terraformer.
      Upon installing the region folders the regions will appear at the bottom of the list in-game as they are each named with a  leading 'z' in the 'region.ini' file.
      z Bridge Loop Plains
      z Donut Mesa
      z River Valley Delta
      z Tileset Metro
      Bridge Loop Plains
      A map specialized for connecting large tiles through bridges and tunnels on small tiles in-between.  This may correct the Eternal Commuter Bug, or it may just be a great map for building visual networks and large cities.
      Donut Mesa
      This is the original novelty map I made when I first studied map-making in SC4.  I began by drawing a 'config.bmp' in the shape of a donut and then enlarged it to grayscale map size, painting the elevations by hand in MS Paint.   This map now includes an SC4M version.
      At that time I wrote a tutorial on map-making which was included in the map package, but is now published on Simtropolis linked HERE:
      River Valley Delta
      Many major cities in the world throughout history are built on delta lands near the ocean.  Here's a blank one to start your own civilization.  The map was drawn and lightly contoured using MS Paint.
      Tileset Metro
      This map is similar to the map layout in SimCity 3000.  There is one central large tile with 4 large tiles on each side of the square.   I originally designed this map to demonstrate the 4 tile-sets in SC4.
      For a complete inventory of each tile-set see the 'SimCity 4 Building Index' HERE:
      The four tilesets are: Chicago 1890, New York 1940, Houston 1990, European Contemporary
      Indexed Grayscale Height-map
      This region folder includes a demo of the indexed grayscale heightmap showing the water and land heights rendered according to the indexed shade of gray used.   Also showing the best land heights for building bridges.
      The original demonstration can be found on Simtropolis linked HERE.  Also featured in the Simtopical section HERE
      SC4 Mapper
      The folder named SC4M contains files for the 'Donut Mesa' and 'River Valley Delta'.   These files were made using SC4 Mapper. 
      INSTALL instructions are in the readme.txt and html file in the zip package.
      Thanks to @CorinaMarie for some helpful critique, technical details and editing on this project.   For more discussion of methods of making maps see:  C.O.R.I.M.A.P.S. - A Tutorial for SimCity 4
      The grayscale height-map could be 8-bit and 256 shades of gray, but it must also be 'indexed' specifically as a grayscale image otherwise SC4 will simply render a flat region. 
      More of my novelty regions maps...
    • By reble1
      1st off this is a Dell Inspiron 3541 laptop that I just got, used, in good working order. OS Win 7 Home 32 bit. I just installed SimCity 4 then SimCity 4 Rush Hour expansion pack. I have been playing the SimCity games for years, starting with SimCity classic MS DOS and up. I have never had this problem with SimCity 4 before right after a clean. new install. When the default region comes up after the game starts. All there is, is clouds and blue sky. No ground, no starter citys, no water. Just a big nothing. See the screen capture  bellow.  I tried to load the Maxisland region and the game crashes out to the Windows desktop. Is there a fix for this? Or just uninstall the game and reinstall the game? the laptop and the rest of windows is working just fine. I typed this post on the same laptop.

    • By sandcastle1122
      Hi all,
      I've been trying to build a custom region for a few days now but nothing seems to run properly. Specifically, I want to have lots of 4x4km maps and have seen a lot of tutorials on how to accomplish this. So far, I've been doing the following:
      1. Creating a new region in SimCity to harvest documents from (ie: "Template Region"), then quitting the game
      2. Going into SimCity 4 in my "Documents" folder, then into the Regions sub-folder, and creating a new folder (ie: "Test Region")
      3. Copy-pasting a region.ini from Template Region's folder into the new Test Region's folder, turning region.ini into a .txt, setting the value to "1" for ocean and entering "Test Region" as the name, then re-saving it as region.ini
      4. Copy-pasting the BMP from the Template Region's folder, editing all the colours in a graphics editor (Paintbrush for Mac) as follows: 255, 0, 0, for red, blue, and green respectively, blue = 4x4, green = 2x2, red = 1x1.
      5. Starting up SimCity 4
      Then it crashes.

      Can anyone think of what I'm doing wrong?? I have to delete the Test Region before I can get the program to run again, though I oddly got one test region working, albeit it was missing all the green (2x2) maps! 

      Help greatly, greatly appreciated!
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