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Hi all!

I'm ad expert player and i looking for friends to play with, i'm bored to play with random players who leave cityes after few hours.


My origin id is Ricky85Raptor

Add me!

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Posted (edited)

Still looking for players? I think I'm alright at the game, but everyone in public groups abandons and I never get to keep going for long.

Origin: Elim2369


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I’d be interested in playing with you guys. I too have been wanting to play this game with people that are a little more dedicated. SC2013 is a game plagued with issues, but I still play it for some reason LOL! I wouldn’t call myself an expert but I have logged nearly 1400 hours on it over the years.

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hi there,

been playing very long and consider a very good player, kinda an expert

please add me

origin ID: jaces888


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      Hey fellow Simtropolians! I'm looking for a few people who would be interested in starting a region together.
      1. I am on North America West 3
      2. Prefer people who will play long term, not just a few days. Maybe even going on to create multiple regions.
      3. Prefer communication via the in game chat or Skype. It is fun to play alone but I want to interact!
      4. Any experience level welcome. I consider myself "moderate" in terms of ability. By no means expert.
      5. Definitely want to work towards achieving one or all of the "Great Works" - I have yet to be in a region that was active enough.
      6. I play a lot. Sometimes early morning, some times late at night - so hoping that no matter your time zone - there will be someone around to play.
      7. I only speak English - sorry.
      So that's my story. Feel free to message me on Origin or Add me in game or... I don't know. This is a new experience for me, I've played many cities alone and many "private" regions with my brothers but they simply aren't the Sim City Addicts that I am.
      Looking forward to meeting you soon!
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      Hi there all,
      I am starting a region at 9AM Eastern and hoping to find some friendly mayors out there to share it with.
      I typically like to use Teamspeak for communication however due to throat surgery that is simply not quite possible. Can use facebook or another chat feature via mobile to have decent conversations without relying on very slow text buffer in-game...
      I am leaving my facebook link below hopefully some folks would like to organize some city fun in the future too.
      Thanks all and looking forward to any takers!
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      Ok so only had the game a couple of months and already fed up with people dropping out in public multiplayer, so would like to start a active region with some serious players.
      So either add your name here or add me on origin. ID is: Ohmagain 
      I realise there is another thread for this but that one tailed off some time ago.
      Either way happy gaming
    • By inspire224

      I love playing Sc4 and I am really liking this community. Already receiving much help I am. Let's be friends? 
    • By TheCraftKid
      I really only use online mode to experiment with the Global Market at best, and fix people's abandoned cities on random servers. I do have friends I collaborate with on North America East 3, but I only use multiplayer 20% of the time because of the major benefits of Offline Mode.
      I would like to know about the state of EA's SimCity servers, so I would like to know how often the community actually uses them.
      Thank you!
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