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The Pennsylvania Turnpike

The Parkland republic

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In 1885, 4 Russain Sailors were about 12 miles south from the Russain coast, They found a snow capped land. Thinking it was just another part of russia and they were running out of oil for the lanterns. They landed and decided to find a nearby village. After finding nothing and the sea on the Western side, they just discovered West America. They went and told the Russain goverment on their discovery. Soon after, the Russain goverment colonized the land. Soon american sailors from California found West america after becoming adrift and ended up on what they thought was an island in the Pacific. This land was 156 miles west of San Francisco. They found some russain soliders who were exploring south and were helped in the trip back to California. They told the US goverment of this land and in 1889, the US led expeditions on this land. They colonized the land now known as Parkland. A 2 year war for land between Russia and the US began and with the US victory, they gained the land of West america south of Puget sound. While the Russin goverment created the country of Markorovo.

in 1891 Parkland was established as a State. People wanted independance because they were isolated from the rest of america. Without dispute, the US goverment granted Parkland independace in 1897, under the treaty of kingston. under this treaty, Parkland had to become a Republic and adopt a goverment like that of the United States.


                                                  The Parkland republic was established.

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  • Parkland needed a capitol, and fast. A farmer was farming outside St.Jons. He went into a cave on his property and found some Gold. He sent a telegraph to the goverment saying that he has found gold on his property. In a law which was innefective since 1904, people were required to report any gold on their land. As a result of this finding, the goverment moved into the area and decided this was a perfect place for a capitol.

    They established Banksboro. this became the capitol till 2002 when Holly, westinghouse became the capitol.

    But Banksboro has never lost it's econemy and is still one of the richest cities in Parkland.


    As a result, many expensive stores are still in Banksboro. most of them are on Market St. in the city's North side.

    many of the North side's side streets are cobblestone or brick.


    As we head into the High tech distirict we are greeded with some resteraunts and a Walmart, aswell as a car dealership.

    The high tech district is one of the most advanced in West america.


    If we head west, we enter society hill. Society hill is full of Brownstones and luxury rowhomes.


    Society hill Middle school. Grades 6-8 attend here.


    If we head south, we meet the old surpreme courthouse. Now used as the Berks county Courthouse as Banksboro is the capitol of Berks county in the state of Montgomory.


    at the top of Bucks hill, we meet Rocket avenue and the Banksboro grand central train station.

    these trains will take you to St.Jons, Ludgwig, and Englewood.


    At the bottem of Buck's hill is Downtown. this area used to be the busiest area in Parkland. and it is not a joy to drive here with all the narrow streets and roads.


    Banksboro is historic and is a piece of Parklantic history. the city will never be forgotten

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  • Today we will be heading into the good ol' countryside. Today we will be in the Northwestern state of North Perkings. 


    North Perkings


    POP- 2 mil

    Capital- St.Jons


    Huntersville is a small town of 1,000 happy residents. Huntersville is located about 35 miles Northwest of St. Jons.

    The town's main street is red brick and the downtown is one of the oldest in the state.


    The busiest section of the borough is where Main *North and south* and 2nd Street *East and west* meet. City hall is 90 years old. Most of the buildings in Huntersville was built before 1950.


    As we head North we reach regional route 19.


    Main street past regional route 19 is tarmac. Everything past regional route 19 was built between 1950 and 2000.

    Regional route 19 eastbound will take you all the way to St. Jons, but you will probably want to take the regional rail train. It will take you to 

    St. Jons faster.


    As we head West, we head over a hill and see some farms.


    A farm outside of Huntersville.


    Since Huntersville is the only town around for miles, it is necessary to have some cell service.


    Now let's look at the map of Parkland so we know where we are.



    That's all for now. 

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  • it's been awhile since i've updated this CJ. But here we are in the big city. The city of Englewood. The first city established by the americans in 1896.

    Englewood is what many people call "the Philadelphia of Parkland. The Parklantic declaration of Independence was written here, the parklantic constitution was written here, and this city was the first capital, for a year. Since i am boring you with history let us begin with some buildings built by our founding fathers.


    The buildings on the right of Lehigh avenue were the first in the country. They are now museums with over 100,000 visitors a year.

    Now let's drive further down. It is lunch time so let us stop at Englewood's Best pizza parlor.


    Happy's pizza at the corner of Loch and Lehigh avenues

    We will drive south and drive onto the Lehigh expressway


    Spear st exit.


    Girard st overpass.


    we will take the expressway to it's southeastern termination and turn North onto rt. 109. This will take us into Downtown Englewood.


    Welcome 80 degree temperature and sunny days. It was a warm day in Englewood today! It was required to wear sunglasses today. If you looked into the sky today, you're lucky you didn't lose your sight.


    That is all for now. I will continue this CJ when i get the chance.

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  • Replies:


    City89- Thank you.


    Meanwhile in Bay county, 20 miles northwest of Englewood, Bayenard rd is getting a makeover. ever since it was built, Bayenard rd from 49th st to the Rt. 89 onramp had a median in the middle of it. To make it more easier to see oncoming traffic while making turns. 


    Bayenard Rd at 49th st.

    To Keep traffic moving two temporary roads are built.  These will let traffic take beyonard to the expressway.


    Another shot of the temporary roads.


    The road under construction


    The finished product.


    Stay tuned for more of the parklantic republic.

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