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Mr Saturn64

Sim City 2013 Top Ten Most Wanted

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An unlimited cash mode for some of us non-hardcore gamers. This would be higher on the list but since Sim City Societies had this mode, it gets points off.


A wide variety of design in schools, hospitals, fire/police stations, train stations, public transit systems, etc. Cities XL 2012 was good with the designs put in Sim City 4, you had a small police station, a larger version of that, and a "deluxe" version with a helipad. It would be nice to see some more variety in this field.


A cheat code menu. I know Cities XL 2012 had one, but for this one, I'd like to see actual codes like a weird combo of letters and numbers like ST3MSIAP2L44729DJD. That was randomally typed. I apologize if there's anything offensive in that. I don't mean it if there is. And if you get a right code, on the city screen, there's a menu to access these codes. This would be higher on the list without us people who make codes and such


A zoned parking lot. Can't you imagine this in Sim City? You got the Football Stadium over there, a Baseball Stadium over here, and a soccer stadium down there. It would look a lot like a professional sports complex, with a lot of different sports and stadiums.


A larger University/country club/army base/etc.

Variety (see number 9) would be nice in Universities, but the army bases and country clubs would look great with the tanks/golf courses for a long space. Speaking of space, these would take up a lot though. A larger university, maybe with individual schools and dorms you can place and a college football stadium/basketball arena would make for the Sim City equivilant of Harvard or Yale.


I talked about stadiums earlier but wouldn't it be great if you could customize them? Like in Cities XL 2012 the Football (American) stadium had CITYLAND in one endzone, and BUILDERS in the other. It would be nice if you could customize stadiums (and multiple designs for each sport) so you could make your own team names. You could make it something awesome. You could make it something funny. You could make it a swear word. There's no moderator if it's in single player mode, right?


Most of this list I talked about things i want to add to the Sim City series. But there's one thing I hate and want to be removed. Those pop up advisors. They have annoying dialouge and sometimes criticize you. Ocarina of Time anyone? But anyway, when they pop up to tell me that "Roads rule in (city name) but streets becoming endangered" I don't care I can afford it. But I sometimes wonder; "why won't they shut up.


More landmarks. Sim City 4 was great. Taj Mahal, Empire State Building, St Basil's, CN Tower, US Capitol. But still, it would be great to see a wider variety in landmarks in the next one. I'm still not sure why the Eiffel Tower and the Sydney Opera House weren't there, but they're up on Simtropolis. On the topic of landmarks, did anyone besides me notice that in city of origin for Independence Hall, Philadelphia is spelled "Philidelphia"


A toggle building function. Cities XL 2012 had one and it was great. We could choose how our skyline looked. With SC4's buildings, with a toggle function, we could have in another game with more buildings whatever we want, wherever we want. By the way, when it comes to buildings in Sim City Socities, I kinda pretend the game never existed. I should, anyway...

OK, before number 1, lets recap

10. Unlimited cash mode

9. Architectural variety in public services

8. Cheat Code Menu

7. Zoned Parking Lot

6. Bigger University.

5. Custom Stadiums

4. Shut up, Advisors!

3. more Landmarks

2. Toggle Function

and the number one thing I would want to see in Sim City 2013 is...

(Remember this is my opinion go don't jump down my throut. Not literally, that would be creepy and painful)


More buildings. That is all. We want more styles, we want modern high rises, apartments, services, houses, shops, you name it! We want medeival houses, stores, cathedrals, castles, arenas! We want Colonial buildings, Chinese style, Muslim style, You name it. It would be great to have many buildings from many styles, from many ages, from many cultures, from many countries.

So there you have the list, remember it's my opinion and if you don't like it, I suggest you make your own.

Looking forward to seeing yours

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I would really love all of these too (Especially the variety of buildings) however, with EA being a jerk with deadlines, it would be impossible to do all goals by their strict deadlines. However, I wish for some to be in SC2013. I do personally like the zoned parking lots on the other hand. sounds like a good idea.

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i would like the ability to secretly cause damage to others for reasons of harming your city,

say my friends pollution is taking its toll in myn, so maybe i could hire a mafia or mercenary to destroy a few factories in his/her city

and on the opposite side, i could pay them for police and fire services, and possibly reward him/her's help

other than that, i would like a developers mode for those who wish to add or edit content, it would take the player to a singleplayer only region to test mods,and maybe it could also be a sandbox mode aswell, you know, all rewards unlocked, unlimited resources and unlimited cash

EDIT: BTW #4 is in sc4, under gameplay options you can see a check box labeled Urgent Adviser Dialogs uncheck it to litteraly "shut up those advisers"

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