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Sim City 4 crashing issues

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i recently downloaded several mods and they conflicted so i uninstalled them but the game still crashes the mods i downloaded are cam and mandlesofts newest gtr sign pack btw: i have nam rhw and nam hotfix any suggestions btw: the game only crashes when i draw any type of transportation

any suggestions

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First, you never ever need to double-posting for every 10 minutes. Use the edit tool if you want to add something to your description.

Second, it seem those mods is not really conflicting between each other, I do have CAM, nearly all of maarten/mandelsoft's mods, NAM+hotfix package and RHW. But, none of these mods is conflicting toward each other and NAM is the dependency of RHW and most of any other transportation mods. So, I thought the problem is the mod that you uninstall is probably a dependency of other stuff inside your plugins and make them gone make sure that stuff dependency is not completed and the result is the game is crashed. Look at the notification by the creator, if some of them need a kind of mod and unfortunately, you already uninstall that mod before destroy any of that stuff earlier, then you must reinstall it and destroy it first.

I feel it should be asked too, how many city tiles that have the problem ? Do the problem exist with all cities, or just with some of them?

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Insufficient information. If you get a crash, we need to know more about your machine. Please describe it. Also, what's on your target line (command line) when you start the game?

What happens if you start the game with no Plugins at all? (rename your Plugin folder to Plugins.old and the game creates a new empty one).

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  • Original Poster
  • Jasonleo just one

    A Nonny moose what do you mean by target line and do i need to start a new city tile to rename the plugins because i have too many mods but they have never conflicted and all the mods that supposed mods are deleted and some other mods have been deleted.

    the laptop is a refurbished Gateway windows seven no memory problems sc4 is rendered in hardware

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    OK, you probably have never looked at a shortcut, I suppose. On your desktop, right click on the SC4 shortcut and choose properties. You will get a dialogue box and one of the text boxes on this window is the Target window that shows the full pathname to the executable enclosed in quotes (because it has spaces in it). Because of this, I assume you have never added any command line options to your command line. (If you got your game from steam or origin things may not be in the same places that others find).

    Now, here is my command line, and I will explain each option I have added. Please remember that, while I am on Linux, the only real difference is the way scripts work and the main file system separator is forward slash (/) not back slash (\).

    "C:/Program Files/Maxis/SimCity 4 Deluxe/Apps/SimCity 4.exe" -intro:off -CustomResolution:enabled -r1920x1080x32-d:software -f -CPUcount:1 -audio:off

    In windows this target line has to be all on the same line in the text box. The folding is due to the web editor.

    Each item on these lines is separated by a single space.

    1. Full pathname of the program to launch: "C:/Program Files/Maxis/SimCity 4 Deluxe/Apps/SimCity 4.exe"

    2. Turn off the EA/Maxis movie: -intro:off

    3. Use my DVI monitor at 1920 by 1080: -CustomResolution:enabled -r1920x1080x32

    4. Turn on software rendering: -d:software

    5. Full screen: -f

    6. Use only one core of my multiprocessor: -CPUcount:1

    7. Turn off the sound: -audio:off

    Not all of these would be for you, but this is a pretty good example.

    No. 3 needs two options to tell the game that I have a 16:9 monitor.

    No. 4 is related to a problem in my operating system. If you want hardware rendering the option is -d:directx.

    No. 6 is for multicore machines. The game is single threaded, and some operating systems try to do funny things unless you tell them this.

    No. 7 is also an operating system problem on my machine, besides I don't care for the sound in the game, anyway. I run a music player in the background.

    Note that in addition to a leading space, each option starts with a hyphen ( -), and values are separated from the option name by a colon ( : ).

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    Yes. The tile is probably corrupt. It is probably irrecoverable, so you might consider the following:

    1. Do a save of your Regions folder.

    2. Create a new folder with a different name, and re-render the region.

    3. From the new region, copy the city in the same place to the Regions/Download folder (this is why this folder is there).

    4. Open the game to the region that contains the failed city.

    5. Select the city, but instead of opening it, use the gray (almost faded out) button to import the city.

    This has the effect of replacing the city, fully terraformed. Of course, all your work is lost.

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