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(AIN) Socialist Republic of Matinenda

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National Flag


National Coat of Arms:


Location as Seen on Google Map:


Our National Anthem: Matinenda: The Brave and Grand

Capital: Deliterri

Government: Democratic-Socialism

Head(s) of State: Joseph Hasfaben

Official Languages: English, French

Population: 4,146,674

Religion: Christian (56%) Protestant (27%) Atheist (10%) Judaism (2%) Other (5%)

Average Temperature:



The history of the Mediterranean Island Nation of Matinenda reads more like that children’s game of “Hot Potato,” than that of a country.  The island has changed hands frequently in its long history, with each occupation etching its mark into the culture of these fine people.

 In the years before Matinenda even had a name, there had always been a question of to whom exactly the island belonged.  It seemed that that question had been answered when The Roman Empire decreed dominion over the Mediterranean isle in around 12 BC. Its possession was once again up for grabs when the Western Half of the Roman Empire fell. The battle for control of Matinenda continued for 76 years until the Eastern half of the Roman Empire, or the Byzantine Empire, fell. After the Byzantine fall 903 years after Matinenda was claimed by the former East Rome, they were left on their own for a span of 342 years.

Culture was enhanced and traditions were established, but soon enough in 1795 France annexed the island and again the Matinendans lost their independence.  Although that all changed, when the Treaty of Paris was signed, and the island was given to England as part of the treaty deal.  Matinenda finally became independent again for the first time in 109 years after England no longer saw any purpose of keeping the island and granted the Matinendans their independence.

The island was at first was named: "The Democratic Island of Matinenda". During World War I, Matinenda had a problem of its own civil unrest.  In 1916, rebels in the West wanted to secede from the Eastern Democratic half and become a communist nation, and after three long years of a hard fought civil war, Matinenda became whole again under a Democratic form of government.  

After the war, and the reunification of the nation, the war ravaged nation needed symbol to show its newfound unity and purpose.  A national anthem was commissioned. Matinenda: The Brave and Grand would become a song that all Matinendans could hear and their hearts would fill with pride for the nation they fought for thousands of years to be able to call their own.

Another history shaping event was the Great Drought of 1932. In 1932, a massive heat wave tortured the island, and when it seemed it couldn’t get any worse, there was no rain, not a drop. People were forced to stay home due to the heat being too intense for what they were used to. It got as hot as 40*C in the day and 25*C at night.  The government went from Capitalist to Democratic-Socialist in a last ditch effort to save the economy after the drought and heat wave took its toll. The economy did rebound again in 1940, however Matinenda remained a Democratic-Socialist nation.

During WWII, Matinenda was briefly occupied by Fascist Italy, led by Benito Mussolini. The Island nation received Allied aid which helped the

Matinendan Army finish them off to reclaim their independence for the last time.

After World War II Matinenda went into a Nationalist Age, and it lasted for 17 years. Joy and love for the country prevailed and a new National Anthem was commissioned. Sébrène l’Orient, of Ascadylea wrote a new version of Matinenda: The Brave and Grand. This version captured the soul and vision of the Matinendan people. This new version has remained the anthem of the proud people to this day.

After the end of the Nationalist Age things settled down for forty years until America was attacked by the Taliban and the World Trade Center fell. Even though Matinenda didn’t have relations with America, they were angered that anyone would do something so cruel and take so many lives. So Matinenda joined the War on Terror until 2004 when Matinenda lost the hope of terror being wiped out of the Middle East, and they pulled out to pursue more successful endeavors, and focus of matters that were more  important to the nation.

In 2010, Matinenda had hopes to join the AIN for diplomatic hopes. Matinenda was accepted as an Observer Nation, and is currently applying for a more permanent position.

Now for some pictures. The pictures in this update were taken from Carthatilla:











That's it for now. Update will be up Saturday.

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algis242: Thanks. I did make that mistake and I fixed that as soon as I saw that message.

Schulmanator: Thanks. A guy in AIN made it for me.

nathanthemayor: Thanks, but it should only get better.

kakado_to_save: Thanks, dun worry you will.

The Duke: Thanks, in a week I'll be presenting the capital Deliterri. It looks great in my opinion.

Carthitilla Pictures: Part 1

As said, this post will be about Carthitilla. Next week will be about Deliterri, Matinenda's capital. The only reason why this is part one is because it will be revisited in the future. Because these are just ingame pictures I won't use captions.








Next week I'll post Deliterri and it will have captions.

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Schulmanator: I love them as much as you do.

algis242: Thanks.

kakado_to_save: Don't plan on disappointting anytime soon.

Ra_TheGreat: I use MBEARS Mediterranean BATs. They are on the LEX.

Ok I decided to release this early because tommarow is my birthday and I already got 12 pictures for this update. So I decided why not. There will still be an update Saturday. I'm just making this one to get these pictures used. Here we go:

First here's a picture of Deliterri, it is in the red:


Now for the City Pics.


The Historic Castle. It's been around since Midieval times and still stands as a historical site today. Tours are given through the castle, but thier are many claims of spirits can be heard throughout the place.


This is the Presidents House. The "White House" of Matinenda if you will. This is where the President and his/her family eats, sleeps, and where the President works unless they are called from outside the House. Prices for the housing around the Presidents pad is really expensive.


Here's a picture of our TV station Dudy TV. It covers all of Matinenda's national and international news. They current have 2 channels; "Dudy News" and "Dudy Sports".


This is the Metro Rail Station. To prevent too much traffic, these Rails were made so cars wouldn't pollute the air anymore then they do already.


A well known shop named "Dubbed Spice". They have well known spices that are loved by not only people in Deliterri, but in all of Europe. Even though the spices are expensive, the taste is well worth it.


A view of some of the stores that are located right beside the MetroRail.


The soothing streets of Deliterri.


The Embassy of Matinenda. It's modern structure glorifies all of the buildings around it.


Another great picture of this great capital in this great nation.

picture10vq.jpgPort Deliterri. This Port has been around since 1652... only not as modern.


Mediterranean Staduim. Home of the Deliterri Monk Seals. The name is used to support the almost extinct seals that are desperately in need of repopulation. For each game won 5% of ticket money will go to the Matinendan Animal Resort, that helps not only the Monk Seal but all animals in need.


Travulson Park. It is a well known park and a must see if you ever visit Deliterri.

Alright. That's it for now. Hope you enjoyed this post!

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I'm not one for Mediterranean cities, but this does look very good 4.gif

I'm intrigued in how many stations and lines you'll be building in the near future.

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Jakehh: Thanks, I will build plenty

algis242: Thanks

This post is a test for my rain effect. Next time I probably will not use the location and the temperture of the area. No captions just pictures. Here I go!








Next update Saturday, only sunnier. Sorry if this is bad. 45.gif

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Schulmanator: Thanks. It took a lot of work. It's too long to post in one reply. But it involved 3 layers, cloud in the second layer, noise in the third, and your picture being in the first layer, and as dark as possible using the glow tool. If you really want I could make go full instructions.

kakado_to_save: Hey, it isn't always sunshine and happiness. 3.gif

algis242: Thanks

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Schulmanator: I'll try it and if you want I could PM the link to it when it's done.

Today I will just be just going to the pictures. I got seawalls but I am getting new ones due to glitches from the ones I have right now. Lets go:





Finally, a good picture with full sun!







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algis242: Thanks.

Sorry for not posting earlier, I just got my laptop this afternoon after me computer had to be dumped due to a virus. It started when my computer kept blue screening and restarting for no reason. So I made a copy of the SimCity 4 files onto a flash drive just incase the laptop had to have been dumped. It had to be dumped so I am very lucky to have made the right thought to make a copy of the game.

Enough with my bore talk. On to the pictures:

First I'm going to try something. Listen to this music while looking at these pictures and

see if it does anything. I'm expirimenting.








That's all for now. Hope you enjoyed.


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algis242 Thanks!

Schulmanator: Yeah. It turns out it was a big mistake by me. 14.gif

So this time I decided to go with 009 Sound System. It seemed perfect with this update.


A view of the city with the Matinendan Flag right in the middle! Thanks to the AIN Pack!


The only reason why these roads have not been SAMified is because the tree mods won't work with them. SAM will be used in most of my cities...




That's it for now! Next post update is unannounced.


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algis242: Thanks.

kakado_to_save: That's what I aim for. As if Matinenda really did exist. But Sc4 will restrict me of doing that much but I still try my best. Thanks.

This is the best I can do for now music wise. The music I like but I mean getting it to appear onto Simtropolis itself. Sorry. :uhm:


A view of the greenery that has been added to the already lovely capital island.


The Cruise Port in Deliterri that a lot of tourists use to enter and exit the city.


The Oksaine Embassy so Oksaine and us can stay close on relations!


The Deliterri Rugby Field for the Monk Seals. It's empty now but the rugby season

will start soon.


The Football Field located not too far away from the Rugby Field. FC Matinenda is

roaring and ready to take on who oppose them!


Another piece of the island shown in one picture.


The President's house. The AIN Flags are there to show our support for AIN. (And

maybe a little bribing for full membership ehh?) By the way, I saw the bit of grid. That's

from the mouse, not me having grid on. I'm ashamed now. :(


One last picture of some of the many parts of the city in the island.

Alright that's it for now. Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

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