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The New Klang Valley CJ

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Hello all! After some time of working in my mega project, its time to show you what's done thus far. So far, the project is 60% complete with some areas still not developed.

But first, the introduction!

Once, Klang Valley is one of the most populated areas in Malaysia. In the year 2040, a deadly T-virus outbreak has spread across the world. In secret, the local government has chosen 200,000 in the KV to be evacuated and placed them in a new region that was recently discovered. Hence, the NKV is born!

The reason why I named that map is because I'm a proud Malaysian and I'm living in KV (in real life), so I'm doing my best to make NKV live up to its name. 2.gif

As KV roadmaps are not always straight, NKV will follow suit, so yeah you will see quite a number of empty plazas/parks in all of my screenshots. 9.gif

After 15 years of developing, international aid started to come in to help rebuild the local community. Since the T-virus outbreak is over, more development can be focused now.
Here are a few pictures in the development of a new metropolis.

As you guessed it, the old KV is infamous for its traffic jam, and NKV is still struggling with it even with bus lines and metro lines.

Bus lines

Metro lines (1 of them is under construction from 1 edge of a city block to another.)

Unemployment RateCitiesXL_20112011-01-1820-22-23-84.jpg

My next update will be:
- A closer look into the Central CBD and East CBD.
- Chinatown
- NKV Int'l Airport and Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Municipal Airport (or SAAS Municipal Airport)
- Overview of my existing developments and future developments. I still got work to do lol!

... while I'm still working on the rest of my mega project. LOL!

Current population : 579k residents, and rising as new developments will come in!

Hope you guys like it!

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Originally posted by: Damastius

Good job Arkanes, how do you make those screenshots with the interface? Hehe.quote>

Printscreen and then Ctrl+V ? 4.gif

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    @ACEH : Thanks! Though, I'd prefer using Fraps to take my screenshots. 4.gif

    @Damastius : I used Fraps to take screenshots. Its not only to record game videos only.

    @Jesse Swiss : Thank you! This is my 2nd CJ in the making.

    Update coming soon. Stay tuned!

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  • Original Poster
  • Update 1

    Previously :

    - A short introduction in how the metropolis was set up.

    - Bus lines, metro lines, traffic and unemployment mapouts.

    For this update :

    - A look into Central CBD and East CBD

    - Chinatown

    - NKV Int'l Airport and SAAS Municipal Airport

    - Overview of existing and future development

    Lets have our first stop at the central CBD!





    Then we have the east CBD that is located directly east of central CBD and near the Cliffhanger Roadway. In this CBD area, the Tokyo City hall is being built to add some touch to the area.




    Next stop is Chinatown! Although its not as big as it was in the old KV, the community is still relatively happy to live there. Chinatown is located next to Central CBD and Pandan Town.




    Next, I'll introduce you to 2 airports, the NKV International Airport and SAAS Municipal Airport

    NKV Int'l Airport was opened north of NKV 5 years after the city was founded. Now that the T-virus outbreak is confirmed to be over, air travel between countries are now declared as safe. Although the tourism is still pretty low due to fears of outbreak repeat, airlines from other countries recently established started to flock into this airport.

    6 years down the road, NKV Int'l Airport is getting slightly overcrowded. To solve the problem, the SAAS Municipal Airport was being built east of NKV to handle local and short international flights.

    SAAS Municipal Airport


    NKV Int'l Airport


    And finally, an overview on how my city development looks like.


    The central CBD is divided by a river, whereas the east CBD is located  east and northeast of the metropolis. I am still thinking of naming the zone areas, and maybe will get on to it by the time my project is close to completion. (Including 3 megastructures I'm doing atm.)

    The Cliffhanger Roadway, as mentioned before, can be found circling around the lake.

    Some notes:

    1. The SAAS Municipal Airport was my idea from 1 of the old airports in the real KV. It served as an international airport from 1960s until 1996 when KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) was completed to handle more flights. SAAS Int'l Airport Terminal 1 was eventually demolished, Terminal 2 was turned into a local immigration office, and Terminal 3 is now being used by Firefly to handle cheap local flights.

    2. The real Chinatown in the KV is known as the Petaling Street, famous for shopping and food. Its located in the heart of the capital of Malaysia and it is a tourist attraction not to be missed by visitors!

    In my next update:

    - Our dear Sultan wants a bigger palace!

    - New developments south of the metropolis.

    Enjoy the update!

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    Feel so bad for not even posting on the first update!

    Lovely city, it truly is beautiful 4.gif

    What you do have to do is.... Build more Medium Density and less High Density, to get a 'smooth' skyline.

    Or.. You could build 'low' high density, that's what I do 4.gif

    -Aelencia :3

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    Hello fellow Malaysian!

    I like where this is going. Now I wish I can demolish KL so I can reorganise the traffic there.....jk

    So, when is the NKVE coming?

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