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Cambridge City (V2)

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I'm back with a new city, this will be a more prepared city for growth, unlike most my other cities that outgrew the given size, so i'm starting my first Fiction region city (Instead of one city per tile)

So i shall start with the "Financial District"

This being also the first commercial area served by the Cambridge Metro subway link, (Soon to be revised & possibly partly rebuilt due to increasing usage)



Night; (This was an earlier shot before i had laid out Cambridge Park)


The first stage of residential housing, with the rich having waterfront view houses)

(And you may have noticed no houses along side the beach, this is because i find having the beach style left in any city residential areas, it will give the city a much better feel.)


And last; The Cambridge River with a view of each CBD (Being split allows a much easier rail system; Which will be described in The next Post!)



Also; This may possibly be the first CJ of 2011? Well its 2011 in Australia  so i'd guess so 4.gif

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  • Replies-

    @Benedict; Different timezones 2.gif but at least i can say it was the last in USA and First in Australia 9.gif

    @sbh565; Thank you. Although it is still a small park, i'm thinking of expanding it 4.gif

    Small Teaser for Transit;

    A CBD Tourist Map is in the works, with a full subway information brochure w/ timetables. Heres the progress on the map so far 4.gif (Please note; Distorted graphics is so it would load much faster.)


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  • @Nathanthemayor; Thank you 4.gif

    @The Duke; Thank you 9.gif it's still a pain to wait for the city to full grow into this tile to be able to release the full version of it 3.gif

    after some planned Growth around the city centre, i have made the population multiply by 5 since last update;

    Here is a picture of the major growth areas (Some areas are undeveloped)


    The city has finally reached half a million residents, with that being said, Its time for some night shots of the CBD.



    Now for the fun stuff..

    Rail & Subway


    A train has surfaced after a long trip in the Subway and goes onto the heavy rail to the terminal.

    The subway in Cambridge is very simplified in timetables, but a very congested line to the CBD currently, as there is one line linking the City centre & outer suburbs and then the city circle line on both sides of the river.

    There is a planned line direct to the less-dense side of the river via express line (One new stop at Cambridge North Hospital) the line will span from the east to west then south along the same route of the bridge direct to Waterfront.

    The Financial District;

    After the much needed expansion of Cambridge park, There has been a much anticipated wait for the new Skyscraper, and many new buildings you will see in the area.


    And just on the otherside of the bridge, downtown / CBD


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  • sorry, No updates currently but i am busy with my music projects, i'm not sure when the next update will be, but i will post some region text update:

    Population has topped 1million, the commercialism has tripled since the last update, making it to almost 1,200,000 jobs in the CBD.

    The Cambridge International Airport is currently under construction in the south western Area of Cambridge, The City has also acquired a mass land of 10 x 10 Large city tiles to expand on the southern side. (Many of that is the port / ocean) The cambridge intercity rail is currently under plan and the Metro Lines (North & south) are currently being revised to cut down the congestion and connect the new estates.

    Thank you. And enjoy.

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  • @x493x; Thank you, always nice to hear Positive reviews 3.gif


    In the Cambridge CBD, a local fire station had been relocated to a more central location to provide easier access to both sides of the river (closer to the river)


    Just abit north, is the suburb "Essex", Currently hosting around 100,000 residents.


    Now to the currently ongoing development of "Cambridge South"

    This is an extensive Business district but with many residents living on "The Peninsula"

    This area is a newly built area, closest to the CBD, with many business' that can't afford in the CBD moving to Cambridge South.


    The 2 tallest buildings in Cambridge South, Waco CO & The Hume Tower (BLaM)


    And as the peninsula has a more sea level area, i found it a great place to put the new Cruise ship port.


    While i was taking that picture above, there was a glitch that made the cars continue on as if the road kept going. But it makes it look like the cars are runaway. 9.gif


    The Peninsula Highway (And Service Rd)


    A view of Cambridge Bay, (this side of Cambridge river is not accessible by any industrial port boats, we will be exploring that later on in this CJ)


    Enjoy! 4.gif

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  • Hello, and welcome to the newest update of Cambridge & Cambridge south.

    As the city had a major growth in industry in cambridge west and resident's in the Cambridge city area, it was time to grow the Cambridge south borders out abit more to the full city tile, and here is pretty much a showcase of the time line of its growth & Some of the Cambridge city's newer buildings.

    Cambridge City-

    The Twist tower. One of the many new Skyscapers popping up in the Cambridge Skyline.


    Full Cambridge Region view;

    (as you can see, the airport is still under construction 3.gif)


    Cambridge South's Eastern Business District (Just south of Cambridge CBD) as of January 17th


    And as of January 19th;


    Since those pictures, i have grown the city to the very edge on each side, just time for it to build up.

    The Peninsula has recently gotten some new Water front features;

    A marina, Yacht club and a waterfront hotel.


    Now just some of the pictures i screen capped but never had any use for in this Update 9.gif Enjoy, and leave some feedback if you feel this needs to be changed.




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  • @The Duke; Its also slowly sprawling to the rivers, so i'm hoping by then the CBD will have fully grown into the tile 9.gif

    Some more sprawl has occured during the time i've been Terraforming & rebuilding roads etc. (The top of the cambridge river was only a temporary thing you'll see the final look)


    (As of 23/1/2010)

    And this is a more detailed (and updated) version of the city, (Note; The airport is finished, but only has one terminal)


    The beautiful views in Epping, (farms where bought out and they simply just moved to the other side of the river)


    Essex / Cambridge North will be my next update 4.gif I hope to see you guys then!

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  • So today i was building my city (Links up the Airport, Western Suburbs, northern suburbs, eastern suburbs and the Industrial via the highway (which will have a direct road into the city centre via cambridge west.

    But until i finish it, heres some little teasers 2.gif

    A little drive along the bay side, and the possible waterfront features to be put in the nearby area.


    And the Finished Airport exit.


    Anyway, i hope you enjoyed the teasers 4.gif

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  • After some major last minute maintenance to the exits and entrances to much of the ring road, only one turnoff is exit only on the ring road (Northern Port) to relieve much of the congestion to and from the airport.

    And now i shall showcase some of the Suburbs that grew because of the ring road and the ringroad itself.

    A drive down Epping (South east of Cambridge City) on the new highway will bring you to much of the farmland, most of this will become residential and commercial in time.farmlandringroad.jpg

    The Epping bay has a low lying sea floor, anyone could pretty much walk along the bay and not drown (unless you're a baby or newborn)


    And just down abit more along the ring road, you will enter into Southern Beach (The largest beach in Cambridge, it faces north to Cambridge City and The Peninsula, giving an amazing view of the city and its surroundings)

    To enter the township of Southern beach, you simply just take the exit designated to Town centre, (The bridge over the Highway) and you will reach the Beachfront.

    (Yes, i know about the left exit, it was fixed shortly after the picture was taken)


    Full view of the Town and land.


    Continue along the ring road, and you hit the airport exit, and as you can see, it is a much more used exit/entrance, As the demand for commercial buildings was high.


    And if you take the exit and follow up to the airport, you will come to a newly re-vamped airport entrance. (And i will not showcase the airport)


    In the northern suburbs of Cambridge, we see the city meeting Suburban houses


    And if we're travelling to the city via the Ringroad, this particular suburb is one of the only routes, along with Cambridge East (Our next stop.)

    If you wish to travel to the city, Take the next left and turn left at the Avenue.


    The view you get when you enter toward the city? You tell me what you think of it. 1.gif (If entering to city, you'll come off the bridge and continue straight until you are at the City centre)


    Edit; Forgot to also put this in..

    Cambridge Has a new Department of transport authority system (CTD, Irony?)

    Have fun 1.gif

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  • Original Poster
  • Sorry to all readers, but due to a small dilemea, i have recently lost everything off my Harddrive, but if i get enough demands, i will try and rebuild a better looking version of Cambridge, Anyway, sorry to the readers / viewers.

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    ah that sucks man, it was really shaping up well. question though, that mall, with the toys r' us logo and stuff you showed in the financial district? where did you get that? i've been looking for something like that for a while, like an urban shopping center for my downtown areas

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  • @Munchiez; Thank you 1.gif

    Success, i have got all my Primary plugins back so this CJ is coming along quicker than expected, also, Suggest some new mods i should use please? (Slope mods, Rock mods, terrain mods etc)

    Heres a teaser of the newer waterfront / bayfront


    More will be coming in 2-3 days 1.gif Thanks for reading!

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  • Today, i have finished the "Central" part of Cambridge, as it is mostly hi-rise and mid-rise buildings. and just below the buildings is the Cambridge Central Bus Interchange.



    Just abit north is the Performing arts centre, and the moulin rouge building.


    Suburban lifestyle is very settled in Cambridge, not many distruptions, and a planned tramline to go along the two main avenues shown in the picture will make it much easier to get to and from the city centre.


    and a little Night light picture for you all to glance at.


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  • Welcome to any new viewers,

    After some Urban sprawl (and some new Skyscrapers added to the skyline), Cambridge has built a Rail station to service all Southern and western suburbs (Eastern is well serviced by rail and tram already)


    And a little teaser for the next update.

    Welcome to Cambridge South.


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  • Construction has begun on Cambridge's new Suburb / Living area, "The Peninsula" with the capacity of holding from up to 1,000 people, this will soon become a luxurious estate. Already filled with requests for land.

    Stage one. Leveling for roads and ground tests has begun.


    Stage two is nearly surpassed with just 100 civilians using the newly installed Public transport system. (Has expanded further out since taking this picture)


    when Cambridge turns to night, The City lights up. Many people work late at night in cambridge, the trains and trams run until 3am for the people with late shifts to be able to get home safely.


    We now visit the Central Station, where it will service suburban and intercity trains, (Intercity soon to be connected)

    There will be a eastern station, where all eastern suburban and intercity trains will be serviced. (If anyone has large train station's on the STEX or LEX, please inbox me the link or comment. as i'm really needing more train stations)


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  • Until Sunday (or later if worst case) I will not have a fully functional graphics card (Ram burnt out on current one. No idea how it happened) Its all blue lines and other styling stuff that you usually don't get unless you're part of the exclusive club of b.o.g.r Anyway. I'll have a massive update ready for you all. (Urban sprawl, new skyscrapers, new rail stops, more trams etc.) Comment and tell me what you want to see in Cambridge next.

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  • Welcome to Cambridge,

    Today is a medium sized update, Mainly with things including the Rail & New Roads.

    The Brand new rail station in Cambridge East has been opened and ready to support around 3 million more passengers along the coastline and North Eastern suburbs.


    As you can see in the picture above also, is the 6lane road, (3 Outbound, 3 inbound) to the city, This currently terminates into a one lane road to the city at the suburbs due to funding and housing, but will be completed by the next update.


    If you live in the inner suburbs of Cambridge (Mainly eastern / North Eastern) then you can catch a train from Cambridge eastern terminal to Cambridge central. and then a city loop (subway) or a tram to anywhere in the CBD.


    (Also; if anyone knows why the tram's are crossing over like in the picture at stations, please tell me. It's quite distracting)

    One of the most recent pictures of the region area of Cambridge I could provide, It has grown a fair bit since this picture.


    And some pictures i couldn't really fit into any other updates recently.




    Enjoy. :)

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