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Bendside-a city on the rise

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Hi there! I recently picked this game up, tried out a few cities and went to see what I could do. Seems like its been pretty successful, though thats for you to decide. My first, presentable, city is called Bendside. Its meant to follow the familiarities of a large metropolis, yet have the charm of a smaller, cozier city. The economy is based on mainly energy, water and agricultural development. Its what the city was founded off of, to grow along with. In any case, most of the farm land hasn't been touched, yet urban sprawl continues in earnest. I'll provide an overview.


Each community or neighborhood is described as follows.

Hyde Village: The newest and most undeveloped area of Bendside. This is where most lower class newcommers tend to move in as its home prices are low and affordable. Originally, the area here was to be used as some sort of landfill for the growing city, however, that plan was scrapped. Now the area only boasts a few small end markets, a handfull of corner green grocers and the odd basketball court. Not impressive by any means, but still on the rise.

Lexington: Originally, Lexington was a small community outside Bendside, that integrated in. It plays home to many upper class citizens that tend to want to stay clear from the downtown core, or hustle and bustle of the industrial sectors. Its a quiet, gated area with a few larger structures, but nothing to really write home about.

Brock Park: This was once a small farming community, but developed into a highway "community". By saying that, I'm referring to the interstate having a trucking and pedestrian route running through the small area. This section of the city holds many small motels and hotels, welcoming the weary travelers to the community. There are again, larger structures, but those are mainly centered around the river, being further away from the noisy freeway. Then again, trucker horns can be heard throughout the small "city".

Sunny Side: This is downtown. Though it seems like a strange place for it, the area is nicknamed "big business bay". The reason being is that most tycoons and large multinational corporations have their offices in the small stretch. It also includes Chestnut Acres, a small gated community to the back of the area. The larger high rises are closer to the shore.

Rockcliff: This neighborhood is a mixture of nearly everything. From your high rise business mongers to your lowly janitorial workers, this is the place to be. A mixture of every cultural background the city holds. The area also plays home to the small industrial sector of the city, housing offices, manufacturing plants and many heavy industry factories. With a scenic coastline its a never miss community.

Old Bendside: The area in which the mayor, and city hall resides. The neighborhood is one of the oldest developed parts of the city, as well as the most closed. All houses are filled, with almost no hope of sales any time soon. People who live here are happy, content and enjoy the scenic vistas around them. Only old age could upturn this solid community.

Bellville: The is where the workforce lives. Anyone who needs to operate a machine, check out your roomkey, bill your services, repair your homes or do almost anything pertaining to the livelyhood of the city, is located here. As well as the original farming sector of the city, containing fields that produce most of the cities large income. As well as that, most of the food and energy supply is produced here, mainly because its the only really flat land the city owns.

Farhill: Down in the dumps is the only thing really used to describe Farhill. The cities ever expanding landfill, recycling plants and power factories are held here. Not a pleasant smell to the place either. There really is nothing else, if not the stench of old items, discarded by the populous.

Rivers End: The "rest" of the population lives here. This area is also the cities link to the rest of the world around us. Bendside airport is the livelyhood of many here, be it that they serve as security or ground crews. Most however, go across the bridges to their jobs, often getting stuck in rush hour traffic during their commute.

Hillton: The only other area of the city that farms for a living. No shops, malls, high rises or factories, just farming and the wonderful smell of fresh growing food.

Now, to give you an idea of the city. The current population sits around 1million, with around 200 or so coming each year. The cities income is in the high green, generating more then enough profit to get by. Currently, the city is at a constant rate of expansion, looking to expand upon the banks of its water provider more and more. As of now, only a bus transit system exists in the city, but circumstances show that is subject to change, with a growing demand for metros. There are only two freeways moving through the city as of now, with only five exits in the area of the city. Eventually that may change to include more.


The farming land of the city, looking towards the core.


Union bridge, stretching across Bendside River. The downtown area to the left.


Downtown or, Sunny Side. It houses the higher buildings.


Many smaller suburbs are found around the area. This is Old Bendside.


Though on the outskirts of downtown, Bellville still holds some apartment buildings.


For anyone who wants an unedited roadmap.

Sorry for the wall of text I've presented. Read as much as suits you. I hope you like the story!

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I really like it! In fact, I want more! 9.gif

BTW, nice photo shopping for the text. But you might wanna increase the graphics settings for better pictures: I can see the farm pixels. And the ones for the traffic map. 3.gif

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  • Original Poster
  • Thank you for your wonderful replies. I promise next time to make the graphic settings as best as I possibly can!

    Bendside's municipal city flag is as follows.


    The sun is used to represent both flowers and environmental health. The bands represent the farms the city holds, being an agro-super power. The colours of blue and yellow mixing together, identify the riverside location and sunny, pleasant state of the city. Finally, the red signifies the cities growing presence in the world as a major trading superpower.

    Current population: 1.7 million people

    Current Jobless Rate: 3.8% unemployed

    Current income: 1.4 million credits per year

    Trading partners, + reason and goods:

    -New Granada: Holidays

    -Lexington:Manufacturing and Steel industry

    -New Haven: Food goods and Oil

    -Hartford: Textiles and water goods

    -Bolton43.gifffice tech and freight

    A small history of Bendside:

    In 1803, the United Colonies, known as the United Union of Trans America came to the small inlet of land owned by the native tribes. Slowly, through both assimilation and spread of culture, the Trans American settlers became the sole owners of the land. Their rule, was law in the newly formed state of The United American Colonies, or UAC for short. Their progress, though slow, eventually resulted in the foundation of a city known as River Bend. Though the named changed, in 1844, is was solidified as Bendside, or City of the Sun in native American. Slowly trade grew through the area with small partners such as the United Grand Canals and Democratic Republic of Mencchia, but overall, Bendside was coming out the largest of its strong allies. Its trade became greater as each day passed, and people flocked from all over to move into the city itself. During the early 1910s, there was a great war between UAC, and the Unified Republic of New Granada. Many causalities were taken by both sides, but in the end the UAC came out as the victor. Much of the republic's land was assimilated to the Union, and new trades began to strengthen. The island capital of URNG was called New Granada, and quickly was changed to one of Bendside's strongest allies, providing the growing city with both oil, and holiday opportunities. Many Bendinian's spend their summers on its tropical sands, often forgetting the history between the two nations. Now, however, old Union states have broken up. The UAC is no longer in existence, but now has become The New Democratic Republic of Welland, or just Welland for short. Its Welland because of the founding family, the Duke Welland family, who once were respected royalty of the United Grand Canals. Though times have changed, Bendside and New Granada still hold strong. Other cities, mainly Lexington and New Haven, supply both with steady sources of income and allow for the sprawling metropolis seen today.

    Thanks for playing along! More soon!

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    Great job on the history! I already commented at the official forums but as this is Simtropilis I thought I might aswell do it here 4.gif

    See you around!

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