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Socialist Republic of Matinenda, the restart

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I made this CJ because my old one didn't have any Mediterrian in it as I hoped for. So here it is. And this is the preview:

First the flag of Matinenda:


The flag was made in 1986 after the disliking of the old flag. The 10 stars are symbols of Matinenda's qualities, and what they are on the flag for:

1. Socialism- Matinenda is Socialist.

2. Involvement- Matinenda will help others after disasters.

3. Freedom- Matinenda gives the freedom of making there own choices to citizens.

4. Opportunity- Everyone in Matinenda has an opportunity at life.

5. Environment- Matinenda is a Green Nation.

6. Happiness- Life is encouraged to be enjoyed.

7. Peace- Matinenda will only go into war if it directly involve them.

8. Culture- Matinenda is Matinenda with it's culture

9. Nationalism- Matinendian have pride in the beautiful country.

10. Economy- Without Economy their work would've been for nothing.

The two stripes symbol the crossing of Matinenda (the main land) and Sirron Island.

The big star symbolizes Matinenda, the 10 stars around Matinenda means that they all make Matinenda into one. Without one Matinenda is no longer itself.

Now for the coat of arms:


The Hawk behind the sheild symbolizes the citizen. They protect the nation, by helping the economy, protecting others in war, etc.

The sheild with the king Hawk on it symbolizes the leaders of Matinenda (Government officials) and how they both rely on eachother. The Hawk Warrior relies on the shield to block moves by enemies (Combat, Economy War) and the shield relies on the warrior to takes advantage of the Shields blocks and to make a worthy move (Make good investments, hold off enemy troops)


Red= Matinenda (Mainland)

Blue= Sirron Island (Annexed Island)

Here's a map of Matinenda. As you see it's located in the Mediterranean Sea. Off the coast of Italy.

Pictures will be in the next update:

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Vantaso is now my first city and is still currently in production. It has 21,000 people living in it so far and still growing.











That's it for now. Anything I need to do tell me. ANYTHING, even if I've done it before this CJ but not in this. I'm not quite sure how to do this CJ. Ok thanks for checking!

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Here's another update of how it looked in Vantaso, Sirron Island, Matinenda. I wish I could work on Matinenda but it's production is still not finished. I hope it will be done before 2011. Until then I will just post pictures of the cites of Sirron Island. As soon as the Mainland is finished I'll start development and post pictures. I got a new laptop for Christmas so I can just use it. Enough with my jabber, time for the pictures!

Today in Vantaso it was a high of 13*C but it was sunny with not a cloud in the sky.


You can see here that we about never have a white Christmas. The sun shined

through the windows of the houses, making the Christmas tree not the only thing

brighting up the houses.


Some crops with the farmers house. As the farmers could enjoy eating

the crops they've grown and not sold to the public for money that payed for

the duck.


You can see the streets are abandoned as they people are at home with

thier family enjoying presents and food.


Even the roads are empty. It's like Vantaso has became a dust town!


Another bunch of houses. They are all filled with loving families enjoying

one of the only times of the year they can be together.


Christmas is a the most important holiday of the year to Matinendians.

It's more about the company then the religious reason.


Even those who can't afford as much as the wealthy have one thing as much

as the rich. Love from there family.


Some residents beside the Cathedral. They got some extra praying in before

there loved ones arrived.


Finally some cars! They may be some late comers. Usaully family members

don't go home until 7 or 8pm. It'd would be dark by then.

Alright. Merry Christmas and as it says in the captions half a dozen times spend time with your family and enjoy them. They aren't going to be here forever!

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