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help with RCI graph...

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  • HI.  I've been playing Simcity4 for 4 years.  However, I was never able to get my commercial and industrial bar on the graph to go up.  It's always in the negative zone.  How do you bring them up?

    Also 4.gif is there a cheat or plug-in that helps make the desirability go up?


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    u must need to build as many connections with other nations to boost demand also put some demand busters rewards and plazas to boost them also try to reduce the taxes and try to provide the feasible conditions to improve demand also there is a mod in mods section of this site which improve demand for commercial go and check that also.

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    there are many factors to Com, specially cuz it's divided into two different types Com Services and COM Offices
    Traffic and population are the two major factors...Com likes foot and car traffic in fornt of them, kinda the opposite of RES and IND...look for areas on your traffic view map that are the most congested to zone Comercial buildings...like in real life more traffic (specially for service types)...better chance of a sale which is basicly Comerce...4.gif, the higher you population...the better...4.gif

    1. Com also need education to get the larger Comercial sevies and  specially Comercial Office building (these are the ones with the most jobs)...use schools and other educational building to boost your cities EQ , the higher the better (dumb sims rarely work in office buildings...2.gifpolice and fire coverage is a bonus....wouldn't want your store to get robbed or to burn down...4.gif
    2. to boost Com demand you need to increase your cap demand...which as stated above is done by connecting transit to neighbouring cites...best to open the cities around you...even if you don't desire to play them as conections to a new city give bonus cap relief the first conection give the highest demand cap relief, and all others transit of the same type to the same city do give cap relief, but it becomes less each time...if you don't open the cities around you all connection are considered to be SImnation conection and you will greatly decrease the conection bonus. (highways first conection to a new city will give you 100K cap relif....4.gif
    3. Landmarks, and some Parks,  and some rewards give cap relief too and also boost desirability of COM (eg plaza are good for raising Com  cap relief and desiability)...Airports are a major Com cap relief...but I myself don't use them, but many other mayor do ( I find the take up too much room and have some negative effects including crime and pollution)
    4. Com types of the same wealth like to bunch together...CS$$ with CO$$...CS$$$ withCO$$$...they give bonues to each other when close by to each other
    5. there are many mods and specially modded buildings  and parks to help boost Com demand (too many to list, some realistic to the game, other very radical) try the mods download section for these i recomend  Ralphninjas Radical ordinace V2 it a  radical mod that includes many differt mods types  all-in-one 
    6. watch your garbage ...if it goes over the cities capasity it greatly reduces COM  ability to grow...who would want to shop in the city dump...4.gif

    I do suggest using regional play (playing the other cities in the region) as total region population uis also a factori Com growth

    Industry need high poulation like Com...but desires quick and easy acces to the edge of the map (frieght in thre game just has to leave the city, nothing more)..I suggest using rails as if an IND lot touches a rail line..it will board it's goods automaticly on to the rail...and rail is the quickest way to transport frieght...if your close to water...you can use Seaports...as they act like the edge of the map as far as friehgt is concerened
    once frieght completes a trip to the edge of the map...this will increase your IND demand cap, allowing more to be able to grow...make sure you zone med or high desity IND for dirty ,Manf or HT Industry... as low desity is only for  Agriculture (it works the same as the others but it limited to low wealth jobs and has fewest # of jobs 2.gif...make sure there is connection to your RES areas...so the workers can get to thier jobs...4.gif .

    PS welcome to ST...

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    I don't think anyone has mentioned it above but go to the modds&downloads sections and download the radical ordinance mod. That should boost your commercial and industrial way up. Of course you can turn off the ordinance ingame! if you don't like it and don't want this "cheat" then its your choice 4.gif

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    no problem:

    theres two files with the download....the ordince file and a toggle file...I don't recomend the toggle file..it leaves the ordinance in the hands of the advisor, and their stupd basicly...:S

    control it yourself by not putting the toggle file in your plugin

    ps...this is a very radical mod...it's nearly impossible to play the city without using the mods in it after using them, and careful not to use all as some will conflict with each other...4.gif

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