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GMAX and Regions?

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  • Hello everyone. Today marks my move forward from my first few baby steps in SC4.

    I have played SC4 for 4 days now with a total of 5 cities and a total population of 50,000. My cities thus far have been built to gain understanding of the Simcity GUI and abilities as this is my first venture with city simulation games or any simulation games for that matter.

    So far I have a basic grasp of the game and I am eager to pursue many of the deeper aspects added after the game came out (i.e. Mods, BATs, etc.). I've played the game on my own the last 4 days without any outside support. Coming to this site and browsing a few others has made me realize how much deeper the game can be and has only sparked several questions and a ton of excitement and eagerness to do some more advanced work in game and perhaps even begin a CJ here once I'm settled on my design for a serious region creation.

    I just want to say hello to Simtropolis and I hope to be a supporting member of this community in the weeks and months to come. In saying that I do have three "newguy" questions that I have yet to get answered no matter how much digging I've done through forums etc.

    1)   Is it possible to save my current "$%&^!" region and start a fresh one without loosing the prior? In other words can I have multiple regions stored on my HDD or am I forced to over-write the current one? I have a feeling you can but I've really not ventured out past my current region.

    2)   In exploring some of the advanced features of SC4 I have aquainted myself briefly with BATing and lot modification. This has brought to light the requirement of the Lot Editor which seems to direct me to GMAX from discreet. Currently the site says that GMAX is no longer a free download. My question is not one of where can I find a hack so let me be clear on that issue right out of the box but rather is there still a free version of the GMAX software available or would I have to purchase the Discreet package in order to use it? It sounds like a fun advanced feature of SC4 and as someone with a background in 3D it definately has my attention.

    3)   I've done so much browsing of SC sites today that I feel over-loaded with features but still feel very much in the dark as to how to implement them. I'm curious to learn more about plug-ins and modding but I am unsure about the technicals of incorporating them into the game. Is there an archive of technical tutorials to aid me in utilizing plug-ins and mods?

    Currently those are three pressing questions that I have after getting exposed to the SC community and the broad new features the players have established for the enjoyment of the game since it's release a few years back (Sorry I'm late 2.gif ). I'm sure I'll have more but I also hope to offer up my experiences and choices in hopes that I can help build up this community of creatives, idealists, and dreamers which I have already felt very much at home with.

    For now,


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    2) gmax is still available legally from here, you need to register it here.

    3) You need to unzip the mods or plugins and place them in your My Documents/Sim City 4/Plugins folder. If this doesn't work, the building you are trying to download must be a growable which means you have to zone some Residential, Commercial or Industrial zones and get to the required stage to make it grow or it could be a reward which means you have to meet some requirements before you can use it in your city. Some downloads have automatic installers in their zip file and if that's the case double click on it to open it and follow the instructions. If the building you downloaded comes with a ReadMe always read it as it contains useful information on how to get the building into the game. Hope this helps.

    EDIT: Welcome to Simtropolis Absolutehalo! 39.gifI hope you enjoy yourself here! 10.gif

    EDIT 2: The Omnibus has a lot of great tutorials, it can be found here.

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    Welcome to Simtropolis, please enjoy your stay!

    I am assuming you have rush hour/deluxe, if so take a look at the thread in my sig (getting up and running) , it will make sure you have all the required updates.

    question answers:

    1. yes you can have as many regions as you want, when you first load up sc4 and are at the region screen, the first button (top left) allows you to create / load/ delete regions.

    new regions are created in a folder as a subfolder of my documents/simcity4/regions, the regions folder under program files is just a back up and the game does not use them

    2. let me clear up a few tool definitions, in order to do that let me make sure you understand a few definitions.

    Lot: this is the base of a items that is used in the game, regardless of it being a park, building,  ect al, everything sits on a lot.

    Bat: anything built with the building architect tool, it can be a building or a prop.

    prop: things you add to a lot to add detail, ie tree, bench, light post, ect al

    ok, now lot editor is a tool that allows you to modify existing lots by adding bats or props or removing same, this can be downloaded at www.simcity.com (link in sig)

    gmax is a tool (currently at www.turbosquid.com) that allows you to use the BAT plugin (available at www.simcity.cim) to create buildings and props with it, you will also want to get the PIM (plugin manager, comes with the bat) the PIM allows you to alter the use of a lot or building.

    we here at Simtropolis do not use the PIM very much the great talent here has created various tools that allow us to do more than it does, if you want to look into this check the modds section or search for these ilive reader, sc4tool, datgen

    3. there are several tutorials in the new member threads and also in the ST omnibus, it does take time to get aclimated to all this info, so just do it at your own speed, we are always here to answer questions, but the very first thing you need to know about using plugins is how and where, in order to use any plugin they need to be in a plugin folder, you have 2, 

    c:/program files/maxis/sc4/plugins, you should only place maxis downloads in this folder (unzipped of course)
    c:/my documents/sc4/plugins, this is were you place all your custom content preferably sorted by subfolders

    take a look around, don't get overwhelmed, and if you have any more questions, ask away 

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