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  1. GS Tower

    Wow second comment ^^ ! WOOOOOW nice building i really like korean buildings i think korea has the most modern nice looking buildings in asia it be a set of a science film !!! Japan is advance but the buildings there are just neon design china got huge buildings only korea has stylish ones 10/10 i love korea !!!! (btw i think this building fits well in my ginza district in tokyo )
  2. AXX HQ Tower

    i am sad that ppl who gave comments don't know where this building orgin from ....-_-#) this building is in * Singapore *
  3. Princess Tower

    hi Ks_JP hi it looks like u are interisted in Dubai ! i Live in dubai and i play sim city also !!! i also learn japanese in afternoon in japanese oil company my japanese is not sooo great but my writing is soooo good plz reply to my msg ^_^ !!! i tried to send u a private msg but didn't know where !!! please reply to me in private msg !!! arigato gozaimas ! yoroshiku !