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  1. Diagonal Pavements Problem

    Thanks for the suggestions, I checked out Daderic21!'s diagonal fillers, but unfortunately they have the same problem of being in the parks menu and removing pavement from the surrounding tiles. Also, although you can't see on the pictures I posted, there's quite a large drop from the edge down to the water, so the embankments probably wouldn't look right either I've decided in the end to just line the edge with parks and gazebos and just be done with it, because I've faffed about too much with it already! Cheers for your help though, I'll grab those embankments for use in another city
  2. Diagonal Pavements Problem

    Are you sure you mean anti-aliasing? I know that smooths edges, but on a small scale, it doesn't really apply to entire city blocks. This is what I understand by anti-aliasing: vs
  3. Hey there. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place, but any help would be appreciated. I downloaded the SFBT Diagonal Filler Lots mod (http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1197) and all dependecies to try and fix the problem of ugly jagged pavements on diagonal streets: Now, it looks to me like the diagonal lots I downloaded should 'fix' this problem, by filling in the jagged edges with a nice smooth diagonal pavement edge. However, when I plop one down, it removes the pavement altogether from the adjacent tiles, making matters worse: So I have a couple of questions really: - Am I somehow using the lot wrong, or does this perhaps indicate missing/improperly installed depencies? - Is there any easier way to fix this problem and make diagonal streets look decent? Thanks
  4. Bobbo662s BAT Thread

    Hi bobbo, I'm no BAT expert so my critique won't help a great deal, but that Target is looking good so far! Also, thanks for the great BATs or Lots or whatever they're called that you've done before, your Citgo station and HyVee store get lots of use in my cities! Keep up the good work