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  1. SC4 freezing?

    Uninstalling removes HKEY_Local_Machine\Software\Maxis folder in the registry. Are there others I should be aware of? I have run numerous antivirus, AVG, Mcafee, hijackthis
  2. SC4 freezing?

    Well heres the thing. I just ran it to get the problem again. When its 'locks up', I can hit alt+tab and wait ~3 mins and the menu pops up. Eventually the task bar shows up and I can then right click and choose to close sc4. Ofcourse the 'end now' option shows up and I can click and Im back to my desk top. Mind you between every click, theres a 3 min wait. My computer appears to be running fine otherwise so I doubt this has anything to do with hardware. This is a really funky problem. Im lead to believe the larger my city, the sooner it'll happen which may be a memory problem. I'll need to try it more vigorously to know for sure.
  3. SC4 freezing?

    Its not a dual core...
  4. SC4 freezing?

    Continues to happen with a completely fresh reinstall, all new maps, no mods, and other programs running. This only happens with sc4. AMD 64, 3500+ 2.2 GHz MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum 2x Corsair XMS 512mb 184pin DDR 400, PC 3200 GeForce 6200LE 256MB 64-bit Windows XP SP2
  5. SC4 freezing?

    Uninstalled NAM - no good. Im going to try reinstalling sc4 without importing my old cities and run completely fresh and new.
  6. SC4 freezing?

    I have music, sound, all music files and custom tunes unchecked (I run winamp in the background ) When the game freezes, winamp continues to play music in the background if thats any help. The only way to get out of it is a hard reboot.
  7. SC4 freezing?

    My SC4:Rush Hour is locking up at completely random times while playing. Strange thing is though, my mouse cursor is still free to move all over the screen, but clicking anything does nothing. I cant alt+tab or ctrl+alt+del. If I continue to click, my system eventually beeps. Could this be a NAM issue? (Only mod I have installed) or a hardware issue? Ive updated sc4 with both updates. Ive tried reinstalling and installing NAM right over (though never tried to run it without NAM to see the results). Any thoughts? Need system info? Let me know - This is extremely frustrating. Thanks Also on a side note, this is completely irrelevant. Is there a way to download files from simcity.ea.com through firefox? My internet explorer fails to load any page from the site. (It loads the 60 some odd images, but then only displays the background).