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  1. Trudheim, a scandinavian feeling !

    Hiii ! Im back from my holidays so it's time to keep showing my region Thank you for your wonderful comments ^^ makes me feel usefull haha ! Today an other small village for you in the middle of the northern mountains ! Welcome to Skirnir ! Beware of the wild mountains roads ! >> Please feel free to comment, it's the only way I wont feel useless xD
  2. Trudheim, a scandinavian feeling !

    Ty all for ur comments ! Here there are some new picts ! Please sit back relax and n'joy the scandinavian feeling Next update : sometime next week =) feel free to comment as ever ^^
  3. Commonwealth of Venray

    Seems really nice !!
  4. Switzerland

    Hey dude ! Nice work ! It's a great remake of switzerland well done! I'd love to see Monthey (where I live ) However I wish you all the best for a new region and hope you'll share it with us
  5. Trudheim, a scandinavian feeling !

    Just a pict to show you what I'm talking about ^^
  6. Hi everyone ! I'd like to show you my new region ! This region is a part of a big virtual country I created few years ago called Thorrius. About the country : Thorrius This country is made of 2 parts : The mainland and Trudheim, located on the north of Europe between Finland and Sweden its capital, Thor, is an atypical big city with many high rise buildings with a northern climate. On this map you can see the mainland (on the middle/top of the map with the country's capital Thor) and Trudheim a small territory in the middel of Norway. Data about Thorrius Languages : Finnish, Norwegian(especially in Trudheim) and French Federal capital : Thor Biggest cities : Thor, St-Olaf, Mjöllnir, Löki, Týr Government : Federalism Number of states : 7 About the Mainland The mainland urbanised zone States If you're interested to know about the mainland's stories and pictures there is a website about it ! www.chimistefou.net/thorrius The capital : About what im gonna show you here : TRUDHEIM Story A long time ago, Vikings dominated scandinavia. Their main city were Thor with 6000 people. Those people worshiped their gods endless, thor was the spiritual leader. A dark and rainy day an inhabitant of the village, vaillier knight, dreamed about a great threat to their people. He went to tell the whole village his predictions but nobody listened to him the vikings protected by their gods weren't effrayed about anything ! Until the day they founded writing writed few centuries ago where this profession was described in detail as warned the knight witch is we don't know where... Fortunately, Thor had planned everything ! A map stated the location of a "secret weapon" so powerful that it would ensure the Viking's sustainability forever ! Policy Thrudheim is a state of the country of Thorrius, its capital is Bilskirnir. The difference with the other states of Thorrius is only the distance to the mainland. Climate Trudheim's climate is much more warm and wet than the mainland but really cold in winter too. The whole lake may freeze in winter. Maybe i'll show you some picts of the mainland's cities before starting with Trudheim Feel free to comment !
  7. Federation Square Station

    I saw this station IRL yesterday and I can say relly good job !
  8. Thorrius Federation [ 07-06-08 > Hattatal village ]

    Hi ! Thank you for your comments ! I m back to show you my country ! But to day it's not an urban update ! welcome in the Thorrius campaign ! It's tipical scandinavian villages. The region :
  9. Thorrius Federation [ 07-06-08 > Hattatal village ]

    thank you for your comment ! I guess that it's the PEG Seasonal tree
  10. Thorrius Federation [ 07-06-08 > Hattatal village ]

    Hi ! Thank you everyone for your comments ! it's very cool ! For the seawall I began to build it ( in Thor it's ok ) ! For next updates : Thor city ( federal capital of Thorrius ) These are two exclusive updates about Thor the larges city of thorrius ( 20 images each ) ! have fun ! First update :
  11. Recreation: SAUERLAND by EJC

    really nice ! i like your style it looks very realistic !
  12. Ornon, french city

    hi ! nice to see you here ! Ornon is really nice ! good work !
  13. Thorrius Federation [ 07-06-08 > Hattatal village ]

    Thank you everyone for your comment !! I want to reduce my pictures but .. we don't see the region after this .. 800 px it's very small ! but I will do it and i will post a link to see the biggest size ! ( thank you for the edit !) For this evening : the 6 larges cities of Thorrius ! ( majority : state capital ) you can clic on the pict to see the full size thanks for your comments
  14. Hi everyone ! Welcome ! I want to show you my country, Thorrius ! Thorrius is a scandinavian country located between Finland and Sweden, on the north coast of the baltic sea. This country is composed of two regions the " mainland " and the " Westland ". The mainland is the first region of Thorrius where large cities are located like Thor the federal capital. The mainland is "finished" with 2'525'012 people, the westland is at the beginning of urbanization. In the fist time I will show you a part of the mainland and then I build the westland which is linked by a new highway. but now, this is the most important information of the region : Thorrius official website : (in french) Thorrius website 1 The localisation The mainland on winter : The country ( Mainland and westland) 2 Data Official languages : Finnish 45%, French 55% Federal capital : Thor Most biggest cities : 1. Thor 2. St-Olaf 3. Mjöllnir 4. Löki 5. Týr Government : Direct democracy Federal parliamentary republic Area (Mainland) : -- Total 91 285 sq km -- Water (%) 7.7% Population : Mainland : 2'525'012 Westland : 160 Country : 2'525'172 Independence : Foundation date : 1 November 2006 (National Day) Recognized : the 1st December 2006 Currency : The thor (1Th = 1 € = 1.6 U.S. $ 0.6 £ = = = 1.5CHF $ 1.5 CA) Timezone : UTC +2 Internet TLD : . TH Calling code: + 04 Data from Thor capital : sunrise/sunset January : 10:58 am / 1:44 pm April : 6:31 am / 8:13 pm July : - / - october : 6:28 am / 5:44 pm The country is snowy for 180 days per year (from November to April) record : The most frigid temperature :- 43.6 ° C. The hottest temperature : +30.6 ° C. The midnight sun is from 6.6 to 7.7. The aurora borealis (revontulet) is a luminous phenomenon visible in autumn and winter in the Thorrian sky. The average temperature maximum and minimum ° C. January -9.9 -20.0 February -8.6 -18.4 March -2.7 -14.2 April - 3.3 -6.7 May 10.7 0.4 June 17.5 6.9 July 19.7 9.4 August 16.7 7.3 September 10.6 2.9 October 3.3 -2.4 November -3.3 -10.2 December -7.7 -17.3