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  1. Philadelphia vs Pittsburgh

    You shouldn't judge a city if you haven't been there, how is that a well put together opinion. Thats all I am saying, if you haven't been there or are going by what you see on tv then it's hard to judge any city.
  2. Philadelphia vs Pittsburgh

    South Philly is not a craphole. If your going to bash both of these cities get facts straight. What people don't realize is that every single city in the country has bad areas. Not just the cities everyone thinks are bad. NYC, Chicago, and LA the hallmarks of American cities all have very bad neighborhoods. Philly is no different, however South Philly is not a craphole. You have obviously never been to South Philly because you would realize that most of it with the exception of Gray's Ferry is a decent middles classed neighborhood. When everyone says that every area outside of Center City is a ghetto, you sound undeducated and ignorant. South Philly, Northern Liberties, Fishtown, University City, Roxborough, Manyaunk, Fairmount, and countless areas in between all are safe and great places to live. Stop trying to compare cities that have no business being compared, this is not just for the post I'm replying too but to everybody. Pittsburgh has its good and bad just like Philadelphia, just like Chicago, like Houston, like Detroit. Every city has good and bad. Everyone seems to have one thing in common in all these threads, either you are all biased towards your own cities or you insist on assuming things about cities that you have never been too. Everyone sounds so ignorant on these threads.
  3. im so glad you're back, i stopped checking the site much when you stop updating for awhile. can't wait to see what you have planned
  4. Chicago VS New York City

    however, Chicago is where the first skyscraper was born
  5. America's Supertalls

    Philadelphia has a very diverse and growing economy. Center City is growing by leaps and bounds. ACC is basically being railroaded straight through the Philadelphia planning commission because the office space is needed. Population in Philadelphia's Center City has been growing by roughly 5,000 people a year. Neighborhoods in the immediate ring of Center City have seen extensive gentrification. Like every American city Philadelphia has seen population decreases since the WWII years because of suburbinization but many have been coming back to the city. There are also many other towers being built in Philadelphia already Cira Centre South will rise taller than its already built sister tower. We are also seing a massive expansion of our convention center. - Philadelphia needs more office space and rightfully so it is a major cultural, economic, and political hub on the east coast.
  6. do you plop the houses or wait for them to come up, I always wondered how you got only that style to build all the time
  7. excellent job, very realistic
  8. great neighborhood, keep up the good work
  9. The Headwaters of Nemonos

    very awesome, this is my favorite CJ
  10. great job on this update, very realistic subdivisions and i really like the intersection it creates the necessary boundary for the rural and suburban to seem realistic.
  11. very nice, and as always very realistic
  12. i really liked it, very realistic, where did u get those apartment buildings??
  13. i think it looks great, where is it in relation to the downtown??
  14. I really like this update, you have a real-knack for realism
  15. The Headwaters of Nemonos

    itsa very niicccee, i like it alot actually, really nice mosaic