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  1. Maps Not Rendering

  2. Maps Not Rendering

    I did just that when I re-installed. Originally, I have my account which is administrator and password protected. My (future) stepdaughter has her own account, but no administrator rights. My g/f and another person round out the household. Usually we are pretty trusting, sometimes I come home from work and mine is active or sometimes hers. I only use SimCity 4 on "my side" as it were. Nobody else plays as they deem it "boring". Good. no grimy fingers on my stuff, as it were. What apparently happened was random peep installed a game program (those crappy online ones, that don't get along too well with Windows..) and when said peep went to delete program in my installed programs folder, he didn't recognize Python, and thought it was related to his download. Nothing shady, as he didn't know what that file did (and to be honest before reading this thread, neither did I...). Everyone knows where my maxis files are and what they are for, (i'll kill 'em) so nothing in game folders was tampered with. except for lost cities/time, I will write that off to lesson learned, no harm no foul (except for those poor sims who drowned in the Great Flood). When I reinstalled SC4, I created a new windows account, password protected that houses only SC4 content and Mapper, Terraformer, and Firefox to search for advice/content. As for my main non-SC4 account, I changed the password, and ran another virus scan when I got home tonight. I may invest in a dedicated flash drive to hold my city folders as a backup too. Advice taken. I will tread gingerly with my plug ins, for now I will test run a city before adding NAM to see if any errors crop up. Then add NAM and playtest a little more. I know where to find and post Exception reports should the gremlins come back I will create another account for my g/f when she gets home tomorrow. Step daughter and boyfriend will have to share her existing account together...(until I can get myself a dedicated PC...cue greedy laughter...) Thank You, ~Ed
  3. Maps Not Rendering

    Firstly let me apologize if my tone seemed off on my last post. I tried to post "Not to sound like a no ..ob " (combine the letters for newbie, I guess the word violates the language rules here...) ... Anyway, I rendered your Terranova map using the in-game renderer (CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+r) and it only took about 3 minutes tops to render it in all its glory. I went into mayor mode, zoomed, etc, no issues. Everything is running smoothly pre-NAM and pre-plugins...(custom). Still scratching my head on it, but for now, seems like it was a pesky gremlin. The game is running as it should. The only thing I can figure is that one of my housemates deleted Python thinking it was malware. When I re-downloaded it, I am guessing SC4 didn't "recognize" it...maybe it was located in a different part of my machine, or there is some programming default to locate it, idk, merely guessing here. When I had dumped and re-downloaded SC4 from scratch (disc) maybe it "recognized" Python again. And all is well. But I don't think it was a rendering problem per se. For example, say a portion of Terra Nova is half land, half (deep) water, a coastal area. When I was in region mode, I have my map. But when I go into Mayor/City mode, I whatever it was supposed to be is now deep under water. In the example I gave, if you rotate the city map, you will see the higher "land" and the dropped seafloor as if it was a normal coastal area. (look at the edges orthographically) So that half land half water city tile, rendered.....just deep under water. I don't think Python (or lack of) caused this to happen. I can't pin down a plug in, since 1) none modified height and 2) they're deleted now anyway. So I must tread carefully. Now in my Anchorage map i had a small thriving city. After trying Sarasota and discovering the issue last week, I checked a city I knew worked, and the issues with water also appeared. I got splotches of rendered blocks, some traffic peeking above the water (like trying to draw water and perfect leveled land simultaneously) and saw pollution effects. Then I moved to a game default map, NYC, and while the region looked as it should, go to mayor mode and ...water. But for now, I checked default maps, Terra Nova, and Sarasota (my only customs) and had no issues with speed, rendering, or crashes. Again, I am patched up, just no NAM or any custom plugins or lots at the moment. Everything is working as it should be. ~Ed
  4. Maps Not Rendering

    Will do. Not to sound like a $%&^!, but how do I do this? Usually when my game crashes, it totally shuts the game down, like a hard stop. Boom, right to desktop and anything not saved, never happened. I don't get a windows error message or anything like that (submit report to windows, etc..) is this something in the SC4 folders? Again, will try Monday...
  5. Maps Not Rendering

    I followed the rendering instructions as you provided. I got the dialog box where you need to search the folders, etc, to get the file to be rendered. I selected both the file name and in other attempts, clicked the little Icon next to it on the left. both times, SC4 exited the dialog box and ...nothing happened. But my water height/ rendering problem wasn't map based. I decided originally (before coming to Forum) to check out previous regions I had worked on (Anchorage) and game defaults (New York, San Francisco) and whatever gummed up the works, wasn't map/file specific. When I tried to lower the water/raise the ground (because it was rendered deep under water..) the game crashed. I rendered with Mapper, becuase we had been discussing it. I have another map I will try Monday, when I an not working, and I will use the in-game rendering feature and see what happens. (I also have your map too...) I have only downloaded the Patches at this point, no NAM or anything else. I just am tooling with the mapping options and steps, hoping it doesn't happen again, but secretly wanting it to, ...to nail down if there is a problem with the software (old disc) or I got a bad bug. Aside from a few adwares that I dispensed with, my laptop is clean. (but there is always something that is missed, I know...) I will post my results with the in-game renderer Monday.
  6. Maps Not Rendering

    To recap, I tried to re render the map using the ctrl-alt-shift-R, but it would not go into rendering mode. So I deleted everything, and reinstalled (from my original 2003 disc) tested the maps pre-patch and after I applied the Maxis patches. Everything seems to render and work fine. I downloaded and rendered Sarasota using Mapper tonight, and everything is still working as it should (even in Mayor mode). I have not downloaded the NAM or any custom content yet, but I cannot explain why the height went haywire. I will use a try and see approach (most of the plugin lots/mods I know are safe..) and after a batch of custom stuff, I will play a city for a session, before adding more content. Right now I am suspecting the land mod (Columbia) or the water mod (I chose Hawaiian blue), although they don't affect height. I used Mapper for the first time, and like I stated previously, I like that you can set your config.bmp over top of your map. to customize your future city areas. The rendering itself went smoothly, and the landform (Sarasota, FL) looks softer in colour tone. (but Sarasota is very much sea level, this could lend to its soft beachy look..) Thank you again Nonny! Cheers! ~Ed
  7. Maps Not Rendering

    I will keep that in mind. I got a busy long day of work tomorrow, (tuesday) so Sarasota will have to wait until Wednesday or Thursday. Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!!
  8. Maps Not Rendering

    I tried to render again, but same issues, it would not go into its rendering mode. So I just uninstalled it, and started from scratch. I ran the game pure vanilla (I have Rush Hour, just wanted to run the game to see if the issue popped up again, before looking to the patches...) and it ran fine. I downloaded the patches, and checked again, and it seems to be running normal now. I haven't NAM'd it or downloaded anything else, so i got a busy day searching the STEX, but I want to render that pesky Sarasota map using Mapper, just to see how it turns out (I still have Mapper and Terraformer installed...) I would imagine no issues there, but if I do get snagged, then I would suspect those programs and not SC4.... If it turns out, then i will pull in some custom content. Thank you for your help and advice. Have you heard of anyone with an issue like mine? I am going to assume when one of my housemates deleted Python, maybe the SC4 software "forgot" how to find it when I reinstalled it (Python). When i re-downloaded my game, maybe it "found" it again??? Anyways, was wondering if maybe another had this issue, and what it turned out to be. But so far, so good. I will post back when I got Sarasota cleared... ~~Ed
  9. Maps Not Rendering

    I will try this next time I am off from my job (its late right now...) and I will report my findings....But even the game default maps are experiencing this glitch. I also had downloaded Python, and have experienced no issues with any other function on my PC. Still scratching my head on this, but will give your suggestion a shot... (edit) I stayed up little longer and gave it a shot. I followed the steps, got the flat land map, did the button combo, found the file, but the game doesn't go into the rendering mode. Looking more and more I may just have to dump everything and start from scratch. My only plugins are the Columbia land mod, the NAM, SPAM, and a handful of restaurants, few office/pencil tower structures, some stores (kevdan, simgoober, et al..), and the industry doubler. No height mods, no bridge height mods of anytype. I will try it one more time when I return home from work tomorrow evening....
  10. Maps Not Rendering

    Well that is part of my issue. When I had re-loaded SC4 and downloaded what I could not flash drive over to my new laptop, I had a hard time finding/downloading terraformer. So I went with Mapper, but never used it. Until last week. The maps came out nicely in Mapper, and I like that you can set your city sizes (essentially creating your config) as you decide where you want your cities to be (like a small map on an unplayable area vs. a larger map square over a lowland). So I went that route with my Sarasota download. When I opened SC4, the region opened and looked like any other in the game. But when I selected a city to develop, after all the reticulating splines and llama trajectories were figured out I got the deep blue sea. The land under it appears to be the actual rendered land, just shoved under water. And this was in the God mode, before picking city name, etc.. So I figured it was a Mapper issue, spent some time and found the terraformer, redownloaded, and had the same issue. Everything works as it should when I use both programs, just the llamas in the game require arks to be built. Idk. If you were asking from a comparison standpoint, I like that you can actually plot the config part over the actual map (before using SC4) and not make a blind config. and I like Mapper's coloring of the land better than terraformer. I know it means little down to city scale, but the larger region map, the colors look more refined, giving a better sense where to plan my future cities... Seems easier, the interface, too. I never got into the Terraformer's sliders, and tools, I merely uploaded and rendered maps for SC4. So to summarize, while I like both programs for what they allow me to do (new regions!!) I would give the nod to Mapper, even though I can't play a Mapper produced region (yet...)
  11. Maps Not Rendering

    I did that, but it changed nothing with the rendering. Its as if in mayor mode i got my normal landforms, but located deep under sea. And no height mods, so it makes no sense. Am I to place Python in with the SC4 files? When /if I get issue fixed will it wipe out my cities? I am wondering if I should dump everything and restart entire download from scratch. I still use the original Deluxe disc that i got one its first sale day in 2003...just wanting to avoid the necessary pain of upgrading, NAM, Columbia, SPAM, etc....I dont remember ever needing to download Python before, meaning I had to get it as part of some other download. I never really knew about it until I looked at the dependencies for terraformer, I am still puzzled with these rendering issues....
  12. Maps Not Rendering

    I checked for the .dll file that was needed and yes, I still have that file. But, just for a lark, I typed in "Python" in my program search (I saw this mentioned in the list of programs for Terraformer, and what you had said..) and its gone. I don't know if someone in my household did some housekeeping (its a shared PC in my house..) or idk... so now I need to re-download the Python software. Any suggestions where to find it? I still have the .dll file.
  13. Maps Not Rendering

    i decided to check some other things out. I entered into a region (Anchorage) that I have worked on, and upon enterin a worked city, it displays blocks of graphics, amidst blue. (orthographic portions of my city). I can see my transportation structure in the little inset map, and it displays pollution and some cars, and the advisors pop up dialogs, but nothing, And this city worked fine before. I then entered into the Game's New York City Map, and again, while I see it on region view, i get a blue sea in city/mayor view. So I am going to guess its something other than the terraformer/mapper. And as of now my game is unplayable. later went back and tried to raise the land level (god mode -before starting city..) and game crashed when I got the land up to the sea level. looked through my plugins I have no height mod in place. I do have a land mod (Columbia) but no issues before the other day when I tried to render Sarasota.
  14. Maps Not Rendering

    No. When I moved everything to the new PC, I tried (unsuccessfully) to find the Terraformer. So I settled for Mapper. Never needed it until I came across those few maps. I imported the SC4M into Mapper, set my city sizes, and went into SC4 and got water (in city mode). I figured I erred somehow, so I tracked down and re-downloaded Terraformer (from SC4 Devotion) and had no issues with it running, and importing the map info. But still when I enter SC4 I get a rendered map in region view, yet nothing but water in city view. (Mayor Mode). I also noticed since the last time I downloaded, that instead of running the app and installing, it now goes thru WinZip. Is there an issue with this? Currently I have the terraformer in SC4(Maxis) folder, in its own special folder. I didn't know if this was something to be placed in Plugins (before it ran itself and downloaded to the appropriate place..). Its probably something simple, yet not being looked at. Idk.